These are the 3 words that will perpetually appear in my head the next time I come across Millys again. 

*No pictures as I was really worried after the removal due to the pain in my eyes and rushed to the ladies immediately after the whole process.

The removal of the eyelash extensions were a million times worse than the adding of extensions to my eyelashes!!!

I have learnt to cherish my eyes as well as my eyelashes (although they are freaking short) even more now...

As mentioned in my previous post, I'd decided to remove them and I did. I'd told the girl that I wanted to remove them because it was very uncomfortable and hurting. Uncomfortable not because of the weight of the lashes since I am already so used to falsies, but it's the way they had glued the lashes together and which hurt my skin. 

This time, the other beautician took over, not AL. She told me that AL might have applied too much glue because she wanted the extensions to last longer, but apparently her intention backfired. 

At the start of the removal, the beautician asked if I would like her to fix the discomfort rather than remove the extensions and I'd thought she was kinda nice, but I'd declined because I was adamant to get those annoying stuffs outta my eyelids! She then proceeded to first apply some liquid to dissolve the glue (which was quite hard as alot of glue was used) and she had to take some time to remove the glue because the extensions were just done the day before. It took really longggg time to remove the glue and to pluck out the extensions 1 by 1. I tried plucking them out on my own on the night I had my extensions done because as mentioned, there was 1 area which hurt like hell and was unbearable, so I was trying to fix it on my own, hoping to feel better. But no, it was still hurting and I had to bear with it till the next day till the removal. 

During the process, my eyes were both closed but guess what?! The glue/liquid entered into my eyes twice/thrice!!! I was in such a pain that I actually fidget and cringed in pain whilst lying down!!! The beautician kept apologising... 

She used a tissue to dry my left eye and pulled up my eyelid a little. Can you imagine a toilet roll paper, dry and rough, entering your eyeball?! It was very painful and I was tearing throughout the whole process of removal. 

It was a torture, really. 

And I was so afraid that I would go blind, because you know, chemicals entering your eyes... 

She had to wipe my tears for me, literally. 

When opened, both of my eyes were extremely red and watery, and my eyes were in extreme discomfort and there was still a tinge of stinging feel. 

I looked like I'd just cried and brawled my eyes out. 

The only thing that I'm satisfied is that my natural lashes didn't drop much, about 2 to 3? 

There were still some remnants of glue stuck to my eyelashes because they were difficult to remove. She told me that they would fall off on its own after awhile and I couldn't care less because I'd just wanted to get out of there and prevent any further torture to my eyes. I could slowly pluck out those remnants, anyway. 

I am extremely upset over my first experience of eyelash extensions as well as to engage their services for this. But if I were to go back for any hair extensions, I might still consider them, since I have had satisfactory experience with them for hair extensions before. 

This incident made me decided that I won't go for any eyelash extensions too anymore either. 

FALSIES FTW !!! (will also review on the brands of some of the awesome falsies I use thus far! :D)


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