Planned bf a surprise dinner at The Prime Society yesterday! It was an advanced birthday dinner since his actual falls on a weekday. 

Decided to bring him to TPS instead of Morton's Steakhouse and Wolfgang Puck because firstly, we have tried the latter and secondly, I was advised by my colleague that Morton is more expensive than TPS. I've read reviews before deciding on the restaurant and seems like TPS changed their chef and there were some bad reviews. 

Here's my take and the pictures!!! :D
Dear's very bloody Rangers Valley Grain Fed Rump Cap
This was cooked till medium-rare as the waitress advised us that the other alternative, which is medium cooked, would be tougher. And true enough, although it tasted really bloody, it's much tender and softer than mine. Easier to chew and swallow. But one thing bad is that, tasting too much bloodiness does make you sick of it, as I was
My fatty Grass Fed Cape Grim Sirloin Steak. I chose Sirloin steak as recommended by the waitress, assuring us that it was tastier than rib eye and tenderloin. But there were lots of fats and I had a difficult time removing them. It was also tougher and drier than bf's steak.
Red wine and truffle sauce for the steaks! Silly me was dipping the potatoes into the truffle sauce thinking that it was the mustard sauce because we ordered 'Potato and Mustard', only to recall and informed by bf that it was for the steaks. OMG. 
Our Potato and Mustard which didnt suit bf's liking :( And we were so stuffed with the steaks that we couldn't finish the potatoes.
Me concentrating...
Ordered customised cupcakes and cake (coming soon on actual day) and got the cupcakes sent over to TPS. Although they were a little smashed, guess they still look alright. We didn't have the chance to try them out yet because we were so stuffed with the steaks! But am gonna try them out tonight! Hope they are yummy! :D Bought 3 vanilla and 2 chocolate. Got the cake from the same shop as well so that it's easier to arrange. Collecting the cake tomorrow and good thing is that it's near my office! :D
Uzumaki Naruto
Haruno Sakura
Kakashi Hatake
Sabaku No Gaara
Hyuuga Neji
Rock Lee
Service at TPS was alright but there are few things which wasn't satisfactory.

1. Reading other customers' reviews stating that the waitress would bring slabs of raw beef for us to choose, but that didn't happen. 
2. We waited quite some time for our food. Maybe half an hour or so although there were very few customers.
3. The steak, well as with others, just came as a steak with no sides. Was told that it's meant this way. No idea because we usually don't go for such high-end dining for steaks. Plus, we paid so much for the steak only.
4. Waitress serving us didn't know what to recommend and had to get her colleague to assist her. Meaning not all the staff were well-equipped with the knowledge of beef there. 
5. We were supposed to receive a complimentary drink and birthday cake but I had forgotten and the staff didn't inform me either. Meaning that the person whom I had liased with via email, didn't communicate this to his staff but highly unlikely because they were informed of the cupcakes delivery. So I'm guessing they either forgotten as well or just kept mum?

Have emailed the staff regarding the complimentary items and will keep you guys updated to see if they are willing to go that extra mile to put a smile on their customers' faces. 

Total damage : $142 for 2 steaks and potatoes, incld GST n service charge.

Overall rating :

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