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I was sponsored with 4 Lovemore masks of different flavours and a box of 5pcs of Sexylook masks from !!! Although I do have tonnes of masks lying around everywhere in my room, but like clothes, we ladies can never ever have too many of masks as well! :p

The 4 flavours of the Lovemore masks include :

A useful tip in choosing a suitable mask sheet for the current condition of your skin is to observe, analyse and understand your skin better. 

For example, if you are nearing 'that time of the month' and where hormones are raging all over the place and you know yourself that this is also the period where you are most prone to those annoying red bumps, pimples or acne, you should get a mask that helps soothe and calm the redness down. Look out for mask sheets such as Tea Tee Oil properties, Aloe Vera as its main ingredients or if it states 'Clear complexion skin'. 

Or if you have oily complexion or combination skin with oily T-zone, choose masks that helps to control oil secretion and remove any excess sebum. 

I understand how difficult it is for those with combination skin because you are bothered not only by the oily T-zone but the rest of your facial skin might be dry as well, thus, the terminology 'combination'. What I can suggest is that you may proceed using masks which helps to hydrate and moisturise but with the remaining essence, perhaps what you can do is to massage them onto the dry areas, avoiding the T-zone areas (Forehead, Nose and Chin). This way, you are not over-hydrating your oily areas which could backfire to produce excess sebum and oil. 

As I am having some unexplainable tiny red bumps though not inflamed and sore, I decided to use the Peal Barley & Milk Smoothing Mask flavour. It was also because the 'Clear Complexion Skin' that caught my eye. 
I was elated when I read that this masks also helps to brighten and whiten the skin! It's like killing 1 bird with 2 stones! :D
Maybe I was a little too bought over by the 'Clear complexion skin' description on the front because my targetted problem was not solved :(


  1. Mask was not dripping wet
  2. Slight immediate results as it slightly brightened and whitened my face
  3. Transparent outlook
  4. Skin feels soft and supple


  1. Mask had 2 different 'sheet coverings' which require you to peel them off before using. 1 of them was of those 'kitchen towel' material and the wet mask got stuck onto it even more compared to the plastic sheet with holes. Hence, you have to be extra careful when peeling them off.
  2. Mask sheet too thin and tears easily (as shown above on my face)
  3. Too flimsy
  4. Holes for the eye areas too big, doesn't fit well
  5. My red bump is still there
Overall rating :
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Besides Lovemore masks, sells other top popular Taiwan beauty brands as well!

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Secretive FB 
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Was invited to take up this offered sponsorship by and to choose an item from their online shop. Being a make up fanatic, I chose cosmetics over apparels naturally.
(It's actually also because I have an overwhelming lot of clothes! =x)

They are very generous to throw in some cute little stickers as freebies as well. Greatly appreciated! :)
Read more on my reviews on BlogshopBuzz here! :) 
Have you heard of KOHE PETS  - THE ONE STOP PET SHOP that is currently the talk of the town where you can get hold of your pet supplies conveniently??

If you have dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, chinchillas, rabbits or even exotic reptiles, you should keep your eyes peeled on this post and continue to read below!

Kohe Pets sells a variety of necessities not just for your pets, but for yourself as the owner as well! Items include food, treats, collars, leashes, bowls, shoes, toys, carriers, pet houses, pet apparels and shoes, training aids, shampoos and even vitamins for your pets! 

Kohe Pets offers attractive prices compared to other pet shops out there!

What's more, they offer free deliveries to your door step at your convenience! Responsible sellers from Kohe Pets would contact you personally to arrange a suitable day and timing to deliver your items to you, so you need not worry if there's nobody at home to collect to goods on your behalf. For all you working adults out there, fret not, they even deliver after office hours! :)

If you're not satisfied with your orders, you may even opt for an exchange or return! Kohe Pets are passionate and committed, serving customers to the best of their ability, keeping in mind the 'Customers First' policy. 

On top of that, you may even pay via credit cards or cash on delivery if you'd like. Online shopping has never been so easy when getting pet stuffs! 

