Promised myself that I would pamper my skin more and not take my good skin condition for granted and hence, slapped on this Sexylook mask last night. 

This mask is the latest edition from Sexylook which is rather popular amongst the ladies. 

The first noted difference from this mask and the rest would be the material which the masks are made of. From its name, it's made of cotton whereas most sheet masks are made of interwoven fabric (fibre sheet) that has slight elasticity. Whether it's fibre sheet or cotton, these sheet masks have generally awesome absorption properties. 
The instantaneous whitening effects.
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Very damped, very soaked, very good.
I'm a robber/ninja/batman/dark knight/cat woman?
I need to highlight that most masks do not exactly fit well on my face which is prolly because of my face shape, so actually the sheets are always too big for me and I have to overlap the sheets on top of one another at my cheek areas. I have a very well-defined and obvious jaw line, and my face shape is more of an oval + almond shape. Can't say that it's 100% of either one because I have a sharp chin (almond-like) and also caused by my under-bite and my head is definitely not sharp either (the other side of the almond?), although I hope my brain is. ;)

Anyway, I am quite disappointed that the nose area gets so little coverage. I'm not sure if it's because of my face shape or nose length/shape whatever, but I tried googling for images and other bloggers' masks looked fine. Some could even cover the whole of their nose. I had actually already stretched and pulled the cotton so that it can better cover my nose, but still, not sufficient there. The eye areas are also too big :( 

Caution, you need to be extremely gentle with dealing with cotton masks which do not allow much elasticity. I tore a little here and there during masking. 

But one thing I have to rave about is that because it's cotton, it sticks better to my face compared to the rest of the sheet masks I have always been using. Meaning that it does not get slip off easily. 

For this, you are to cleanse/exfoliate (which I did exfoliation) and then put on this mask before applying your toner and moisturiser. Personally, I'd prefer applying the toner first then slapping on the masks, but being a law-abiding citizen (ahem?), I'd followed the instructions from the website which I had ordered from (in the midst of collaborations so not divulging the name yet but they are really famous and actually, I get most of my beauty stuffs from there (masks, nail polishes, eye cream, moisturisers etc). :)

Left it on for about 20 mins and effects-wise, only slight instant brightening effects. Still not as fantastic as My Beauty Diary
But I have to say that the blackheads/whiteheads on my nose was blatantly obvious, sitting on my nose pores. I could see them and of course, though you are not supposed to poke/squeeze them using fingers as you might further enlarge your pores, I couldn't resist and I did.

Why this magic?

The function of this mask is not only for whitening/brightening/hydrating purposes provided for by the ingredients Black bee honey, black pearl and obsidian extracts, but the charcoal contents help to purify and clarify the skin, removing the excess sebum on the skin. Although the nose areas were not completely covered, I was constantly massage the essence onto those areas which did not have luxury of interacting with the mask. I guess that's how my nose areas were able to enjoy some benefits too :) 

Massaged the remnants of essence onto my face and then applied toner and moisturised. 

Overall rating :

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