If you're a fan of reading and would like to save the hassle and $ of purchasing books, bringing them wherever you go, try reading them as ebooks/pdf formats! 

Recently, I have been trying to cultivate the habit of reading, to improve my English standard as well as to widen my knowledge and improve my vocab! Of course, many would advise you to try throwing yourself into the habit of classics. But as you might already know, it's just kinda boring for average people like you and me. Although I've read Literature almost all my life in my educational years (Secondary + JC days), reading another classic just doesn't flood me with positive memories. Didn't enjoy reading classics back then and might not now as well, I guess it all depends but I'm willing to give them a shot, again.

The gist of this post is actually to introduce to you guys this rather awesome website for free downloads of ebooks. To me, it doesn't matter whether they have the 'ebook format' meaning which you can flip through the pages horizontally, I'm equally fine with pdf formats as well, as long as I get to read them. 

The website is http://www.obooko.com ! You can find many awesome stories with myriads of categories, satisfying your interests :)

And if you are interested to find out what exciting books others are reading, you can register with Goodreads and connect with your friends or the public, read reviews and be recommended to awesome books! It's more like a social media for avid readers :) 

Currently on my next book : After Life by Simon Funk

Hope it's a good read. :D

Enjoy reading and have a great weekend ahead! <3 

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