For those of you who have no idea, I've a shih tzu named Jingles and she just turned 9 recently! Besides Jingles, I've a canary as well. Back in my younger days, my house seemed like a miniature zoo where I had chickens (YES CHICKENS) which I had 5 of them, merboks, canaries, terrapins, fishes........... 
I managed to chance upon this new flavour from Solid Gold! Jingles loves her dry food from Solid Gold compared to other brands such as Science Diet. Solid Gold foods are more expensive but I don't mind paying for them since my baby princess loves them! :)
I usually get meaty food for her such as Lamb and Rice, Salmon and Chicken! She doesn't like organic foods and not really a fan of fruits and veggies. So this Chicken Dry Food from Solid Gold suits her best :)
Smells really fresh and fruitty! :D
Yummy snacks in sticks! :D
It's so difficult to snap proper pictures of her when all her 200% attention is focused on the snacks I have on hand! Bad choice to lure her to look at the camera!

Yes, you may have spotted that her right eye has this white patch, only because she had some eye infection few months ago and scared the shit outta me! :'( 

I'm just so glad that she's perfectly well now! <3 By the way, it's a cornea scar, she's NOT BLIND. 
So I had to place the snacks in front of the camera instead to grab her attention! -.-
For affordable prices, free delivery (am quite sure it would be easy to be entitled to this since most of you would order packs of food which would easily cost more than $50!) and great efficient service, do visit Kohe Pets today! 

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I'm sure you'll be forgiven the very minute they fill their tummies with them!
Was greeted by a lovely box of 5 pcs of mask of Lovemore Japan Soymilk Enzyme Moisturizing and Soothing Mask when I got home from work the other day. 

I have combination skin type which main problem rests upon the oily T-zone that targets the forehead, nose and chin. However, more often than not, the rest of your face e.g. cheeks tend to be drier as well. Hence, whenever I'm on the look out for skin care products, I often source for moisturising and hydrating products. This is important because having to stay in an air-conditioned room (at work) almost the whole day and sometimes, at night, our skin tends to get drier and moisture from our skin gets 'sucked' up. Thus, in addition to adequate hydration of fluid intake, we must hydrate our skin on the outside as well. 

This is my first experience using Lovemore masks and although the effects produced are quite acceptable, I am not very pleased with the quality of their mask. 

Here's why.

1. The mask is dripping wet. Yes, it might imply that Lovemore doesn't compromise on their amount of essence but dripping wet? It's extremely troublesome and messy. I had a difficult time trying to snap good quality pics while the masks drips on like nobody's business. 

2. I tore the mask within 5 secs when I got hold of it. The mask quality, in my opinion, is rather poor, although their descriptions seem rather awesome. Comparing to other masks such as My Beauty Diary, Sexylook and Leaders InSolution, Lovemore's masks are of the least quality I've come across. :( Or maybe it's just me, I'm just not gentle enough :(

3. It doesn't fit well on my face, but I can't blame them because I have a long sharp almond-like face shape. But well, the overlappings of the mask was quite significant. Or perhaps I've lost weight, HAHA.
Extremely soaked in essence...
The mask tears easily... :(
As you can see, the mask didn't fit well :(
The aftermath was great. The immediate effect that was obvious was the instant brightening results the mask produced! This somehow surprised me because whitening and brightening isn't one of the functions of this mask but yet it managed to! I reckon it might somehow be due to the Vitamin C ingredient :) 

I massaged the remaining essence in the packet onto my face for 2 mins or so and the essence subsequently was absorbed into my face. It didn't leave any sticky feeling! Plus, I waited for awhile about 2 mins as well to apply my moisturiser. I'm currently using the Kose Supreme Sekkisei's moisturiser I

Woke up this morning to a more soft supple skin and it was well-hydrated. Skin feels more plumped as well. So not so bad for a start, except that Lovemore should focus more on their quality of masks. It would be perfect if they are as fantastic as the rest of the competitiors :) Even the cotton mask from Sexylook didn't tear that easily compared to Lovemore!

Hydrate your skin with Lovemore Japan Soymilk Enzyme Moisturizing and Soothing Mask available at today!

Want to know more about and other awesome masks they sell?
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For ardent fans of Sexylook, Black Cotton Masks are now selling at only $3.50 at and at a promotional price of $2.90 at Watsons till 10th October 2012!
Those who adore  Lovemore Japan Soymilk Enzyme Moisturizing and Soothing Masks, they are sold at $8.90 for box of 5 pc at and Watsons! :)

Overall rating :
Lately, I noticed that there are obvious tiny pimples popping out around my foreheads and brows.Thus, to target this problem, I had chosen to try out the AC-Dressing mask from Leaders InSolution out of the myriads of different types of masks kindly sponsored by Cossy

AC-Dressing mask helps to target skin problems by soothing skin irritation and redness as well as to reduce scars of troubled spots. 
This is my 3rd time using Leaders InSolution masks and I must say that they never fail to prove their worth. I love how the mask fits snugly onto my skin without having to adjust much and without having to worry that it might slip off as well. The sheet masks are made of absolute high quality and are enriched in generous amount of essence, but not dripping wet, hence the hassles and messiness are reduced. Also, the essence come in thick liquid which are not diluted in nature, which only goes to show that Leaders InSolution does not cut back on the quality to reduce cost and moreover, they are sold rather cheaply in Watsons! You now need not have to burn holes in your pockets just to achieve comparable results with top brands. 

