My family and I patronised The Coastal Settlement again. We dined there previously for Father's Day and this time round, it was an advanced birthday dinner for my Dad! Yes, the dad loves the food and ambience there :) 
It's western cuisine and there's a live band as well. The decos are all done up perfectly and because I had already taken most of the decos previously, I didn't retake them again :( 

So sorry for those who are interested/curious on them. I could post them up soon, once I save the pictures from my Facebook! :)
Because dad's actual bday falls on a weekday, because bf and I are heading for a short getaway trip this coming weekend, because I couldn't go in Oct because of my upcoming exams and because dad loves the food and ambience here, we decided to dine at TCS again! :)
Prawn Salad! Now, this came as a surprise for me since it was not the usual method of serving. We were given sauce to shake things up in the bottle for better mixture! Really really cool like that :)
Very very addictive Truffle Fries! One of the best I've had! :)
Wagyu beef cubes and salad!
Juicy Wagyu beef cubes!
My very humble and friendly Somersby Apple Cider. 
Bf's Kronenbourg Blanc. I think this have topped my favourite beer chart amongst others. I used to drink Erdinger but Kronenbourg tastes a little sweeter than Erdinger, as in it's not as bitter. 
Dad's Tiger Beer
Mom had this previously as well and still, it was as spicy as ever. I can't take lots of chilli compared to bf who loves chilli! :D
Sister's and Bro-in-Law's Al Funghi creamy pasta! Was ok and I quite like the huge pieces of cheese! :)
Mac and Cheese! Sister and I had our eyes on this on the menu and it tasted not too bad! :)
Dad's and bf's main course. They ordered the same dish so logically, I'd only captured 1. Truffle fries on top of the side dish we ordered above. The drumstick tasted alright but the breast portion, was really really dry! I'm not a chicken breast fan too anyway and bf agreed that it was quite dry! :(
My main course! Ribeye steak + rosti :)

Previously, I had sausage rosti and I liked that better and chose ribeye steak only because I didn't want to be a boring fart and have the same dish again. But this meal was more of a disappointment because firstly, the rosti potato felt as if it was not fully cooked. Secondly, no sour cream! I need my sour cream whenever I have rosti! Thirdly, the steak although thick and fatty, tasted so-so only.

I think I'm hitting puberty stage again. I was gorging myself with food although I had late lunch and a cup of coffee before dinner but oh wells. And posting this entry makes my stomach growl again. It's kinda odd because I do get these unexplainable hunger pangs on a seasonal basis monthly. It's perfectly understandable if the Auntie is visiting me soon, but
hell no, on occasions like this when no "relative" is gonna visit you any time soon, you just get a mixed bag of emotions - confused, happy and guilty at the same time, and frequently check out your flabby arms, bulging stomach and the not-so-lovely love handles. :(

Overall Rating : 

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