These are the 3 words that will perpetually appear in my head the next time I come across Millys again. 

*No pictures as I was really worried after the removal due to the pain in my eyes and rushed to the ladies immediately after the whole process.

The removal of the eyelash extensions were a million times worse than the adding of extensions to my eyelashes!!!

I have learnt to cherish my eyes as well as my eyelashes (although they are freaking short) even more now...

As mentioned in my previous post, I'd decided to remove them and I did. I'd told the girl that I wanted to remove them because it was very uncomfortable and hurting. Uncomfortable not because of the weight of the lashes since I am already so used to falsies, but it's the way they had glued the lashes together and which hurt my skin. 

This time, the other beautician took over, not AL. She told me that AL might have applied too much glue because she wanted the extensions to last longer, but apparently her intention backfired. 

At the start of the removal, the beautician asked if I would like her to fix the discomfort rather than remove the extensions and I'd thought she was kinda nice, but I'd declined because I was adamant to get those annoying stuffs outta my eyelids! She then proceeded to first apply some liquid to dissolve the glue (which was quite hard as alot of glue was used) and she had to take some time to remove the glue because the extensions were just done the day before. It took really longggg time to remove the glue and to pluck out the extensions 1 by 1. I tried plucking them out on my own on the night I had my extensions done because as mentioned, there was 1 area which hurt like hell and was unbearable, so I was trying to fix it on my own, hoping to feel better. But no, it was still hurting and I had to bear with it till the next day till the removal. 

During the process, my eyes were both closed but guess what?! The glue/liquid entered into my eyes twice/thrice!!! I was in such a pain that I actually fidget and cringed in pain whilst lying down!!! The beautician kept apologising... 

She used a tissue to dry my left eye and pulled up my eyelid a little. Can you imagine a toilet roll paper, dry and rough, entering your eyeball?! It was very painful and I was tearing throughout the whole process of removal. 

It was a torture, really. 

And I was so afraid that I would go blind, because you know, chemicals entering your eyes... 

She had to wipe my tears for me, literally. 

When opened, both of my eyes were extremely red and watery, and my eyes were in extreme discomfort and there was still a tinge of stinging feel. 

I looked like I'd just cried and brawled my eyes out. 

The only thing that I'm satisfied is that my natural lashes didn't drop much, about 2 to 3? 

There were still some remnants of glue stuck to my eyelashes because they were difficult to remove. She told me that they would fall off on its own after awhile and I couldn't care less because I'd just wanted to get out of there and prevent any further torture to my eyes. I could slowly pluck out those remnants, anyway. 

I am extremely upset over my first experience of eyelash extensions as well as to engage their services for this. But if I were to go back for any hair extensions, I might still consider them, since I have had satisfactory experience with them for hair extensions before. 

This incident made me decided that I won't go for any eyelash extensions too anymore either. 

FALSIES FTW !!! (will also review on the brands of some of the awesome falsies I use thus far! :D)


I have been planning to extend my non-existent eyelashes for a damn long time! I'm glad I made my decision and did it BUT IT'S GONNA BE THE LAST TIME FOR ME! 

It's DEFINITELY gonna be falsies over extensions from now on! 

Here's why.

I chose to do it at Milly's because I had previously done my hair extensions with them years ago and was satisfied with their service and product quality. Of course, I'd chosen the better quality hair extensions, despite the dryness, friziness and split ends... But overall, I guess it  was alright. 

So anyways, I was rather disappointed when I first saw the area where the eyelash extensions were done. I went to the Bugis outlet because bf wanted to head down Sim Lim Square to check out something and I'd thought I could perhaps rush down to Suntec again to collect the nail dryer. (Read my previous post on Groupon's services) 

There were 2 ladies who were in-charge of the eyelash extensions and bf said that both of them are from Vietnam. They were speaking in a foreign lang (which I reckon must be Vietnamese?) and although my spoken mandarin is kinda half past 6 (since it's just gonna be just elementary standard), I still had a difficult time communicating with them!!! OH GOD. In my opinion, if FT's are gonna be employed and in such service industry where the English standards are not gonna be that commendable, at least, get those who understand simple Mandarin, no? 

So, nevermind. That too shall pass and we proceeded with the session. 

One thing I had to compliment is that, they have really comfortable satin mattress sheet as well as a comforter! Definitely come in handy for those who worn a skirt/dress, which I did. 

So we discussed on which model/style I preferred and of course, I had a difficult time communicating with my beautician (Ai ling - AL) and also the other lady who was occupied in her own session with another customer (who is a regular/returning customer and I know because of their conversations). 

If you would take look at Milly's website, you would see stuffs like 'Dolly lashes', 'Korean lashes' and the unlimited promo, but no. I was told that they do not have any catalogues or pictures (as what they said) and when I had mentioned to them 'Dolly and natural lashes', they looked stunned and didn't understand what the hell I was referring to. I requested for the catalogues so that I could have a clearer picture of the outcome as well as to show my bf which is more appealing. Well, another disappointment. Although high raved by many, personally I think Milly's should take note of such details. It may be minute details but in the shoes of the customers, it matters. It's just like how hair salons have those catalogues as well, or at least mags or whatever. 

I told the beautician that I preferred natural looking ones because it's gonna be inappropriate for work if I were to wear such dramatic dolly ones. Of course, our conversations weren't as smooth as me typing these all. It was a 1 chicken 1 duck conversation. 

In the end, I had chosen the 8 and 10mm ones. I was told that they will be joined and placed together. They cost me $55...

AL then proceeded to paste some scotchtapes under my eye (I know as I had manage to see the other customer's ones beside me) and I was told to close my eyes from then onwards. Not sure how she started out but then the nightmare begins...

