Had an early birthday celebration dinner for my sister last Sunday at Nosh Restaurant located at 9 Rochester Park. The first impression of Rochester Park reminds me of a mini Dempsey Hill, though it's situated away from the City. It's located at Buona Vista. Bf and I took a cab there while it was pouring and I was holding on to the birthday cake, or rather, bf was :)

When we alighted, the restaurant had different areas. We had to climb up the wet stair case and dined on the 2nd level. Not very impressive to me. It was dark at night with candle-lights around which seems an interesting place for romance. But other than that, most of the times, I couldn't make out what I was eating. 

A little background info on Nosh. It serves Western Modern European cuisine which is open for brunches, lunches, dinners and even suppers! It's actually located near Ministry of Education and Buona Vista MRT, but I do not suggest for you to walk over because it's just not walkable-friendly. It is relatively a newly established restaurant that offers great relaxing ambience. You may choose to dine during the afternoons or evenings, but I woudn't patronise them again at night since it's rather dark. Did a little research on this restaurant and managed to find another blog review on it. As you can see, pictures taken during the day seemed so much better. We didn't manage to walk around because it was rather dark and there was work the next day :(

Anyway, pictures for your visual pleasure :)
Some chicken fillet..
Close-up view
Some bread appetizers... 
Bacon with eggs
Close-up view 
Some fish sambal that mom had and boy it was quite spicy for me!
Close-up view 
Veal Risotto. Nearly ordered this for myself but am glad I didn't. Bf fed me some portion of the risotto and I nearly died! Don't try it if you're not an adventurous foodie because it's filled with some weird herb-ie taste!
Close-up view 
Some sliced chicken...
Close-up view 
The varieties of food choices were not to my liking so I had settled for the good old creamy pasta! The large pieces of cheese were great but the chicken had some fats attached to it and being weight-conscious, I usually remove skins and fats of any meat I consume. 
Close-up view 
When it comes to food, I am really one boring fart. I can eat almost the same food everyday and drink only certain drinks. Ask my family, friends and colleagues and they will tell you. I'm a simple person who doesn't ask for much when it comes to food. I'm not really the adventurous sort who would try out exotic food that are out of my comfort zone. 

So, overall I thought the chicken pasta I had was quite alright, although creamy pasta makes you sick of it after awhile. I fancied the bacon too.

Other than that, the staff didn't impress me much and the time taken to serve the food was quite long, although there wasn't much crowd. 

Thus, if I decide to patronise them again, I would definitely go in the day/evening and request to be seated inside. It looks really comfy based on this blogger's pictures :)

Nosh Restaurant & Bar
9 Rochester Park
Singapore 139220
T: 6779 4644

T-F: 6pm-midnight
Sat & Sun 10.30am-2.30pm, 6pm-midnight
Closed on Mon


September Giveaways contest have started!!!


I'm giving away facial and eye masks this time round of the following brands :

Leaders InSolution
My Beauty Diary
Silk Whita
The Face Shop
Etude House
Attractive prizes isn't it?

So what are you waiting for?

Read under the section of 'Free Giveaways' here to find out how you can get your hands on these fabulous beauty treats for your face at no costs!!! :D
Was greeted by a lovely box of 5 pcs of mask of Lovemore Japan Soymilk Enzyme Moisturizing and Soothing Mask when I got home from work the other day. 

I have combination skin type which main problem rests upon the oily T-zone that targets the forehead, nose and chin. However, more often than not, the rest of your face e.g. cheeks tend to be drier as well. Hence, whenever I'm on the look out for skin care products, I often source for moisturising and hydrating products. This is important because having to stay in an air-conditioned room (at work) almost the whole day and sometimes, at night, our skin tends to get drier and moisture from our skin gets 'sucked' up. Thus, in addition to adequate hydration of fluid intake, we must hydrate our skin on the outside as well. 

This is my first experience using Lovemore masks and although the effects produced are quite acceptable, I am not very pleased with the quality of their mask. 

Here's why.

