Have you heard of KOHE PETS  - THE ONE STOP PET SHOP that is currently the talk of the town where you can get hold of your pet supplies conveniently??

If you have dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, chinchillas, rabbits or even exotic reptiles, you should keep your eyes peeled on this post and continue to read below!

Kohe Pets sells a variety of necessities not just for your pets, but for yourself as the owner as well! Items include food, treats, collars, leashes, bowls, shoes, toys, carriers, pet houses, pet apparels and shoes, training aids, shampoos and even vitamins for your pets! 

Kohe Pets offers attractive prices compared to other pet shops out there!

What's more, they offer free deliveries to your door step at your convenience! Responsible sellers from Kohe Pets would contact you personally to arrange a suitable day and timing to deliver your items to you, so you need not worry if there's nobody at home to collect to goods on your behalf. For all you working adults out there, fret not, they even deliver after office hours! :)

If you're not satisfied with your orders, you may even opt for an exchange or return! Kohe Pets are passionate and committed, serving customers to the best of their ability, keeping in mind the 'Customers First' policy. 

On top of that, you may even pay via credit cards or cash on delivery if you'd like. Online shopping has never been so easy when getting pet stuffs! 

For those of you who have no idea, I've a shih tzu named Jingles and she just turned 9 recently! Besides Jingles, I've a canary as well. Back in my younger days, my house seemed like a miniature zoo where I had chickens (YES CHICKENS) which I had 5 of them, merboks, canaries, terrapins, fishes........... 
I managed to chance upon this new flavour from Solid Gold! Jingles loves her dry food from Solid Gold compared to other brands such as Science Diet. Solid Gold foods are more expensive but I don't mind paying for them since my baby princess loves them! :)
I usually get meaty food for her such as Lamb and Rice, Salmon and Chicken! She doesn't like organic foods and not really a fan of fruits and veggies. So this Chicken Dry Food from Solid Gold suits her best :)
Smells really fresh and fruitty! :D
Yummy snacks in sticks! :D
It's so difficult to snap proper pictures of her when all her 200% attention is focused on the snacks I have on hand! Bad choice to lure her to look at the camera!

Yes, you may have spotted that her right eye has this white patch, only because she had some eye infection few months ago and scared the shit outta me! :'( 

I'm just so glad that she's perfectly well now! <3 By the way, it's a cornea scar, she's NOT BLIND. 
So I had to place the snacks in front of the camera instead to grab her attention! -.-
For affordable prices, free delivery (am quite sure it would be easy to be entitled to this since most of you would order packs of food which would easily cost more than $50!) and great efficient service, do visit Kohe Pets today! 

Your fabulous one stop shop at your convenience !!! 

Visit their website or keep yourself updated via their Facebook fan page!

If you haven't been spending much time with your pets recently, why not shower them with love and pamper them with lots of goodies from Kohe Pets today? 
I'm sure you'll be forgiven the very minute they fill their tummies with them!
My family and I patronised The Coastal Settlement again. We dined there previously for Father's Day and this time round, it was an advanced birthday dinner for my Dad! Yes, the dad loves the food and ambience there :) 
It's western cuisine and there's a live band as well. The decos are all done up perfectly and because I had already taken most of the decos previously, I didn't retake them again :( 

So sorry for those who are interested/curious on them. I could post them up soon, once I save the pictures from my Facebook! :)
Because dad's actual bday falls on a weekday, because bf and I are heading for a short getaway trip this coming weekend, because I couldn't go in Oct because of my upcoming exams and because dad loves the food and ambience here, we decided to dine at TCS again! :)
Prawn Salad! Now, this came as a surprise for me since it was not the usual method of serving. We were given sauce to shake things up in the bottle for better mixture! Really really cool like that :)
Very very addictive Truffle Fries! One of the best I've had! :)
Wagyu beef cubes and salad!
Juicy Wagyu beef cubes!
My very humble and friendly Somersby Apple Cider. 
Bf's Kronenbourg Blanc. I think this have topped my favourite beer chart amongst others. I used to drink Erdinger but Kronenbourg tastes a little sweeter than Erdinger, as in it's not as bitter. 
Dad's Tiger Beer
Mom had this previously as well and still, it was as spicy as ever. I can't take lots of chilli compared to bf who loves chilli! :D
Sister's and Bro-in-Law's Al Funghi creamy pasta! Was ok and I quite like the huge pieces of cheese! :)
Mac and Cheese! Sister and I had our eyes on this on the menu and it tasted not too bad! :)
Dad's and bf's main course. They ordered the same dish so logically, I'd only captured 1. Truffle fries on top of the side dish we ordered above. The drumstick tasted alright but the breast portion, was really really dry! I'm not a chicken breast fan too anyway and bf agreed that it was quite dry! :(
My main course! Ribeye steak + rosti :)

