My family and I patronised The Coastal Settlement again. We dined there previously for Father's Day and this time round, it was an advanced birthday dinner for my Dad! Yes, the dad loves the food and ambience there :) 
It's western cuisine and there's a live band as well. The decos are all done up perfectly and because I had already taken most of the decos previously, I didn't retake them again :( 

So sorry for those who are interested/curious on them. I could post them up soon, once I save the pictures from my Facebook! :)
Because dad's actual bday falls on a weekday, because bf and I are heading for a short getaway trip this coming weekend, because I couldn't go in Oct because of my upcoming exams and because dad loves the food and ambience here, we decided to dine at TCS again! :)
Prawn Salad! Now, this came as a surprise for me since it was not the usual method of serving. We were given sauce to shake things up in the bottle for better mixture! Really really cool like that :)
Very very addictive Truffle Fries! One of the best I've had! :)
Wagyu beef cubes and salad!
Juicy Wagyu beef cubes!
My very humble and friendly Somersby Apple Cider. 
Bf's Kronenbourg Blanc. I think this have topped my favourite beer chart amongst others. I used to drink Erdinger but Kronenbourg tastes a little sweeter than Erdinger, as in it's not as bitter. 
Dad's Tiger Beer
Mom had this previously as well and still, it was as spicy as ever. I can't take lots of chilli compared to bf who loves chilli! :D
Sister's and Bro-in-Law's Al Funghi creamy pasta! Was ok and I quite like the huge pieces of cheese! :)
Mac and Cheese! Sister and I had our eyes on this on the menu and it tasted not too bad! :)
Dad's and bf's main course. They ordered the same dish so logically, I'd only captured 1. Truffle fries on top of the side dish we ordered above. The drumstick tasted alright but the breast portion, was really really dry! I'm not a chicken breast fan too anyway and bf agreed that it was quite dry! :(
My main course! Ribeye steak + rosti :)

Previously, I had sausage rosti and I liked that better and chose ribeye steak only because I didn't want to be a boring fart and have the same dish again. But this meal was more of a disappointment because firstly, the rosti potato felt as if it was not fully cooked. Secondly, no sour cream! I need my sour cream whenever I have rosti! Thirdly, the steak although thick and fatty, tasted so-so only.

I think I'm hitting puberty stage again. I was gorging myself with food although I had late lunch and a cup of coffee before dinner but oh wells. And posting this entry makes my stomach growl again. It's kinda odd because I do get these unexplainable hunger pangs on a seasonal basis monthly. It's perfectly understandable if the Auntie is visiting me soon, but
hell no, on occasions like this when no "relative" is gonna visit you any time soon, you just get a mixed bag of emotions - confused, happy and guilty at the same time, and frequently check out your flabby arms, bulging stomach and the not-so-lovely love handles. :(

Overall Rating : 
We were invited back by The Prime Society last Friday for our complimentaries which the staff had forgotten to present us with when we had our first dining experience with them on our previous visit. As you recall in my previous post, I wasn't very satisfied with their food and service quality but after notifying them that they had forgotten to deliver what they promised, their customer service was excellent! 

However, I have to say this. Arrangements were made via email correspondences all this while with one of their staff by the name of 'Jiun'. Initially, she was alright but when my mobile had a little technical glitch (Singtel sucks!) and she as well as the manager of TPS couldn't get me a few times during office hours, Jiun got a little fed up and her attitude and response wasn't very pleasing. I was unaware that my mobile was unreachable because it was switched on and there were still signals going on. I realised that there might be some problems only when my whatsapp couldn't connect for a long time (didn't think much when it had connection problems as the reception at my office building kinda sucks). Oh wells. 

Anyway, Eardley, the manager of TPS, was extremely nice and friendly. He was also very approachable. 

Do note that TPS has recently changed their whole menu and we were told by Eardley that they changed it a few days later after our visit. 

