Remember how I was saying that I should get the Nivea night whitening body lotion in my previous post?

Yes, I've finally got it, at a steal! Mom bought 2 bottles (Day and Night) on my request during her recent trip to Hong Kong! 
My cutesy mom wrote the prices in SGD on the bottle fronts. LOL. 
So yes, S$9 for the Extra whitening one for day use and S$8 for the night use. 
If I'm not wrong, Watsons sell them for about $15 or so?  Correct me if I'm wrong, please.
The manufacturing dates of the lotions, the day one being the later and fresher one to be manufactured.
I am quite disappointed with this night body lotion because it differs so much from the day one. And I doubt it's because I got it from HK? That wouldn't make much sense, unless you are telling me from countries like Thailand, Indonesia etc, then that I can understand. 

The night lotion was so much 'heavier' and was more creamy than the day lotion. I felt really sticky after using it and was rather uncomfortable because it's meant to be applied before sleep so that the changes can take place during rest.

But since I've already bought it (technically, mom), I guess I will try it out again tonight and hope for better changes. Maybe I applied too much? :S

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8/19/2012 08:48:32 am

thank you, I really enjoyed reading your article. thank you ...

8/31/2012 01:52:54 am

You definitely do not need that much lotion for your skin.... No wonder it felt sticky on you.

8/31/2012 01:54:19 am

That was the amount for my entire body


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