As promised that I would review on the birthday cake which I ordered for bf in my previous post on the cupcakes by Cake Funtasie, so here it is.
Got a little lost trying to find the cake shop at AMK after work and when reached, there was nobody mending the shop. I had to ring the bell and only to realised that they don't accept nets! This really pissed me off because any shop should accept nets. If they don't accept Mastercard, I understand, but simple basic NETS?

Sheesh, so I had to walk around the whole estate to look for the damn ATM machine because the owner didn't specify the directions properly. 

Her customer service via email and in person was rather bad. She gave that nonchalant attitude and when clarified with regards to the costs breakdown (cupcakes, cake and delivery and after discount), she provided me with the wrong total price and hence, I wanted to know the breakdown of the costs for each individual item. She made it seem as if I was calculative over $2 and said that it's alright that I don't have to pay. But the thing is, it's just $2 yes I know and I don't mind paying extra if that amount is right. I don't wish to short change her as well. But her attitude via email was disappointing. Worse still, her customer service in person is even more disappointing as well. It might be because I had provided her the negative feedback with regards to her cupcakes but if that's the case, she should open up to criticisms. I did not state much but informed her that bf and I weren't satisfied with her cupcakes.

Thank god the cake tasted alright although a little too sweet. I ordered a 1kg (min size) chocolate fudge 3D Fondant cake and am glad they didn't taste as bad as the cupcakes. Only thing is, the chocolate fudge looks and tasted somewhat like brownie instead. 

Also, when asked how long can the cupcakes and cake be kept refrigerated, she told me that I should have them completed on the same day they are collected, which means we have to gobble down 6 cupcakes on 1 day and a 1kg sweet cake on another. She even told me that they would go stale if they are refrigerated. Odd, this is the first time I'm hearing this, that refrigerating food would cause the food to go stale.............

Anyway, I think she is mending the shop solely on her own because there were no one else beside her. Also, after collecting and paying for the cake, she immediately went to the back of the counter...the same where she came from when I arrived, hence the absence of staff. 

I do not recommend anyone to try out Cake Funtasie at all.

Hope these reviews help! :)

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