Received a parcel from which includes 1 pc of Sexylook cotton mask and a box containing 5 pcs of Lovemore Soymilk Enzyme Moisturising & Soothing Mask! 

Sexylook's new cotton masks comes in 3 different types and functions - Moisturising, Repairing and Whitening. 

Today I will be sharing my reviews on the Repairing type :)
Jeanja warrior! :D
Results : My skin feels much softer and supple and my pores on my cheek seem to be shrunk a little. Don't expect miracles to happen with sheet masks. Only constant usage would produce results :) You may read my past review on Sexylook Cotton mask as well and I'm having some difficulty covering my nose area, which is similar to the above picture as well. It does hydrate my skin well as if I had applied moisturiser on. 

Thanks alot for the sponsorship Secretive! :)

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Pamper your skin with glowing complexion with today!!!

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