While single eyelids or some call it mono lids look extremely sexy on hot Korean guys, most ladies yearn for double eyelids when they have single eyelids. Ladies like me :(

My single eyelids were due to inheritance from my parents, of which, my dad had his double eyelids magically appearing and perpetually remaining as they are now when he reached 30. LOL, surprising I know!

So anyway, without double eyelids, eyes with single eyelids look dull, sleepy and well... Ugly, to me. 

It is magical that I have the capability to create the double eyelids when I put on falsies! :) Thus, most of the times when I'm out to play, I'm always using them :)

I have settled for no eye makeup recently on days which I just head to work and back home, partly because of time management as well as the hassles. So on those days, I'm always in disguise with my specs. Note how specs divert attention to details on your eyes as they sort of 'hide' them. 

And wearing falsies with specs over is not recommendable and quite impossible without hurting you eyes/eyelids because the they clashes with the specs. Just like how the eyelash extensions did. Extremely uncomfortable and painful! :(

I used to wear double eyelid tapes for a while but stopped ever since. I was using the usual nude/white coloured ones but realised that they are actually quite obvious. Or perhaps I was thinking too much and afraid that others might discover them - which I think it's rather embarrassing. I've seen ladies with double eyelid tapes as well and well, not really a fan of that sight. :(

Recently, I'd chanced upon this new double eyelid tapes WHICH COME IN BLACK!!!

This reminds me of how I'd used to colour my white double eyelid tapes with my eyeliner but ended up with a huge mess because the colour runs. 

Now, they come in black as they are! Extremely excited to know of this and heh, I'd just ordered 2 trial sets for the narrow and shaped style ones (20 each) online from GMarket :)

Talk about overspending...! =x

Here are some pictures to satisfy your curiosity! :D

Will update this space again one I get hold of them! <3
Notice how cool is it to stick on falsies on?! But I'm a little skeptical because I'm afraid that it might fall off any minute. Doesn't seem very securely glued. Will try and see how! :D
Narrow style
Shaped style
Not sure who will buy these wide style ones but it looks very comical to me. Kinda reminds me of the La Pi Xiao Xing's eyebrows? LOL?!
Hope you guys are as excited as me! :D

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