As per my previous post, here's a sneak peek on my manicure I did yesterday! More pictures and info will be coming right up do stay tuned! :) <3
Also, don't miss out what's in the October edition of Vanity Trove! :D
Decided to try out this Facial Fresh mask which I received as 1 of the goodies in 1 of the Bellabox's edition! Was glad to receive the Collagen type as I have too many whitening and hydrating masks lying around! 

I've decided to place my 'Raves' and 'Rants' in 2 columns side by side so that it's easier for comparison purposes, and also include 'Immediate effects' and 'The next morning effects' Should have done this a long time ago, right? I know I'm slow :(
Facial Fresh actually does put in effort into their packaging and appearance, unlike those normal masks which comes without the hard cover or if bought in bulk, it comes in a box. I'm not too sure if FF provides the masks in boxes as well because only 1 sheet mask was given in the Bellabox's edition.
But the packaging inside isn't quite appealing. I know it doesn't make much sense to over-beautify the appearance inside out but silver packaging? Not very appealing for the ladies.
The mask weighed much heavier than others I have tried but I didn't expect the sheet mask to be soaked in the essence! Although value for money, but it's really a very messy job and definitely, judging by the amount of essence, I won't be able to finish using and massaging it onto my face and throw the package away. I didn't intend to massage it onto my body skin either because I had my Nivea whitening lotion on. 
I must say that the sheet is made of very good quality, better than Leaders InSolution masks! :)
Me looking weird. As you can see, although the mask is soaking wet with the collagen essence, it is not sticky and wet enough to stick onto the cheek and nose areas, even after I've tried pressing them down a few times. :(
What I usually look out for in sheet masks is the descriptions and instructions of using them. But as you can see, the instructions missed out on the step on the application of toner, as some facial masks are to be worn after or before toner. I usually pay close attention to the effects and functions of the masks' purposes and for this Collagen mask, it is supposed to act as an anti-ageing agent, promote skin elasticity and hydrates the skin. This is important because users would gauge the effectiveness based on what the masks promised to deliver.
I had to save up the remaining essence of collagen somewhere and thankfully, I've found an empty bottle of my Vichy emulsion which I had completed recently but had a difficult time to wash it thoroughly, especially the straw part. 


  1. Skin feels soft and supple
  2. A little more elasticity and firmness felt on skin
  3. Essence not too heavy and oily 
  4. Able to keep the remaining essence for future usage
  5. Sheet mask made of good quality and thick, does not tear easily
  6. It's the most expensive out of the other masks by Facial Fresh. Collagen mask costs S$16.95.


  1. Mask dripping wet
  2. Have to have readily available empty bottles to store the remaining essence
  3. T-zone was much oilier the next morning when I woke up
  4. Application of compact powder was not as smooth compared to other brands of masks used
  5. It's not sold anywhere else in Singapore. I've only managed to find it on Bellabox's website! Do check out the prices!
Overall rating :
I'm loving Vanity Trove more and more! What I dig in this September's issue : Rimmel London eyeshadow, Princess Pinki (Interesting!), Leaders InSolution eye mask (though I have tonnes which I've not tried it out yet) and Essie's nail polish (Came just in time when I wanted to try out other nail polishes besides China Glaze and OPI!) :D <3
Leaders InSolution Hydrogel Eye Therapy Patch
Oilum Body cleanser and Revitalizing Lotion (20ml each) 
Montagne Jennesse Masque Deep Cleansing Masque
Princess Pinki Magic Pink Cream
Rimmel London Eyeshadow! So pretty! And how apt, just when I was looking for eyeshadows... :D
YAY! I can finally tryout Essie nail polish without spending a bomb! I know it's sold for $10++ at retail stores... :D
Goodskin labs Smooth 365 - Intensive Clarity + Smoothing Peptide Serum
Shu Uemura’s White Recovery EX Brightening Cleansing Oil 
And along with some other vouchers... There was also a leaflet on Sally Hansen's nail course workshop! Feel like going but have to pay $38 for that but a $100 worth of goodie bag provided! :D

Happy that most of the items in Sept's edition are awesome! Except for the fact that they have now included those confetti thing in the box which I think is not only to beautify its appearance, but as well as to 'fill up' the emptiness of the box, making it seem 'fuller' and 'complete'..No? =/

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