Remember how I was saying that I should get the Nivea night whitening body lotion in my previous post?

Yes, I've finally got it, at a steal! Mom bought 2 bottles (Day and Night) on my request during her recent trip to Hong Kong! 
My cutesy mom wrote the prices in SGD on the bottle fronts. LOL. 
So yes, S$9 for the Extra whitening one for day use and S$8 for the night use. 
If I'm not wrong, Watsons sell them for about $15 or so?  Correct me if I'm wrong, please.
The manufacturing dates of the lotions, the day one being the later and fresher one to be manufactured.
I am quite disappointed with this night body lotion because it differs so much from the day one. And I doubt it's because I got it from HK? That wouldn't make much sense, unless you are telling me from countries like Thailand, Indonesia etc, then that I can understand. 

The night lotion was so much 'heavier' and was more creamy than the day lotion. I felt really sticky after using it and was rather uncomfortable because it's meant to be applied before sleep so that the changes can take place during rest.

But since I've already bought it (technically, mom), I guess I will try it out again tonight and hope for better changes. Maybe I applied too much? :S

Overall rating :
I'm quite sure many of you ladies are familiar with this Nivea brand because its popularity has escalated over the years, and more so, in the recent years due to their constant improvement of products, catering to heaps of ladies' desires and needs.

Only recently, I was becoming self-conscious of my dry skin since I am seated in an air-conditioned room, almost 24/7. Plus, the office's air-con is always blasting at me. :( 
So, recalling the results I have achieved with Nivea's body lotion few years ago, I am now back to using it again, only with greater satisfaction! :D

Nivea has come a long way and can be said to be the first ever successive whitening lotion amongst other brands. When you think of body lotions, when you think of whitening body lotions, you think NIVEA. That's the impact it has on consumers' mind.

Let's take a look at its old packaging.
How many of you remember this packaging? Well, I do. 
Then came the new series with a more appealing packaging look, catering to extra whitening desires, night use and inner cell repair...I remember using this 3 to 4 years back and managed to snag a twin pack from KL while I was there on a vacation at a steal!!! 
This is the latest version Nivea has for its extra whitening series. It has added extra ingredients and value-added its worth, or at least we consumers think so. ;)
It has always dawn upon me that which consumer, when looking out for a whitening body lotion at the Nivea section, would actually choose the normal whitening body lotion (no extra whitening properties) over the extra whitening body lotion? And if I recall correctly, the price difference ain't that great either. Gimmicks gimmicks...

But nevertheless, I am one of those amongst the rest, who has fell for these gimmicks and who reckon will continue falling deeper and deeper... 

There are other recent competitors such as Vaseline (the one that immediately pops up in your mind as the 'competitor of Nivea', Eucerin and well... can't seem to find any others (google it and you'll find 95% are Nivea's products). So, the market for this isn't that great, not taking into account of other chapalang (Taiwan, HK etc) or products which have not successfully wow-ed the crowd yet. Nivea is definitely the clear winner. 

I remember using the older version of Nivea's whitening body lotion and was not very satisfied with the application process because of the thick creamy sticky feel that it produces and leaves on your skin. Comparing the latest version which is definitely so much better in terms of thickness, absorption and hopefully results, I'm sure Nivea's sales will continue to skyrocket. It has fast absorption that sometimes I forget if I've already applied in that particular area. :P

But one thing is, don't expect immediate results. It's neither a magical body lotion or a elixir of fair skin. Apply day and night and gradually, you will observe noticeable results. Fairer and softer skin :)

I think I might have to get the night one soon because I've always thought that the word 'extra whitening' prevails over everything and anything. But seems that I am wrong because since it is for night time use, there is no need to incorporate anti- UV ray components into the whole lotion ingredients. Consequently, more whitening ingredients can be added to replace the UV-reflecting components into the ingredient compositions. As a result, night whitening lotion works more intensively than the day lotion.  

Doesn't this sound awesome? Ah, time to stock up those whitening lotions !!! :D

Overall rating :

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