Got your eyes fixed on this lovely branded bag but yet do not wish to burn your pockets? Or are you constantly being nagged for having too many branded bags and yet can't resist the temptation in getting another?

Are you fretting over the fact that you don't have that perfect bag for that upcoming special event? 

Are you cracking your head in deciding where to sell off your authentic branded bags, be it brand new or pre-loved? 
Introducing an online platform (at your convenience!) where many ladies have already patronised and gotten hold of that special branded bag of theirs for that special occasion! Some of them have also successfully cleared their branded bags by selling them off, so that there are more reasons to get even more branded bags! :D is the perfect online platform where you can just do that, everything at a go!

Renting a branded bag has never been this easy, convenient and user-friendly! 

As shown above, is a simple and straightforward classifieds platform and easily accessible which does not require much work from you. 

Post up your pictures and required retails and you're done! 
With the high viewership, you'll just need to sit back, relax and receive responses from potential buyers! 
You need not put up on individual forums by yourself which helps to save loads of precious time!

That's not all! is committed in delivering the best service.
They understand that some beginners might face initial difficulties and hence, have put up useful FAQs to assist them!
In addition, understands the situations faced by both sellers and buyers, thus providing beneficial and constructive guidelines before, during and after the transactions!

You may also wish to find out more information about a particular brand or would perhaps like to discuss issues about branded bags with like-minded people, which offers a proper online forum!

Don't just gawk at that pretty bag you have been lemming for eons and start renting with now!!!

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*Please note that is not a bag rental company but an online platform where you can 
find and post listings of branded bags for rent, sale and exchange! :)

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