As promised, here are the reviews on my recent dim sum expedition! Let the pictures do the talking shall we? But first, make sure you prepare a box of tissues for the high possibility of salivation! ;)
Some apple soup which tasted really sweet!
I really liked this soup! It's snow pear soup!
This was a wrong order actually, a mistake made by the staff not us. This soup tasted alright and the meat you see are fish meat. But having to drink so much soup even before we touched the dim sum dishes made us really really full and bloated!
Ha kao?
Not mouth-watering enough?

Wait till you see.....

Honestly, I'm not a fan of custard buns though I know many are, but seriously, this won me over compared to the ones I've tried at KungFu Paradise. It's really tasty and tasted similar to salted duck eggs texture! 
Assorted mushroom. Was expecting a bigger pot than this.
Fried carrot cakes were so so. Only 2 pcs per order compared to the usual 4 pcs, but didn't matter since we were already stuffed by then!
Braised duck was alright. 
Personally, I'm not a fan of meat cooked this way. It makes me feel as if they were frozen which I think they were, and just steamed it altogether without separating them apart. Like by just dumping them into the steamer, no?

The Chee Cheong Fun was kinda tasteless as well and the sauce was quite oily, that I felt as if I was dipping into a bowl of oil instead of seasoning. I prefer the traditional ones with sweet sauce and sesame seeds or those filled with prawns or cha siew :)
Not sure what the hell was that black thing, but it looks like some charred thing...ugh!
Siew Mai with cooked roe. I prefer those bright orangey fish roe that burst into liquid when bitten!
The desserts were kinda pathetic but the waitress was really thoughtful enough to deliberately serve me the heart shaped one, which I thought was quite meticulous of her and I appreciate it as well. Such small gestures do speak volume - at least their waitress are not serving blindly without utilizing their brain and serving for the sake of serving right? 

Bf and I were satisfied overall and we were really stuffed halfway through the meals. We paid about $28 per pax so I think it was quite alright. But buffets are not my kind of thing because I'm a small eater. 

The restaurant was quite crowded when we arrived at 12 noon and continued to be, and we have seen that some of the customers had to wait quite a long time before they were offered a place. They had to many several trips back to the restaurant to check. 

So my advice is to reserve a place before heading there. They were also kind enough to allow a change of timing, because bf and I couldn't wake up in time, considering the fact of the location from our house!

One bad thing is that, the place is quite small for a restaurant and its location was quite difficult to find. You would have to seek help from the Hotel's Concierge before you can actually find the place. It's not located directly under the Oasia Hotel but the building beside it. I guess both buildings are linked. But nevertheless, thumbs up to the staff at the Concierge who took the trouble to walk out and show us the way to the building to take the lift. Awesome customer service there! :)
Old Hong Kong Essence
8 Sinaran Drive, 
Oasia Hotel @ Novena,Singapore 

Overall rating :

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