Previously, I had sausage rosti and I liked that better and chose ribeye steak only because I didn't want to be a boring fart and have the same dish again. But this meal was more of a disappointment because firstly, the rosti potato felt as if it was not fully cooked. Secondly, no sour cream! I need my sour cream whenever I have rosti! Thirdly, the steak although thick and fatty, tasted so-so only.

I think I'm hitting puberty stage again. I was gorging myself with food although I had late lunch and a cup of coffee before dinner but oh wells. And posting this entry makes my stomach growl again. It's kinda odd because I do get these unexplainable hunger pangs on a seasonal basis monthly. It's perfectly understandable if the Auntie is visiting me soon, but
hell no, on occasions like this when no "relative" is gonna visit you any time soon, you just get a mixed bag of emotions - confused, happy and guilty at the same time, and frequently check out your flabby arms, bulging stomach and the not-so-lovely love handles. :(

Overall Rating : 
The advertisement for this beauty product caught my eye recently on Gmarket and I'm quite sure it was pretty attractive to most ladies as well.

It's main function is for whitening purposes as shown in the pictures below.

Items were bubble wrapped and a small whitening soap bar was given for free as well.
Instructions were also provided
As shown, the whitening effects look great but in reality, it's really not that fantastic at all. I'm not sure why the picture captured such stark contrast too anyway. The whitening effects seen viaour naked eyes shows only a slight contrast. But overall, am quite satisfied with this buy :)

But I believe with consistent application, it would whiten the skin overall. Now, I've to decide when to use the Nivea whitening body lotions for day and night as well as this Milky Dress. 

Those interested, you may get it from here :)

Overall rating :
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Light make up - With only powder, slight blusher, eyeliner and black double eyelid tapes! Sometimes, heavy make up destroys your face and beauty, really. 

Staying simple can be beautiful too :)
Jean :)
Being a social media addict like myself, I am quite sure you guys have heard about this piece of good news! Read it last night before I hit the sack via Xiaxue's twitter and boy, was I really surprised! Well, no not in a bad way. We do not have any bad blood and no, I don't know her personally. I am just one of the 40,000 readers daily... And no, I do not hate nor dislike her and to come to think of it actually, I'm quite her fan, really. Her posts have never failed to entertain me and her style of writing is certainly awesome! I met her a few times in real life by the way... 

And well, by reading this post by one of the editors in My Fat Pocket, it seems like this piece of awesome news has taken Singapore by storm! And very soon, it would go viral with all her other international readers world wide as well.
Credits to xiaxue.
I can't comment much on pregnancy, yet for now. But it seems like the experience is one of the worst to encounter in life! I get to know more info on pregnancy from my colleagues who, most of them are older than me. 

I'm not really interested at the moment, but good to be equipped with additional knowledge, isn't it? Moreover, the call to increase birth rates in Singapore as well as the big hoo-haa on the sweetners to encourage young couples to settle down early and have kids, is also, well kinda putting me off. 

Nevertheless, heartiest congratulations to the couple! :)
Attended my 2nd session with Bare Aesthetics yesterday evening after work and this time, I managed to snap some pictures for you guys to see!

It was basically the same procedure as before during my 1st session except for the initial consultation period and signing of some documents. 

I was told to change into some 'Sarong' lookalike clothe and then the consultant proceeded on with the treatment. My eyes were covered with tissue and protection goggles throughout the treatment but I could still see the flashes of light when the laser beams go off. 

Despite being my 2nd session, I was still as tensed as ever. But thankfully, the consultant did inform me of the steps she's gonna take next to keep me well-informed and assured. This is quite important because when your eyes are covered, you insecurity starts to creep in and you're afraid of the heat and pain, and any imminent danger, which is only natural from the psychological aspect.  
A simple machine, nothing fanciful nor sophisticated from one look at it. 
The drawer beside with the keys are meant for customers to safe keep their belongings.
The bed which you lie on to receive your treatments and the cloth is the 'Sarong' lookalike.
Yes, I went in specs, only because 1 of my contact lens tore and couldn't be worn anymore. But nevermind, managed to get 4 pairs at Raffles City at Spectacle Hut after the treatment! :D
Not sure why I was looking dazed, perhaps because of the nervousness? 
Without specs and contacts. 
After the treatment.
This was when cooling pads were placed at the armpits and we are supposed to hold it there with our arms pressing against them. This is to soothe the tension and heat, and to calm the skin and pores down. Was left alone for approx 5 mins before the consultant came to apply some cream.
Looks like a pretty dress from afar... haha!
The whole session was very quick as per the 1st session, and took about approx 30mins? I would have to head back for my 3rd session in Nov as the interval session is 2 months apart between a session and the next. 