There were no longer any burgers with fries, a proper main course meal with sides. Rather, there were other special varieties of food. Eardley was very kind to recommend us some of the commendable entrees for starters. We ordered Entrees, a Main course meal and desserts. Champagne was also provided as compl 
We were served bread twice and I wasn't really fancying them because they fill up your tummy real fast! But nonetheless, bf and I liked the truffle butter! Tasty! :)
Our complimentary champagne! :)
Beef Tatami - really really nice! I think it's smoked beef kinda taste. Initially, I'd thought the jelly cubes were nata de coco and bf thought was aloe vera, but no, they tasted like those usual jelly - something like ayu jellies. 
This tasted quite good as well and kinda reminds of me those Chinese dumplings. The mushrooms tasted alright too :)
It's filled with yummy succulent and juicy strips of beef! Really awesome! :)
We had some shells as well but the clams were so tiny and erm, sandy... 
This dish was the first that caught my eye when I saw the menu which we ordered as our main course. It's actually 'lau shu fen' (rat tail-like shape) and I was quite taken aback since it's a Chinese local delight where you can find in food courts and coffee shops. It comes with a cod fish and the soup tasted just like the miso soup from Japanese restaurant.
Now, the desserts were a quite disappointing. We could have settled for something better like Ben and Jerry's which was nearby TPS. The varieties of desserts were quite limited and none of them actually suit my preference. Bf ordered this chocolate with popcorn (?!) and those green stuffs are actually disgusting herbal mint paste and those eye-like seeds are from the dragon fruits I guess...The chocolate tasted quite alright and ONLY THE CHOCOLATE. 
Some Chestnut ice cream, with citrus fruits and cinnamon donut-like bread. I must first comment that the fruits were extremely sour!!! And yes, the sour levels do go accordingly to the colour of the fruits! The pale green was extremely sour and even as I'm noting this down, I'm actually salivating? Not because it's delicious but the sourness is just oh so power-packed!

The ice cream didn't carry much of the chestnut flabour and the donut-like was filled with cinnamon! And I HATE CINNAMON! But I forced myself to gooble 1 down anyway since I was already halfway at it. But I must rave on the softness of the bread. Really really soft! But the cinnamon had to spoil it all... :(

Also, the desserts took a little longer than the others to be served. I guess it must be due to the crowd which started flowing in at around 9?

Overall, it was a memorable dining experience with TPS and was so much better than the previous visit.

I might just give it another shot if given the chance :)

Overall rating :
Had an early birthday celebration dinner for my sister last Sunday at Nosh Restaurant located at 9 Rochester Park. The first impression of Rochester Park reminds me of a mini Dempsey Hill, though it's situated away from the City. It's located at Buona Vista. Bf and I took a cab there while it was pouring and I was holding on to the birthday cake, or rather, bf was :)

When we alighted, the restaurant had different areas. We had to climb up the wet stair case and dined on the 2nd level. Not very impressive to me. It was dark at night with candle-lights around which seems an interesting place for romance. But other than that, most of the times, I couldn't make out what I was eating. 

A little background info on Nosh. It serves Western Modern European cuisine which is open for brunches, lunches, dinners and even suppers! It's actually located near Ministry of Education and Buona Vista MRT, but I do not suggest for you to walk over because it's just not walkable-friendly. It is relatively a newly established restaurant that offers great relaxing ambience. You may choose to dine during the afternoons or evenings, but I woudn't patronise them again at night since it's rather dark. Did a little research on this restaurant and managed to find another blog review on it. As you can see, pictures taken during the day seemed so much better. We didn't manage to walk around because it was rather dark and there was work the next day :(

Anyway, pictures for your visual pleasure :)
Some chicken fillet..
Close-up view
Some bread appetizers... 
Bacon with eggs
Close-up view 
Some fish sambal that mom had and boy it was quite spicy for me!
Close-up view 
Veal Risotto. Nearly ordered this for myself but am glad I didn't. Bf fed me some portion of the risotto and I nearly died! Don't try it if you're not an adventurous foodie because it's filled with some weird herb-ie taste!
Close-up view 
Some sliced chicken...
Close-up view 
The varieties of food choices were not to my liking so I had settled for the good old creamy pasta! The large pieces of cheese were great but the chicken had some fats attached to it and being weight-conscious, I usually remove skins and fats of any meat I consume. 
Close-up view 
When it comes to food, I am really one boring fart. I can eat almost the same food everyday and drink only certain drinks. Ask my family, friends and colleagues and they will tell you. I'm a simple person who doesn't ask for much when it comes to food. I'm not really the adventurous sort who would try out exotic food that are out of my comfort zone. 

So, overall I thought the chicken pasta I had was quite alright, although creamy pasta makes you sick of it after awhile. I fancied the bacon too.

Other than that, the staff didn't impress me much and the time taken to serve the food was quite long, although there wasn't much crowd. 

