Have you heard of KOHE PETS  - THE ONE STOP PET SHOP that is currently the talk of the town where you can get hold of your pet supplies conveniently??

If you have dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, chinchillas, rabbits or even exotic reptiles, you should keep your eyes peeled on this post and continue to read below!

Kohe Pets sells a variety of necessities not just for your pets, but for yourself as the owner as well! Items include food, treats, collars, leashes, bowls, shoes, toys, carriers, pet houses, pet apparels and shoes, training aids, shampoos and even vitamins for your pets! 

Kohe Pets offers attractive prices compared to other pet shops out there!

What's more, they offer free deliveries to your door step at your convenience! Responsible sellers from Kohe Pets would contact you personally to arrange a suitable day and timing to deliver your items to you, so you need not worry if there's nobody at home to collect to goods on your behalf. For all you working adults out there, fret not, they even deliver after office hours! :)

If you're not satisfied with your orders, you may even opt for an exchange or return! Kohe Pets are passionate and committed, serving customers to the best of their ability, keeping in mind the 'Customers First' policy. 

On top of that, you may even pay via credit cards or cash on delivery if you'd like. Online shopping has never been so easy when getting pet stuffs! 

For those of you who have no idea, I've a shih tzu named Jingles and she just turned 9 recently! Besides Jingles, I've a canary as well. Back in my younger days, my house seemed like a miniature zoo where I had chickens (YES CHICKENS) which I had 5 of them, merboks, canaries, terrapins, fishes........... 
I managed to chance upon this new flavour from Solid Gold! Jingles loves her dry food from Solid Gold compared to other brands such as Science Diet. Solid Gold foods are more expensive but I don't mind paying for them since my baby princess loves them! :)
I usually get meaty food for her such as Lamb and Rice, Salmon and Chicken! She doesn't like organic foods and not really a fan of fruits and veggies. So this Chicken Dry Food from Solid Gold suits her best :)
Smells really fresh and fruitty! :D
Yummy snacks in sticks! :D
It's so difficult to snap proper pictures of her when all her 200% attention is focused on the snacks I have on hand! Bad choice to lure her to look at the camera!

Yes, you may have spotted that her right eye has this white patch, only because she had some eye infection few months ago and scared the shit outta me! :'( 

I'm just so glad that she's perfectly well now! <3 By the way, it's a cornea scar, she's NOT BLIND. 
So I had to place the snacks in front of the camera instead to grab her attention! -.-
For affordable prices, free delivery (am quite sure it would be easy to be entitled to this since most of you would order packs of food which would easily cost more than $50!) and great efficient service, do visit Kohe Pets today! 

Your fabulous one stop shop at your convenience !!! 

Visit their website or keep yourself updated via their Facebook fan page!

If you haven't been spending much time with your pets recently, why not shower them with love and pamper them with lots of goodies from Kohe Pets today? 
I'm sure you'll be forgiven the very minute they fill their tummies with them!

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