She started to stick on the eyelash extensions and the glue she had used caused extreme itchiness! I'm not sure if I was allergy to it because it was really really itchy and you just had to tolerate with it. It went to the extent of my goosebumps popping out and I was kinda fidgety because I.was.dying.of.the.itchiness. 

I'd asked if it's due to any allergy or perhaps I might be sensitive to the glue used, but after figuring out what I was trying to say, AL told me that because it's my first experience, hence I'm just not used to it. I was told the same old story again and again as well as by the other beautician. 

It was also stinging and I just could not rub my eyes...!!!

When it was all done, suddenly, I was taken aback by this strong wind which I so shock that I actually opened my eyes a little but could not fully due to the glue. I wasn't informed of the procedures and I had difficulties in breathing when the strong wind first came. I felt that she should at least inform me of what she was doing or gonna do beforehand? Like what Bare Aesthetics did which I praise them for because they understand the insecurity when one has their eyes blindfolded. 

I was then asked to open my eyes or at least try to open them up. Had some difficulties with this though and AL helped to remove some glue which went all over my eyes, preventing me from opening them fully. The glue was even stuck to my lower lids on my left eye. After getting that settled, I was then asked to hold on to the mini fan to blow dry the glue. 

Nobody entertained me thereafter and it was getting late. Poor bf had to wait for me throughout the whole session on his own and was already starving... :(

I laid there for around 10 to 15 mins on my own and I had to ask the other beauticians whom I guess were in charge of other services who had then called out for the other beautician (not AL). She asked if it felt alright and I told that I still experience some pain on certain parts of the eyelids. She helped me to remove some glue (I'm not sure?) and it did not really feel any better.

The only thing I was delighted about was the double eyelids that came with them. I have single eyelids and whenever I use falsies, I have double eyelids, which I really yearn for. Plastic surgery is just too scary and more importantly, expensive. Also, 2 to 3 weeks of resting and swollen eyes would smash my rice bowl. 
But the only thing was that, the double eyelids weren't parallel. (Sorry, didn't manage to snap pictures of both eyes for comparison and for the pinkish colour due to my hp casing) The side which is more painful had the double eyelids I wanted but not for my left eyelid, which usually gave me no problems with falsies compared to the right one. 

The eyelash extensions were too long for the inner part the eye and made it look fake. Really disappointing. Throughout the session, I was tearing like mad because of the pain due to the glue and I guess perhaps due to contacts. I suggest that if you girls go for eyelash extensions, try not to wear contacts. Half of the time, I was also worried that my lenses would get stuck at the top of my eyelids and won't come down because my eyes were closed for too long. But I'd read other blogs that mentioned that wearing contacts help to save time drying the glue. And don't forget how uncomfortable it is to have strong wind blowing at your eyes with your contacts on. :(

Asked bf for opinions and he said actually there's not much diff compared to falsies, only that it's shorter. 

I spent at least an hour or so trying to remove the painful part whilst trying to find out the reason why. I failed to. 

Had difficulties washing and face as well. 

Woke up this morning, only to discover that my double eyelids are GONE!!! The only thing that still kinda pacify my unhappiness and disappointment is NOW GONE !!! 

Ignore the red veins in my eyes due to the lack of sleep. Mainly due to the time spent struggling to remove the painful parts...
I know I look somewhat cross-eyed. Please pardon my dark circles as well (Still in the midst of finding my holy grail for that - Might be getting Shiseido White Lucent Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream soon since it's so highly raved! :))
I think this is by far the picture LOL. So I'll have to walk with my eyes closed and can only snap photos from the top? Zzz. I've some discolouration on the areas near my inner eyes.. oh god. Pictures really do speak volume.
And I look hideous with single eyelids and having long lashes. Sorry, that just doesn't work for me. Double eyelids are a must if you want big alluring eyes. Double eyelids help to "open" up your eyes and makes you look more alert with brighter eyes! 
And I'm having problems wearing specs! I know this sounds dumb because you're not supposed to wear specs if you're having your extensions on right? But can't do. Eyes are tired and contacts dry out real fast under air-con room, so I only wear them on TGIFs! :D Either that, will just bring along to change at the end of the day if I'm heading out. 

The eyelashes on my left get stuck to the specs lens whilst the right one doesn't. What does this show? That the length of both sides are unequal! My specs are relatively new and so it's not loose. But because of 1 side of the lashes are giving me problems and hurts because when stuck, the lashes get pushed back INTO MY EYE (ohgoddamit), I have to wear my specs a little lower and I feel damn silly. Look like some tikopek, ya?
And I'm having problems wearing specs! I know this sounds dumb because you're not supposed to wear specs if you're having your extensions on right? But can't do. Eyes are tired and contacts dry out real fast under air-con room, so I only wear them on TGIFs! :D Either that, will just bring along to change at the end of the day if I'm heading out.  

So, I've decided... I'm going to have them removed this evening after work.. which is the reason why I might not be able to redeem my nail dryer although Bugis and Suntect are within close proximity. But if I were to head down to collect the nail dryer first, might not have enough time to rush to Bugis because of the massive crowds? 

Anyways, just rang up Milly's and they said I'll have to reach by 8.30pm if I wanna get the extensions removed. 

Gonna get both things done (redemption of nail dryer + removal of eyelash extensions) today. I don't wanna run around like some crazy people, wasting my time, effort and transport $. 

I've already wasted $55 on this stupid eyelash extensions...!!! 

Will update this space on the removal. See if they are capable of not upsetting my further. 

Stay tuned!  

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