These are the goodies for the October edition of Vanity Trove! Personally, what I thought to be useful would be the eyebrow pencil from Pupa, since my current eyebrow make up is finishing soon.. Also, I found the cream for reducing veins and the lips tattoos to be interesting as well... But I doubt I will be using the tattoo. 

The Platinum mask from Beauty Clinic does not excite me one bit at all only because I have many masks lazing around my room! Plus, if I'm not wrong, Beauty Clinic and Leaders InSolution and Leaders Clinic are from the same company. As it is, I have tonnes of masks from Leaders Insolution, that I can't even remember if I do owe the Platinum flavour! 

As much as I would love to try out DHC products, the sample sachets kinda annoys me because it's quite troublesome to use them and you can't seal them off if you can't finish using them, which only means that you might have to get empty bottles to fill them in, but it's difficult too if the amount left is too little... ugh, you get what I mean.

I think I would stop ordering these beauty boxes (Vanity Trove and Bellabox) for awhile till I complete using most of the beauty goodies that are soon to occupy my bed as well due to the lack of space in my room! Heh :P
By the way, don't forget to check out my new article on MyFatPocket on fake eyelashes as well as top Japanese hairstyles for 2012! :) 

Jean :) 

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