This 2nd session encountered more pain than the 1st session's during the treatment and I was cringing and holding and locking my fingers together above my head, which my hands were almost soaked in perspiration. The pain is bearable, something like ants bite as mentioned previously but it feels like bigger ants are biting you. I certainly did not expect this especially since the hairs are supposed to be finer and lesser now. Perhaps my roots are too stubborn?

My left underarm itched a little when I woke up this morning, but after bathing, it feels alright again. After treatments, you are only allowed to shave off the hairs and not any other removal methods. 

Also, I think I'm experiencing some sort of muscle aches on my arms at the biceps areas. Not sure if this is related though, but I didn't strain my arms recently anyway.

I expect the aftermath effects to be much better than the 1st session's which I had updated here

I also inquired with them on Brazilian hair removal as well as facials. 

Here are the packages available.
For more info, you may want to contact them :
Shop Location: 
328 North Bridge Road #02-24 Raffles Hotel Arcade Singapore 188719

Tel: 6883 2295 

Website : http://www.bareaesthetics.sg

Disclaimer : This is NOT a paid advertorial/sponsorship, but simply just to share my honest reviews on Bare Aesthetics. Good things are meant to share right? ;)
Decided to try out this Facial Fresh mask which I received as 1 of the goodies in 1 of the Bellabox's edition! Was glad to receive the Collagen type as I have too many whitening and hydrating masks lying around! 

I've decided to place my 'Raves' and 'Rants' in 2 columns side by side so that it's easier for comparison purposes, and also include 'Immediate effects' and 'The next morning effects' Should have done this a long time ago, right? I know I'm slow :(
Facial Fresh actually does put in effort into their packaging and appearance, unlike those normal masks which comes without the hard cover or if bought in bulk, it comes in a box. I'm not too sure if FF provides the masks in boxes as well because only 1 sheet mask was given in the Bellabox's edition.
But the packaging inside isn't quite appealing. I know it doesn't make much sense to over-beautify the appearance inside out but silver packaging? Not very appealing for the ladies.
The mask weighed much heavier than others I have tried but I didn't expect the sheet mask to be soaked in the essence! Although value for money, but it's really a very messy job and definitely, judging by the amount of essence, I won't be able to finish using and massaging it onto my face and throw the package away. I didn't intend to massage it onto my body skin either because I had my Nivea whitening lotion on. 
I must say that the sheet is made of very good quality, better than Leaders InSolution masks! :)
Me looking weird. As you can see, although the mask is soaking wet with the collagen essence, it is not sticky and wet enough to stick onto the cheek and nose areas, even after I've tried pressing them down a few times. :(
What I usually look out for in sheet masks is the descriptions and instructions of using them. But as you can see, the instructions missed out on the step on the application of toner, as some facial masks are to be worn after or before toner. I usually pay close attention to the effects and functions of the masks' purposes and for this Collagen mask, it is supposed to act as an anti-ageing agent, promote skin elasticity and hydrates the skin. This is important because users would gauge the effectiveness based on what the masks promised to deliver.
I had to save up the remaining essence of collagen somewhere and thankfully, I've found an empty bottle of my Vichy emulsion which I had completed recently but had a difficult time to wash it thoroughly, especially the straw part. 


  1. Skin feels soft and supple
  2. A little more elasticity and firmness felt on skin
  3. Essence not too heavy and oily 
  4. Able to keep the remaining essence for future usage
  5. Sheet mask made of good quality and thick, does not tear easily
  6. It's the most expensive out of the other masks by Facial Fresh. Collagen mask costs S$16.95.


  1. Mask dripping wet
  2. Have to have readily available empty bottles to store the remaining essence
  3. T-zone was much oilier the next morning when I woke up
  4. Application of compact powder was not as smooth compared to other brands of masks used
  5. It's not sold anywhere else in Singapore. I've only managed to find it on Bellabox's website! Do check out the prices!
Overall rating :
I have been contributing to Post.Liveitgorgeous.com for a while now and am waiting for the rest of my articles to be published.

