Lately, I noticed that there are obvious tiny pimples popping out around my foreheads and brows.Thus, to target this problem, I had chosen to try out the AC-Dressing mask from Leaders InSolution out of the myriads of different types of masks kindly sponsored by Cossy

AC-Dressing mask helps to target skin problems by soothing skin irritation and redness as well as to reduce scars of troubled spots. 
This is my 3rd time using Leaders InSolution masks and I must say that they never fail to prove their worth. I love how the mask fits snugly onto my skin without having to adjust much and without having to worry that it might slip off as well. The sheet masks are made of absolute high quality and are enriched in generous amount of essence, but not dripping wet, hence the hassles and messiness are reduced. Also, the essence come in thick liquid which are not diluted in nature, which only goes to show that Leaders InSolution does not cut back on the quality to reduce cost and moreover, they are sold rather cheaply in Watsons! You now need not have to burn holes in your pockets just to achieve comparable results with top brands. 

Although claimed to reduce pores, nothing significantly has been seen. However, the healing pimple that I had has now had its scab off, which I believe it helps to alleviate the sore and redness of pimples as well as to speed up the healing and recovery process of pimples. 

My skin feels much smoother and more supple now, and I didn't wake up to the usual oily T-zone today! It really helps to reduce the sebum produced and I would definitely recommend those with combination skin (oily T-zone) and oil skin to try out this mask! 

Get them cheaper at Cossy today! :)

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It's time to start pampering your skin if you haven't already have! :D

Cheers to great skin and more to come :)

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