Thus, if I decide to patronise them again, I would definitely go in the day/evening and request to be seated inside. It looks really comfy based on this blogger's pictures :)

Nosh Restaurant & Bar
9 Rochester Park
Singapore 139220
T: 6779 4644

T-F: 6pm-midnight
Sat & Sun 10.30am-2.30pm, 6pm-midnight
Closed on Mon

As promised that I would review on the birthday cake which I ordered for bf in my previous post on the cupcakes by Cake Funtasie, so here it is.
Got a little lost trying to find the cake shop at AMK after work and when reached, there was nobody mending the shop. I had to ring the bell and only to realised that they don't accept nets! This really pissed me off because any shop should accept nets. If they don't accept Mastercard, I understand, but simple basic NETS?

Sheesh, so I had to walk around the whole estate to look for the damn ATM machine because the owner didn't specify the directions properly. 

Her customer service via email and in person was rather bad. She gave that nonchalant attitude and when clarified with regards to the costs breakdown (cupcakes, cake and delivery and after discount), she provided me with the wrong total price and hence, I wanted to know the breakdown of the costs for each individual item. She made it seem as if I was calculative over $2 and said that it's alright that I don't have to pay. But the thing is, it's just $2 yes I know and I don't mind paying extra if that amount is right. I don't wish to short change her as well. But her attitude via email was disappointing. Worse still, her customer service in person is even more disappointing as well. It might be because I had provided her the negative feedback with regards to her cupcakes but if that's the case, she should open up to criticisms. I did not state much but informed her that bf and I weren't satisfied with her cupcakes.

Thank god the cake tasted alright although a little too sweet. I ordered a 1kg (min size) chocolate fudge 3D Fondant cake and am glad they didn't taste as bad as the cupcakes. Only thing is, the chocolate fudge looks and tasted somewhat like brownie instead. 

Also, when asked how long can the cupcakes and cake be kept refrigerated, she told me that I should have them completed on the same day they are collected, which means we have to gobble down 6 cupcakes on 1 day and a 1kg sweet cake on another. She even told me that they would go stale if they are refrigerated. Odd, this is the first time I'm hearing this, that refrigerating food would cause the food to go stale.............

Anyway, I think she is mending the shop solely on her own because there were no one else beside her. Also, after collecting and paying for the cake, she immediately went to the back of the counter...the same where she came from when I arrived, hence the absence of staff. 

I do not recommend anyone to try out Cake Funtasie at all.

Hope these reviews help! :)

Overall rating :
A short update on the customised cupcakes I ordered for bf's birthday.

I was searching for a shop that's able to provide both customisation of cupcakes as well as birthday cake and it was a little tough though because most cupcake shops usually specialise in cupcakes solely only. I was elated when I found this shop via online!

Managed to try them out last night bf and I were utterly disappointed! I ordered 3 chocolate and 3 vanilla flavours because I was told that these were the only flavours available for customisation. 

The cupcake was rather dry and the vanilla one I'd tasted, didn't taste like vanilla but only tasted salty and that was all. The cupcake was rough in texture and had huge holes which I reckon was caused by too many air bubbles. The cream was also too much for us to take and we felt like puking despite only being half way through 1 cup cake each! 

Really really disappointed! Can't disclose the price here as it's a gift meant for my bf and he might just read this! So PM me if you wish to know, although I highly doubt anyone would after this review! :S

Despite the disappointing taste, bf and I were quite surprised that Cake Funtasie did manage to design the Naruto characters rather well by relying on this picture which I had sent them for reference.
Well, although it does not look 100% exactly like the ones shown in the above picture and that they have changed some of the characters on their own accord, I still think there were at least some efforts put in. 

The characters are made of icing sugar but it was too sweet for us to take as well. Might have tooth decay or contract diabetes if taken too much! :S

So great effort there and they did reply my emails promptly as well as to delivery the cupcakes to The Prime Society as well :)

However, overall, wouldn't recommend to get your cupcakes customised from them at all. I can't comment on the cake yet because I will only be collecting it later and neither am I in any position to comment on their house cupcakes (those which are not customised) as I have not bought and tasted them myself before as well.

But I'm thinking that perhaps cupcakes aren't their forte since their name speaks of 'Cake' and not 'Cupcakes' like other shops such as 'Twelve cupcakes' and 'Cupcakes with Love' etc... Might give them another chance for their cake and then can I provide an overall review on their customisations of cupcakes and cakes.