The very first article Are You Contented With Your Looks? is currently up and running! 

And boy am I glad it made it to 'Most Popular' section as well as 'Editor's Picks' section!
I do contribute articles to BlogShopBuzz as well as My Fat Pocket too! If you're interested to read more, do keep yourself updated with them via the 'My Other Works' which I will update when the articles are published :)

Thank you all for your support thus far! :)

Those interested in engaging my services for advertorials/sponsorship, do contact me at [email protected] and more details will be furnished :)

Just to share some of my loots over the weekends! :)
Are you tired of mundane colours for eyeshadows and looking to venture and explore with louder, bolder and more vibrant colours?

Well you're in luck!

Do stay tuned for the upcoming make up tutorials and shares on where to get high quality ones yet maintaining its affordability!!! 

Also, I will be sharing on tips when choosing eyeshadows! :)

Here's some sneak peaks for you! :D

We were invited back by The Prime Society last Friday for our complimentaries which the staff had forgotten to present us with when we had our first dining experience with them on our previous visit. As you recall in my previous post, I wasn't very satisfied with their food and service quality but after notifying them that they had forgotten to deliver what they promised, their customer service was excellent! 

However, I have to say this. Arrangements were made via email correspondences all this while with one of their staff by the name of 'Jiun'. Initially, she was alright but when my mobile had a little technical glitch (Singtel sucks!) and she as well as the manager of TPS couldn't get me a few times during office hours, Jiun got a little fed up and her attitude and response wasn't very pleasing. I was unaware that my mobile was unreachable because it was switched on and there were still signals going on. I realised that there might be some problems only when my whatsapp couldn't connect for a long time (didn't think much when it had connection problems as the reception at my office building kinda sucks). Oh wells. 

Anyway, Eardley, the manager of TPS, was extremely nice and friendly. He was also very approachable. 

Do note that TPS has recently changed their whole menu and we were told by Eardley that they changed it a few days later after our visit. 

There were no longer any burgers with fries, a proper main course meal with sides. Rather, there were other special varieties of food. Eardley was very kind to recommend us some of the commendable entrees for starters. We ordered Entrees, a Main course meal and desserts. Champagne was also provided as compl 
We were served bread twice and I wasn't really fancying them because they fill up your tummy real fast! But nonetheless, bf and I liked the truffle butter! Tasty! :)
Our complimentary champagne! :)
Beef Tatami - really really nice! I think it's smoked beef kinda taste. Initially, I'd thought the jelly cubes were nata de coco and bf thought was aloe vera, but no, they tasted like those usual jelly - something like ayu jellies. 
This tasted quite good as well and kinda reminds of me those Chinese dumplings. The mushrooms tasted alright too :)
It's filled with yummy succulent and juicy strips of beef! Really awesome! :)
We had some shells as well but the clams were so tiny and erm, sandy... 
This dish was the first that caught my eye when I saw the menu which we ordered as our main course. It's actually 'lau shu fen' (rat tail-like shape) and I was quite taken aback since it's a Chinese local delight where you can find in food courts and coffee shops. It comes with a cod fish and the soup tasted just like the miso soup from Japanese restaurant.
Now, the desserts were a quite disappointing. We could have settled for something better like Ben and Jerry's which was nearby TPS. The varieties of desserts were quite limited and none of them actually suit my preference. Bf ordered this chocolate with popcorn (?!) and those green stuffs are actually disgusting herbal mint paste and those eye-like seeds are from the dragon fruits I guess...The chocolate tasted quite alright and ONLY THE CHOCOLATE. 
Some Chestnut ice cream, with citrus fruits and cinnamon donut-like bread. I must first comment that the fruits were extremely sour!!! And yes, the sour levels do go accordingly to the colour of the fruits! The pale green was extremely sour and even as I'm noting this down, I'm actually salivating? Not because it's delicious but the sourness is just oh so power-packed!

The ice cream didn't carry much of the chestnut flabour and the donut-like was filled with cinnamon! And I HATE CINNAMON! But I forced myself to gooble 1 down anyway since I was already halfway at it. But I must rave on the softness of the bread. Really really soft! But the cinnamon had to spoil it all... :(

Also, the desserts took a little longer than the others to be served. I guess it must be due to the crowd which started flowing in at around 9?

Overall, it was a memorable dining experience with TPS and was so much better than the previous visit.

I might just give it another shot if given the chance :)

Overall rating :

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