Being a social media addict like myself, I am quite sure you guys have heard about this piece of good news! Read it last night before I hit the sack via Xiaxue's twitter and boy, was I really surprised! Well, no not in a bad way. We do not have any bad blood and no, I don't know her personally. I am just one of the 40,000 readers daily... And no, I do not hate nor dislike her and to come to think of it actually, I'm quite her fan, really. Her posts have never failed to entertain me and her style of writing is certainly awesome! I met her a few times in real life by the way... 

And well, by reading this post by one of the editors in My Fat Pocket, it seems like this piece of awesome news has taken Singapore by storm! And very soon, it would go viral with all her other international readers world wide as well.
Credits to xiaxue.
I can't comment much on pregnancy, yet for now. But it seems like the experience is one of the worst to encounter in life! I get to know more info on pregnancy from my colleagues who, most of them are older than me. 

I'm not really interested at the moment, but good to be equipped with additional knowledge, isn't it? Moreover, the call to increase birth rates in Singapore as well as the big hoo-haa on the sweetners to encourage young couples to settle down early and have kids, is also, well kinda putting me off. 

Nevertheless, heartiest congratulations to the couple! :)

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