Was extremely glad and honoured to be sponsored by Cossy Pte Ltd with these lovely Leaders InSolution masks! It's like a wish came true and I've not regretted using them! One item off my wishlist! :D

Eagerly tried the Mela Tox for whitening and I am very pleased with the results! Besides whitening and brightening, my face felt so much softer, smoother and more supple! Plus, my skin elasticity also improved! It feels very 'boing boing' like a bouncy feel! Skin was super plump!

The mask was soaking wet with lots of essence. Might be a little messy though. Just be sure to keep the remaining essence in the packet so that you can massage them on your face and neck after masking :)
I can say that the quality is awesome. Better than other sheet masks I've tried because it sticks on really well. Although it can't fit perfectly, I have to overlap the sheets due to my face shape, it doesn't come off easily. But it does fit the eyes, nose and mouth well :)

Awesome mask. Better than My Beauty Diary for its whitening effects :)
Must try! I have so many other masks from Cossy Pte Ltd targeting on different problems. Thank you for being so generous Cossy Pte Ltd! :)

If you are a fan of online deals and love beauty products, then you must visit them! Don't miss out other awesome deals they are having too! 

Have fun beautifying yourself without burning holes in your pockets!

Visit Cossy Pte Ltd today! :D
Aww, guess what I have been sponsored with??

So exciting!!! It's the highly raved Leaders InSolution masks!!! :D :D 
I've been wanting to get them for so long now and I've finally gotten them on hand!

After reading so many raves, can't wait to try them myself!!

More soon, so stay tuned! <3
Promised myself that I would pamper my skin more and not take my good skin condition for granted and hence, slapped on this Sexylook mask last night. 

This mask is the latest edition from Sexylook which is rather popular amongst the ladies. 

The first noted difference from this mask and the rest would be the material which the masks are made of. From its name, it's made of cotton whereas most sheet masks are made of interwoven fabric (fibre sheet) that has slight elasticity. Whether it's fibre sheet or cotton, these sheet masks have generally awesome absorption properties. 
The instantaneous whitening effects.
Credits : Secretive.sg
Very damped, very soaked, very good.
I'm a robber/ninja/batman/dark knight/cat woman?
I need to highlight that most masks do not exactly fit well on my face which is prolly because of my face shape, so actually the sheets are always too big for me and I have to overlap the sheets on top of one another at my cheek areas. I have a very well-defined and obvious jaw line, and my face shape is more of an oval + almond shape. Can't say that it's 100% of either one because I have a sharp chin (almond-like) and also caused by my under-bite and my head is definitely not sharp either (the other side of the almond?), although I hope my brain is. ;)

Anyway, I am quite disappointed that the nose area gets so little coverage. I'm not sure if it's because of my face shape or nose length/shape whatever, but I tried googling for images and other bloggers' masks looked fine. Some could even cover the whole of their nose. I had actually already stretched and pulled the cotton so that it can better cover my nose, but still, not sufficient there. The eye areas are also too big :( 

Caution, you need to be extremely gentle with dealing with cotton masks which do not allow much elasticity. I tore a little here and there during masking. 

But one thing I have to rave about is that because it's cotton, it sticks better to my face compared to the rest of the sheet masks I have always been using. Meaning that it does not get slip off easily. 

For this, you are to cleanse/exfoliate (which I did exfoliation) and then put on this mask before applying your toner and moisturiser. Personally, I'd prefer applying the toner first then slapping on the masks, but being a law-abiding citizen (ahem?), I'd followed the instructions from the website which I had ordered from (in the midst of collaborations so not divulging the name yet but they are really famous and actually, I get most of my beauty stuffs from there (masks, nail polishes, eye cream, moisturisers etc). :)

Left it on for about 20 mins and effects-wise, only slight instant brightening effects. Still not as fantastic as My Beauty Diary
But I have to say that the blackheads/whiteheads on my nose was blatantly obvious, sitting on my nose pores. I could see them and of course, though you are not supposed to poke/squeeze them using fingers as you might further enlarge your pores, I couldn't resist and I did.

Why this magic?

The function of this mask is not only for whitening/brightening/hydrating purposes provided for by the ingredients Black bee honey, black pearl and obsidian extracts, but the charcoal contents help to purify and clarify the skin, removing the excess sebum on the skin. Although the nose areas were not completely covered, I was constantly massage the essence onto those areas which did not have luxury of interacting with the mask. I guess that's how my nose areas were able to enjoy some benefits too :) 

Massaged the remnants of essence onto my face and then applied toner and moisturised. 

Overall rating :
I know this product ain't the latest product Skinfood carries but I will still share it here :)

I used to refrain using rice mask because I had a minor breakout after using the rice mask from The Face Shop, but I couldn't 100% confirm if it was due to the rice mask since I had only tried once and that was eons ago. 

Decided to give rice mask another chance and so I ordered this rice mask wash off from Skinfood online :)

So far so good, guess I'll have to monitor when I wake up tomorrow to observe any potential breakouts.
Doesn't smell like rice to me but very fragrant nevertheless :)
After application
Doesn't feel very coarse in its grains
5 mins after application. it dissolves...
Left cheek with my sexy moles. Did I mention I have tonnes of moles? Sometimes I feel I can play 'Connect the Dots' on my face...