1. The mask is dripping wet. Yes, it might imply that Lovemore doesn't compromise on their amount of essence but dripping wet? It's extremely troublesome and messy. I had a difficult time trying to snap good quality pics while the masks drips on like nobody's business. 

2. I tore the mask within 5 secs when I got hold of it. The mask quality, in my opinion, is rather poor, although their descriptions seem rather awesome. Comparing to other masks such as My Beauty Diary, Sexylook and Leaders InSolution, Lovemore's masks are of the least quality I've come across. :( Or maybe it's just me, I'm just not gentle enough :(

3. It doesn't fit well on my face, but I can't blame them because I have a long sharp almond-like face shape. But well, the overlappings of the mask was quite significant. Or perhaps I've lost weight, HAHA.
Extremely soaked in essence...
The mask tears easily... :(
As you can see, the mask didn't fit well :(
The aftermath was great. The immediate effect that was obvious was the instant brightening results the mask produced! This somehow surprised me because whitening and brightening isn't one of the functions of this mask but yet it managed to! I reckon it might somehow be due to the Vitamin C ingredient :) 

I massaged the remaining essence in the packet onto my face for 2 mins or so and the essence subsequently was absorbed into my face. It didn't leave any sticky feeling! Plus, I waited for awhile about 2 mins as well to apply my moisturiser. I'm currently using the Kose Supreme Sekkisei's moisturiser I

Woke up this morning to a more soft supple skin and it was well-hydrated. Skin feels more plumped as well. So not so bad for a start, except that Lovemore should focus more on their quality of masks. It would be perfect if they are as fantastic as the rest of the competitiors :) Even the cotton mask from Sexylook didn't tear that easily compared to Lovemore!

Hydrate your skin with Lovemore Japan Soymilk Enzyme Moisturizing and Soothing Mask available at Secretive.sg today!

Want to know more about Secretive.sg and other awesome masks they sell?
Join their facebook page for more updates!



For ardent fans of Sexylook, Black Cotton Masks are now selling at only $3.50 at Secretive.sg and at a promotional price of $2.90 at Watsons till 10th October 2012!
Those who adore  Lovemore Japan Soymilk Enzyme Moisturizing and Soothing Masks, they are sold at $8.90 for box of 5 pc at Secretive.sg and Watsons! :)

Overall rating :
Before the hike of KPOP, the craze and limelight was shone upon the Japanese for their commendable fashion sense. 

Besides fashion apparels and cosmetics, your hair can either make or break your image as well.

So, you're bored of your current hairstyle? Looking for fresh new ideas for what's in currently?

Let us take a tour and satisfy our visual hunger on fashionable hairstyles and hair colour by the Japanese!

Now, when you first step into a hair salon, you would most probably be provided with magazines for reference purposes and most often than not, they encapsulate gorgeous illustrations of Japanese and their different hairstyles and colours!

So, what are the top 10 most fashionable hairstyles and hair colour for this year 2012? 


As you can see, most of the hairstyles are filled with lots of bangs and curls. 

The hair ends are curled in different directions inwards and outwards. Also, most hairstyles are styled to create the 'out of the bed' look which can be sexy in a way. Top hair colours for 2012 would include Brown (Milk Tea Brown, Chestnut Brown, Dark Chocolate), Red (Sweet Pink, Antique Rose) and Orange Brown (Sweet Apricot and Mocha Orange)! 

Consider chopping off your locks for a fresh face look!

Happy styling!
Back in my younger days, I used to design earrings, necklaces and even customise shoes to sell!

I have always been a fan of arts and crafts and reminisce those days where my mommy would chide me for spending so much time on drawing rather than completing my homework. I have also won some competitions too back in my school days. 

Decided to showcase some of my talents (ahem) but can't find pictures on the accessories which I had handmade but here are some of the customisations and designs for the shoes! :) 
The Strawberry Shortcake and Thomas and Friends were special orders for my niece Shannan and nephew Jaden respectively but they have since outgrown them :(

Although not perfect, but I had fun and compliments with them! :)

I decided to give up on this online business despite the little competition from others because designing is just too time-consuming, which applies across the board generally for online shops. Plus, the efforts and time taken to complete the designs are not justified by their price. :(

Well unless you have absolute passion and drive, and most importantly all the time in the world and doing it on a full-time basis, (you're not working and studying), then I'd say, go for it! :D

You may view more pictures of my past works here @ Walking0nAir :)

I don't usually shop at retail stores unless really necessary, for example, to get stuffs from convenience stores. 