Although claimed to reduce pores, nothing significantly has been seen. However, the healing pimple that I had has now had its scab off, which I believe it helps to alleviate the sore and redness of pimples as well as to speed up the healing and recovery process of pimples. 

My skin feels much smoother and more supple now, and I didn't wake up to the usual oily T-zone today! It really helps to reduce the sebum produced and I would definitely recommend those with combination skin (oily T-zone) and oil skin to try out this mask! 

Get them cheaper at Cossy today! :)

Check out these awesome Facebook fanpages for more updates and details!
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Leaders InSolution

It's time to start pampering your skin if you haven't already have! :D

Cheers to great skin and more to come :)

Overall rating :
Received a parcel from which includes 1 pc of Sexylook cotton mask and a box containing 5 pcs of Lovemore Soymilk Enzyme Moisturising & Soothing Mask! 

Sexylook's new cotton masks comes in 3 different types and functions - Moisturising, Repairing and Whitening. 

Today I will be sharing my reviews on the Repairing type :)
Jeanja warrior! :D
Results : My skin feels much softer and supple and my pores on my cheek seem to be shrunk a little. Don't expect miracles to happen with sheet masks. Only constant usage would produce results :) You may read my past review on Sexylook Cotton mask as well and I'm having some difficulty covering my nose area, which is similar to the above picture as well. It does hydrate my skin well as if I had applied moisturiser on. 

Thanks alot for the sponsorship Secretive! :)

Do like their Facebook fan page for regular updates of lovely new beauty items! :D
Check out their other fan page as well! <3
Facebook fanpage for LoveMore masks
Facebook fanpage for SexyLook masks

Pamper your skin with glowing complexion with today!!!

Overall rating :
Here's another review on the up and coming Leaders InSolution mask! This time, I'd used the Tea tree relaxing mask to soothe some annoying pimples which I suspect are caused by the Mela tox mask from Leaders InSolution as well previously. :(

But anyway, this tea tree mask as raved by others, proved its worth. My little pimples actually subsided though not completely, but definitely less obvious and does not hurt when pressed/poked anymore! It reduces the swell and redness as well :)

If you had used the tea tree pimple gel before, you will be able to recognise that this mask contains the exact same smell as well but not as strong. Its smell is rather mild. 
Without flash
With flash
With flash
Without flash
Overall, it does help in soothing and calming your troubled skin and annoying pimples and as with other flavours, Leaders InSolution masks are soaked in thick essences! 

For me, Leaders InSolution masks have proved to be working and delivering what they promised to (functions) thus far! Will continue trying out all the other flavours as well! Yipee can't wait! :)

Thank you Cossy Pte Ltd!! :D

Overall rating :
Was extremely glad and honoured to be sponsored by Cossy Pte Ltd with these lovely Leaders InSolution masks! It's like a wish came true and I've not regretted using them! One item off my wishlist! :D

Eagerly tried the Mela Tox for whitening and I am very pleased with the results! Besides whitening and brightening, my face felt so much softer, smoother and more supple! Plus, my skin elasticity also improved! It feels very 'boing boing' like a bouncy feel! Skin was super plump!

The mask was soaking wet with lots of essence. Might be a little messy though. Just be sure to keep the remaining essence in the packet so that you can massage them on your face and neck after masking :)
I can say that the quality is awesome. Better than other sheet masks I've tried because it sticks on really well. Although it can't fit perfectly, I have to overlap the sheets due to my face shape, it doesn't come off easily. But it does fit the eyes, nose and mouth well :)

Awesome mask. Better than My Beauty Diary for its whitening effects :)
Must try! I have so many other masks from Cossy Pte Ltd targeting on different problems. Thank you for being so generous Cossy Pte Ltd! :)

If you are a fan of online deals and love beauty products, then you must visit them! Don't miss out other awesome deals they are having too! 

Have fun beautifying yourself without burning holes in your pockets!

Visit Cossy Pte Ltd today! :D

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