Need to first clarify that the red pinky patch is not due to any allergy or whatsoever, it's actually the reflection of my hot pink camera LOL
Right cheek

I think I include the freckles as one of the 'dots' for the game. Had freckles since I was very young, I'm thinking that I'm born with them.. :(
Forehead. Red pink reflection of camera. 
Skinfood Rice Mask Wash Off

Product Size

Product Description
Exfoliating wash off scrub mask with minerals, vitamins and gamma oryzanol. Moisturizes and whitens the skin.

How to use?
Apply evenly after cleansing. Avoid eye and mouth area. Gently scrub and wash off with lukewarm water after 10 - 15 minutes.

To note :
1. Do not exfoliate before using the mask. Cleanse it as per normal using facial cleanser. As this mask acts as a scrub, over scrubbing and exfoliating might dry out and too much for your skin to take.
2. Do take note to apply the mask before applying toner. 

Results : Immediate brightening but not as effective as the results I achieved using My Beauty Diary and Fancl masks, but still satisfactory nevertheless. Also, my skin feels smoother and more supple now. Application wise, though messy but I guess it's common for most similar masks which requires application using fingers. 

Note that if you skin is smoothened, it's relatively easier to apply foundation/compact powder over it too :)

Overall rating : 
Can't think of any others yet...



Aiming at the whitening masks... Awww *Salivates*

They were previously sold in Watsons, supplied by cossy.com.sg and the 'Buy 3 get 1 Mask Free' promo has already ended long ago.

I'm wondering if I can still get them off the shelves at Watsons? Anyone?

Or I may have to get them from GMarket if that's the case... :(
Enjoyed reading my previous post on the other flavour - Strawberry Milk Mask from My Beauty Diary as well?

Then you will sure to enjoy this post as well! :)


It helps to :

- Brightening, Nourishing, Moisturizing

- Regains skin suppleness & radiance

- Repair damaged due to skin dehydration

 - Refreshing and minimizes wrinkles

Mask and packet are filled with essence of goodness! Remember not to throw them away after removing the mask. You can use the remaining essence for your face and neck massage! :)
So now you can see how terrible my dark circles are but I've got to clarify that I didn't remove my mascara on my lower lashes properly.

One main concern that I have with MBD masks is that they seem to tear more easily compared to their pioneer batches of masks. Also, the masks seem more translucent compared to the past. I guess perhaps this is the reason? 

I used to mask while sitting and using the computer, just so I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone. But I've learnt that you face will sag if you do that and since I'm hitting the ageing age soon, I now religiously lie down while masking, thought my eyes will still be glued to my iPhone =x

Left it on for around 20 to 25mins and massaged the essence onto my face as usual. The smell of honey and strawberry was not as great compared to the Strawberry Milk flavour.

Once the mask was removed, I could see instant brightening of the face. Something similar to the effects of the Fancl's whitening mask as well as the MBD Hello Kitty Strawberry Milk flavour. But what differs this mask from the Strawberry Milk flavour is that it really soothens the skin and I was left with soft and supple skin after that! Very very soft like baby's butt cheeks! :P 

Am very satisfied with MBD masks and hence, that explains my pending arrival of more MBD masks! Whoops =x

I skipped the revitalising cream from Kose Sekkisei Supreme and only applied the Moisturiser after that as I felt it might be too much and may cause oiliness over the night.

Overall rating : 
Hello! Just to share with you some of the masks I've got on hand... Some were bought, given by my sister and freebies from shops!

Some are expired... =x 

I know I know, I'd better throw them away before I forget and use them. Then that would be the end of my face...! :(

As you can see, I'm quite a huge fan of My Beauty Diary and bought many boxes when they first came out 4 years ago...! 

Heh, enjoy...! :D
I know that this Hello Kitty flavour range is not the latest updates by MBD, but will review them anyways :)

Exfoliation is always a must when it comes to masking because it open up your pores which allow the essence of goodness to seep into!

Will do a review on the exfoliating facial cleanser soon! :D

After exfoliation, pat your face dry, apply toner on your skin for better absorption of the essence! This time, I used the SK II facial lotion (toner) which was given as a trial set by Bellabox ! 

Will also do up a review on Bellabox too :)

After applying the toner, I then proceed to mask.
Bought 2 boxes of the MBD Hello Kitty masks - Strawberry Milk and Honey Strawberry :)
MBD Hello Kitty Honey Strawberry Flavour!
MBD Hello Kitty Strawberry Milk Flavour!
Way too cute right? Tried out the Strawberry flavour one which helps to whiten and smoothen the skin! :)
Mask is filled with lots of essence! Dripping kind - a little inconvenient because it might get a little messy...

It has strawberry smell too! :)
The essence keeps dripping to my neck although I was already lying down. I used to mask while sitting up but it's bad for your skin because it tends to cause sagging. 

Held it on for approx 20 to 30mins and my face was really brighten instantly! I could see the difference! It had actually the same effect as the Black Pearl flavour from MBD. 

I then massage the remaining essence into my face and neck, so don't throw away the package after you have taken out the mask!

After massaging, I then applied SK II facial essence (I know very kiasu right) and the SK II Cellumination Deep Surge EX from Bellabox.

Applied Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel after that... :)

Satisfaction level of product: 4.5/5 stars 
Will I recommend this product : Yes :)

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