Hopefully, if you are looking to customise your cupcakes, this review would have provided you some great insights :)

Overall rating (for customised cupcakes) :
Planned bf a surprise dinner at The Prime Society yesterday! It was an advanced birthday dinner since his actual falls on a weekday. 

Decided to bring him to TPS instead of Morton's Steakhouse and Wolfgang Puck because firstly, we have tried the latter and secondly, I was advised by my colleague that Morton is more expensive than TPS. I've read reviews before deciding on the restaurant and seems like TPS changed their chef and there were some bad reviews. 

Here's my take and the pictures!!! :D
Dear's very bloody Rangers Valley Grain Fed Rump Cap
This was cooked till medium-rare as the waitress advised us that the other alternative, which is medium cooked, would be tougher. And true enough, although it tasted really bloody, it's much tender and softer than mine. Easier to chew and swallow. But one thing bad is that, tasting too much bloodiness does make you sick of it, as I was
My fatty Grass Fed Cape Grim Sirloin Steak. I chose Sirloin steak as recommended by the waitress, assuring us that it was tastier than rib eye and tenderloin. But there were lots of fats and I had a difficult time removing them. It was also tougher and drier than bf's steak.
Red wine and truffle sauce for the steaks! Silly me was dipping the potatoes into the truffle sauce thinking that it was the mustard sauce because we ordered 'Potato and Mustard', only to recall and informed by bf that it was for the steaks. OMG. 
Our Potato and Mustard which didnt suit bf's liking :( And we were so stuffed with the steaks that we couldn't finish the potatoes.
Me concentrating...
Ordered customised cupcakes and cake (coming soon on actual day) and got the cupcakes sent over to TPS. Although they were a little smashed, guess they still look alright. We didn't have the chance to try them out yet because we were so stuffed with the steaks! But am gonna try them out tonight! Hope they are yummy! :D Bought 3 vanilla and 2 chocolate. Got the cake from the same shop as well so that it's easier to arrange. Collecting the cake tomorrow and good thing is that it's near my office! :D
Uzumaki Naruto
Haruno Sakura
Kakashi Hatake
Sabaku No Gaara
Hyuuga Neji
Rock Lee
Service at TPS was alright but there are few things which wasn't satisfactory.

1. Reading other customers' reviews stating that the waitress would bring slabs of raw beef for us to choose, but that didn't happen. 
2. We waited quite some time for our food. Maybe half an hour or so although there were very few customers.
3. The steak, well as with others, just came as a steak with no sides. Was told that it's meant this way. No idea because we usually don't go for such high-end dining for steaks. Plus, we paid so much for the steak only.
4. Waitress serving us didn't know what to recommend and had to get her colleague to assist her. Meaning not all the staff were well-equipped with the knowledge of beef there. 
5. We were supposed to receive a complimentary drink and birthday cake but I had forgotten and the staff didn't inform me either. Meaning that the person whom I had liased with via email, didn't communicate this to his staff but highly unlikely because they were informed of the cupcakes delivery. So I'm guessing they either forgotten as well or just kept mum?

Have emailed the staff regarding the complimentary items and will keep you guys updated to see if they are willing to go that extra mile to put a smile on their customers' faces. 

Total damage : $142 for 2 steaks and potatoes, incld GST n service charge.

Overall rating :
As promised, here are the reviews on my recent dim sum expedition! Let the pictures do the talking shall we? But first, make sure you prepare a box of tissues for the high possibility of salivation! ;)
Some apple soup which tasted really sweet!
I really liked this soup! It's snow pear soup!
This was a wrong order actually, a mistake made by the staff not us. This soup tasted alright and the meat you see are fish meat. But having to drink so much soup even before we touched the dim sum dishes made us really really full and bloated!
Ha kao?
Not mouth-watering enough?

Wait till you see.....

Honestly, I'm not a fan of custard buns though I know many are, but seriously, this won me over compared to the ones I've tried at KungFu Paradise. It's really tasty and tasted similar to salted duck eggs texture! 
Assorted mushroom. Was expecting a bigger pot than this.
Fried carrot cakes were so so. Only 2 pcs per order compared to the usual 4 pcs, but didn't matter since we were already stuffed by then!
Braised duck was alright. 
Personally, I'm not a fan of meat cooked this way. It makes me feel as if they were frozen which I think they were, and just steamed it altogether without separating them apart. Like by just dumping them into the steamer, no?