Shopped over at GMarket, otherwise now known as Qoo10, and bought these items (and more to come! =x)
This seller on gmarket provides very efficient delivery and all items were packed nicely and bubble wrapped for the eyeliners, to prevent any breakage. 

Have been wanting to try out nu bra for the longest time but decided to get the newer version of the bra with adhesive sides. It has sticky sides but I wonder how effective it is and whether it would slip off any moment while wearing it. Also, cleaning it seems to be a little problematic as well as it might lose its stickiness? It came with a free underwear too and it was a G-String pls -.-

Anyway, tried out some swatches of the eyeliners (Silver, white copper and black). The silver being the lightest and faintest didn't excite me at all. Am loving the white and black one best. White ones are perfect for brightening your eye rims (the inner corners of your eyes near your tear ducts) and black ones are awesome for a little rugged look for smokey eyes. Would definitely post up an entry on these eyeliners when I get a chance to use them.

And yes, bought the black double eyelid tapes again! Really awesome! Even my colleague commented that I look different with them and that they are nice :) Got it cheaper compared to the previous seller on GMarket.

Heh, definitely 2 thumbs up for this seller!

You guys can start shopping away at this shop : http://www.qoo10.sg/shop/wow_wild?goodscode=405256939#ci 

Out damn Monday Blues! Now, begone! 


If you are looking for pet supplies, including pet food, accessories, bag carriers, cleansing wash etc, then stay tune for the upcoming post!

Prompt service, lower prices and efficiency guaranteed! :)
Hoorays! It's TGIF again! 

A little update on NOTD using :

OPI Glitzerland 

VOV Crack Peach
As promised that I would review on the birthday cake which I ordered for bf in my previous post on the cupcakes by Cake Funtasie, so here it is.
Got a little lost trying to find the cake shop at AMK after work and when reached, there was nobody mending the shop. I had to ring the bell and only to realised that they don't accept nets! This really pissed me off because any shop should accept nets. If they don't accept Mastercard, I understand, but simple basic NETS?

Sheesh, so I had to walk around the whole estate to look for the damn ATM machine because the owner didn't specify the directions properly. 

Her customer service via email and in person was rather bad. She gave that nonchalant attitude and when clarified with regards to the costs breakdown (cupcakes, cake and delivery and after discount), she provided me with the wrong total price and hence, I wanted to know the breakdown of the costs for each individual item. She made it seem as if I was calculative over $2 and said that it's alright that I don't have to pay. But the thing is, it's just $2 yes I know and I don't mind paying extra if that amount is right. I don't wish to short change her as well. But her attitude via email was disappointing. Worse still, her customer service in person is even more disappointing as well. It might be because I had provided her the negative feedback with regards to her cupcakes but if that's the case, she should open up to criticisms. I did not state much but informed her that bf and I weren't satisfied with her cupcakes.

Thank god the cake tasted alright although a little too sweet. I ordered a 1kg (min size) chocolate fudge 3D Fondant cake and am glad they didn't taste as bad as the cupcakes. Only thing is, the chocolate fudge looks and tasted somewhat like brownie instead. 

Also, when asked how long can the cupcakes and cake be kept refrigerated, she told me that I should have them completed on the same day they are collected, which means we have to gobble down 6 cupcakes on 1 day and a 1kg sweet cake on another. She even told me that they would go stale if they are refrigerated. Odd, this is the first time I'm hearing this, that refrigerating food would cause the food to go stale.............

Anyway, I think she is mending the shop solely on her own because there were no one else beside her. Also, after collecting and paying for the cake, she immediately went to the back of the counter...the same where she came from when I arrived, hence the absence of staff. 

I do not recommend anyone to try out Cake Funtasie at all.

Hope these reviews help! :)

Overall rating :

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