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Jean <3

Dear all, as mentioned, I have moved to wordpress!

I'm now blogging at

I know the url is a little cliche but because raves-and-rants has already been taken at wordpress domain host! :(

So I'd reckoned that your own original name would be the best, no? :)

Anyways, see you guys there!!! :D
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Dear all, I am moving to another better platform for blogs which you may have already guessed it. 

Will finalise everything once it's done.

But for now, toodles to weebly and for the next few days as I will be out of town! :)

Have a great weekend people! :D
These are the goodies for the October edition of Vanity Trove! Personally, what I thought to be useful would be the eyebrow pencil from Pupa, since my current eyebrow make up is finishing soon.. Also, I found the cream for reducing veins and the lips tattoos to be interesting as well... But I doubt I will be using the tattoo. 

The Platinum mask from Beauty Clinic does not excite me one bit at all only because I have many masks lazing around my room! Plus, if I'm not wrong, Beauty Clinic and Leaders InSolution and Leaders Clinic are from the same company. As it is, I have tonnes of masks from Leaders Insolution, that I can't even remember if I do owe the Platinum flavour! 

As much as I would love to try out DHC products, the sample sachets kinda annoys me because it's quite troublesome to use them and you can't seal them off if you can't finish using them, which only means that you might have to get empty bottles to fill them in, but it's difficult too if the amount left is too little... ugh, you get what I mean.

I think I would stop ordering these beauty boxes (Vanity Trove and Bellabox) for awhile till I complete using most of the beauty goodies that are soon to occupy my bed as well due to the lack of space in my room! Heh :P
By the way, don't forget to check out my new article on MyFatPocket on fake eyelashes as well as top Japanese hairstyles for 2012! :) 

Jean :) 

As per my previous post, here's a sneak peek on my manicure I did yesterday! More pictures and info will be coming right up do stay tuned! :) <3
Also, don't miss out what's in the October edition of Vanity Trove! :D
Will be attending my manicure session later at a home based nail salon! 

First experience with a home based nail salon... :D

Getting myself all warmed up with heaps of designs! 

Googled some images off the net, which one would you choose?

I just can't decide! 

Stay tuned for tonnes of pictures of my newly revived nails and info on which nail salon I will be going to! <3 :)
I was sponsored with 4 Lovemore masks of different flavours and a box of 5pcs of Sexylook masks from !!! Although I do have tonnes of masks lying around everywhere in my room, but like clothes, we ladies can never ever have too many of masks as well! :p

The 4 flavours of the Lovemore masks include :

A useful tip in choosing a suitable mask sheet for the current condition of your skin is to observe, analyse and understand your skin better. 

For example, if you are nearing 'that time of the month' and where hormones are raging all over the place and you know yourself that this is also the period where you are most prone to those annoying red bumps, pimples or acne, you should get a mask that helps soothe and calm the redness down. Look out for mask sheets such as Tea Tee Oil properties, Aloe Vera as its main ingredients or if it states 'Clear complexion skin'. 

Or if you have oily complexion or combination skin with oily T-zone, choose masks that helps to control oil secretion and remove any excess sebum. 

I understand how difficult it is for those with combination skin because you are bothered not only by the oily T-zone but the rest of your facial skin might be dry as well, thus, the terminology 'combination'. What I can suggest is that you may proceed using masks which helps to hydrate and moisturise but with the remaining essence, perhaps what you can do is to massage them onto the dry areas, avoiding the T-zone areas (Forehead, Nose and Chin). This way, you are not over-hydrating your oily areas which could backfire to produce excess sebum and oil. 

As I am having some unexplainable tiny red bumps though not inflamed and sore, I decided to use the Peal Barley & Milk Smoothing Mask flavour. It was also because the 'Clear Complexion Skin' that caught my eye. 
I was elated when I read that this masks also helps to brighten and whiten the skin! It's like killing 1 bird with 2 stones! :D
Maybe I was a little too bought over by the 'Clear complexion skin' description on the front because my targetted problem was not solved :(


  1. Mask was not dripping wet
  2. Slight immediate results as it slightly brightened and whitened my face
  3. Transparent outlook
  4. Skin feels soft and supple


  1. Mask had 2 different 'sheet coverings' which require you to peel them off before using. 1 of them was of those 'kitchen towel' material and the wet mask got stuck onto it even more compared to the plastic sheet with holes. Hence, you have to be extra careful when peeling them off.
  2. Mask sheet too thin and tears easily (as shown above on my face)
  3. Too flimsy
  4. Holes for the eye areas too big, doesn't fit well
  5. My red bump is still there
Overall rating :
Unleash your beauty with today! Your one stop beauty shop where you can pamper your skin with goodness! :)

Besides Lovemore masks, sells other top popular Taiwan beauty brands as well!

And don't forget to check out their Facebook fan page for more updates as well as beauty reviews by other users! :)

Secretive FB 
Sexylook FB 
Lovemore FB
Stay tuned for updates on my recent JB trip! :)
Was invited to take up this offered sponsorship by and to choose an item from their online shop. Being a make up fanatic, I chose cosmetics over apparels naturally.
(It's actually also because I have an overwhelming lot of clothes! =x)

They are very generous to throw in some cute little stickers as freebies as well. Greatly appreciated! :)
Read more on my reviews on BlogshopBuzz here! :) 

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