The Chee Cheong Fun was kinda tasteless as well and the sauce was quite oily, that I felt as if I was dipping into a bowl of oil instead of seasoning. I prefer the traditional ones with sweet sauce and sesame seeds or those filled with prawns or cha siew :)
Not sure what the hell was that black thing, but it looks like some charred thing...ugh!
Siew Mai with cooked roe. I prefer those bright orangey fish roe that burst into liquid when bitten!
The desserts were kinda pathetic but the waitress was really thoughtful enough to deliberately serve me the heart shaped one, which I thought was quite meticulous of her and I appreciate it as well. Such small gestures do speak volume - at least their waitress are not serving blindly without utilizing their brain and serving for the sake of serving right? 

Bf and I were satisfied overall and we were really stuffed halfway through the meals. We paid about $28 per pax so I think it was quite alright. But buffets are not my kind of thing because I'm a small eater. 

The restaurant was quite crowded when we arrived at 12 noon and continued to be, and we have seen that some of the customers had to wait quite a long time before they were offered a place. They had to many several trips back to the restaurant to check. 

So my advice is to reserve a place before heading there. They were also kind enough to allow a change of timing, because bf and I couldn't wake up in time, considering the fact of the location from our house!

One bad thing is that, the place is quite small for a restaurant and its location was quite difficult to find. You would have to seek help from the Hotel's Concierge before you can actually find the place. It's not located directly under the Oasia Hotel but the building beside it. I guess both buildings are linked. But nevertheless, thumbs up to the staff at the Concierge who took the trouble to walk out and show us the way to the building to take the lift. Awesome customer service there! :)
Old Hong Kong Essence
8 Sinaran Drive, 
Oasia Hotel @ Novena,Singapore 

Overall rating :
An Italian cafe at a heartland area?

Without a doubt, the prices are 'heartland friendly' too. You can expect neighbourhood prices :)

Although we were the only customers (another guy then dined there while we were in the midst of eating), colleagues and I thought that the food was not too bad :) 

Pictures pictures! 
If you are going to dine there, you can consider getting the set which consists of the main, drink and dessert. The strawberry pudding belongs to a set. 

Please don't try the iced lemon tea there. It is self-brewed and very very sour. Couldn't imagine if we had chosen the lime juice instead. One of the worst iced lemon tea I've ever tried! :(

The ambience was so-so considering the fact that it's located in a heartland area. I thought the cafe was a little dim but good thing was that they had tv plugged on :) When you run out of things to say and you are immersed in silence, :D

Here's the address and website : 
Blk 555 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, 

Overall rating :  
To be more accurate, it deserves a 3.5 rather than 3 :) 
've been eating loads of Japanese food recently and although it's one of my favourite cuisine, I do get sick after consuming excessively over a short period of time!

Ate at Rakuichi Sushi Restaurant for lunch last Friday on the 3rd of Aug at the Greenwich V outlet. 
My Nabeyaki Udon which I would always try at almost every Jap restaurant. Price approx $13.90. I know I'm a boring fart. 
I do want to highlight that some restaurants do not separate the fried tempuras from the udon soup which really spoils the crispy fun! The same goes for the tempura udon as well. I'm sure consumers would desire the crunchy crispy feel in their mouth when they sink their teeth into them. 
Sorry for the slight discolouration on the side. Forgot to remove my hp casing before snapping this pic. My colleague's beancurd skin udon! I eat this too on days when I feel poor and can't afford my favourite nabeyaki :( Price about $9.90. 
Another colleague's sushi! Love the vibrant colours :D 
Potato Salad. Honestly, I prefer having mine this mashed up way than potato chunks. I know right, I'm such a lazy eater.
The food's not bad generally. (Check out their website for other outlets)
1 Seletar Road
#02-12 Greenwich V
Singapore 807011 

Overall rating :
Dined at Watami Jap restaurant at the ION Orchard outlet. There was a short queue when bf and I arrived and thank god, our friends were already seated inside. The restaurant was full but I didn't like their food and service.  
My Tempura Udon. Told you I would only eat Tempura or Nabeyaki Udon... #boringfart
A plus point for them as they separated out the crispy fried tempuras from the soup but I wished they could offer something more edible and welcomed like sweet potato or tapioca rather than the notorious capsicum and brinjal. It came with a mushroom as well which I guess it might be a shitake mushroom, or maybe not. Couldn't tell since it's fried and covered with flour.

