I'm loving Vanity Trove more and more! What I dig in this September's issue : Rimmel London eyeshadow, Princess Pinki (Interesting!), Leaders InSolution eye mask (though I have tonnes which I've not tried it out yet) and Essie's nail polish (Came just in time when I wanted to try out other nail polishes besides China Glaze and OPI!) :D <3
Leaders InSolution Hydrogel Eye Therapy Patch
Oilum Body cleanser and Revitalizing Lotion (20ml each) 
Montagne Jennesse Masque Deep Cleansing Masque
Princess Pinki Magic Pink Cream
Rimmel London Eyeshadow! So pretty! And how apt, just when I was looking for eyeshadows... :D
YAY! I can finally tryout Essie nail polish without spending a bomb! I know it's sold for $10++ at retail stores... :D
Goodskin labs Smooth 365 - Intensive Clarity + Smoothing Peptide Serum
Shu Uemura’s White Recovery EX Brightening Cleansing Oil 
And along with some other vouchers... There was also a leaflet on Sally Hansen's nail course workshop! Feel like going but have to pay $38 for that but a $100 worth of goodie bag provided! :D

Happy that most of the items in Sept's edition are awesome! Except for the fact that they have now included those confetti thing in the box which I think is not only to beautify its appearance, but as well as to 'fill up' the emptiness of the box, making it seem 'fuller' and 'complete'..No? =/

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