Had an early birthday celebration dinner for my sister last Sunday at Nosh Restaurant located at 9 Rochester Park. The first impression of Rochester Park reminds me of a mini Dempsey Hill, though it's situated away from the City. It's located at Buona Vista. Bf and I took a cab there while it was pouring and I was holding on to the birthday cake, or rather, bf was :)

When we alighted, the restaurant had different areas. We had to climb up the wet stair case and dined on the 2nd level. Not very impressive to me. It was dark at night with candle-lights around which seems an interesting place for romance. But other than that, most of the times, I couldn't make out what I was eating. 

A little background info on Nosh. It serves Western Modern European cuisine which is open for brunches, lunches, dinners and even suppers! It's actually located near Ministry of Education and Buona Vista MRT, but I do not suggest for you to walk over because it's just not walkable-friendly. It is relatively a newly established restaurant that offers great relaxing ambience. You may choose to dine during the afternoons or evenings, but I woudn't patronise them again at night since it's rather dark. Did a little research on this restaurant and managed to find another blog review on it. As you can see, pictures taken during the day seemed so much better. We didn't manage to walk around because it was rather dark and there was work the next day :(

Anyway, pictures for your visual pleasure :)
Some chicken fillet..
Close-up view
Some bread appetizers... 
Bacon with eggs
Close-up view 
Some fish sambal that mom had and boy it was quite spicy for me!
Close-up view 
Veal Risotto. Nearly ordered this for myself but am glad I didn't. Bf fed me some portion of the risotto and I nearly died! Don't try it if you're not an adventurous foodie because it's filled with some weird herb-ie taste!
Close-up view 
Some sliced chicken...
Close-up view 
The varieties of food choices were not to my liking so I had settled for the good old creamy pasta! The large pieces of cheese were great but the chicken had some fats attached to it and being weight-conscious, I usually remove skins and fats of any meat I consume. 
Close-up view 
When it comes to food, I am really one boring fart. I can eat almost the same food everyday and drink only certain drinks. Ask my family, friends and colleagues and they will tell you. I'm a simple person who doesn't ask for much when it comes to food. I'm not really the adventurous sort who would try out exotic food that are out of my comfort zone. 

So, overall I thought the chicken pasta I had was quite alright, although creamy pasta makes you sick of it after awhile. I fancied the bacon too.

Other than that, the staff didn't impress me much and the time taken to serve the food was quite long, although there wasn't much crowd. 

Thus, if I decide to patronise them again, I would definitely go in the day/evening and request to be seated inside. It looks really comfy based on this blogger's pictures :)

Nosh Restaurant & Bar
9 Rochester Park
Singapore 139220
T: 6779 4644

T-F: 6pm-midnight
Sat & Sun 10.30am-2.30pm, 6pm-midnight
Closed on Mon

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