The tempuras were acceptable but I didn't like the udon and soup. It felt quite tasteless and I had to add some light sauce to it. It was a pain eating that, really. 

Also, my tempura came without the usual tempura sauce. I'm not sure if this is now the common practice because my nabeyaki udon which I had at Rakuichi Sushi came without it too. :( 
It didn't matter much to me because I still had to dip it to the usual light sauce instead as it's much tastier than the tempura sauce as the latter was a little tasteless. 

Service wise, we asked for the tempura sauce for like 2 to 3 times. I guess it's their peak period but that shouldn't be a justifiable excuse. There are quite a number of manpower too anyway. So I guess that isn't the root of the problem. The 1st waiter we asked took a long time that we thought he had forgotten, so we approached another waitress who looked extremely stunned and confused. She gave me light sauce which I confirmed and rejected, since I already had the light sauce with me. 

Bf : "Excuse me, can I have the sauce for the tempura?"
Waiter : "Ok" *walks away*
5 mins later.. No tempura sauce...

Me : "Hi, excuse me, can I have the tempura sauce?" *gesturing a saucer shape with my hand*
Waitress : *confused look for 5 secs*...
After 3mins...
Me : *my turn to look confused* "Is this light sauce?" (it was in a little tea pot bottle, all covered up and I assumed they are the same since they look the same but needed clarifications)
Waitress : "Ya" *with full confidence & without a doubt*
Me : -_- "Oh, eh then it's ok because I already have the light sauce" *pointing at the light sauce in front of me*
Bf : "she wants the tempura sauce for that" *pointing at my tempura*
Waitress : *stunned for another 5 secs...* "Oh, for the Ebi isit? Ok"
Me : (Tempura not Ebi meh? Okay fine, correct name is Ebi Tempura lor)
After 5 mins..
Waitress : *places EBI Tempura sauce on the table* without saying anything...
Me : *verified that it's the correct sauce*

10 mins later..

Waiter : *swiftly placed his own version of 'tempura sauce' on our table* without realising that I already have so many saucers of sauces there and *walked away to serve other customers* I didn't even had the chance to decline.
Me : *went on to verify the sauce* and guess what! It's the sauce for CHA SOBA... !@#$% Nevermind that *continue to dip into my light sauce from then on...*

If I do patronise them again, I wouldn't opt for their udons anymore. Perhaps try their rice for a change.
Bf's sizzling hot beef rice, kinda reminds me of Pepper lunch! Not my cuppa tea because I'm afraid of the splattering of oil and sizzling sound... :(
I'd thought bf's rice were much tastier than mine but it gets quite messy having to stir it yourself, trying to prevent burnt rice and all. BOO.
Expensive salmon sashimi
Although it's a must-have dish for me when dining at Jap restaurants, the prices are also a huge factor to consider. This plate of 6 to 7 pieces cost about $9.90! For me, it's not the amount of pieces they deliver since it varies according to their thickness, but even though I'm a salmon sashimi fan, most salmon taste the same to me, so am not really particular what grade/country they originate from. I'm generally not a fussy eater, unless the food has disgusting stuffs like ginger, parsley etc. Other than that, I'm quite easy going on food choices. I would get a plate of salmon sashimi anytime anywhere is it costs perhaps less than $7? But bf ordered this before I asked him the price..

Forgot to snap a picture of the hot 'green tea' we ordered. Plus point is that it's refillable, best for water barrels like me, but their green tea, we 4 reckoned should be brown rice tea or something. It didn't taste like how normal green teas are like and well, it's brown in colour.

I understand that brown rice tea is one of those healthy teas too beside green tea but this particular brand which they served, didn't taste as nice as the ones they now serve at Sakae Sushi (Yes, I'm really a fan of jap food :P). I was a little upset Sakae switched to brown rice tea instead of the usual green tea but grown to love it after trying. So I was full of hope when I realised Watami was serving brown rice tea too! But it tasted so much different and it most probably be due to its dilution. Trying to cut cost here I guess? :(

Wasn't satisfied with their food and service.

Overall rating : 
1 heart for bf's rice and 1 heart for the ambience, nothing more. 

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