Will be attending my manicure session later at a home based nail salon! 

First experience with a home based nail salon... :D

Getting myself all warmed up with heaps of designs! 

Googled some images off the net, which one would you choose?

I just can't decide! 

Stay tuned for tonnes of pictures of my newly revived nails and info on which nail salon I will be going to! <3 :)
I was sponsored with 4 Lovemore masks of different flavours and a box of 5pcs of Sexylook masks from Secretive.sg !!! Although I do have tonnes of masks lying around everywhere in my room, but like clothes, we ladies can never ever have too many of masks as well! :p

The 4 flavours of the Lovemore masks include :

A useful tip in choosing a suitable mask sheet for the current condition of your skin is to observe, analyse and understand your skin better. 

For example, if you are nearing 'that time of the month' and where hormones are raging all over the place and you know yourself that this is also the period where you are most prone to those annoying red bumps, pimples or acne, you should get a mask that helps soothe and calm the redness down. Look out for mask sheets such as Tea Tee Oil properties, Aloe Vera as its main ingredients or if it states 'Clear complexion skin'. 

Or if you have oily complexion or combination skin with oily T-zone, choose masks that helps to control oil secretion and remove any excess sebum. 

I understand how difficult it is for those with combination skin because you are bothered not only by the oily T-zone but the rest of your facial skin might be dry as well, thus, the terminology 'combination'. What I can suggest is that you may proceed using masks which helps to hydrate and moisturise but with the remaining essence, perhaps what you can do is to massage them onto the dry areas, avoiding the T-zone areas (Forehead, Nose and Chin). This way, you are not over-hydrating your oily areas which could backfire to produce excess sebum and oil. 

As I am having some unexplainable tiny red bumps though not inflamed and sore, I decided to use the Peal Barley & Milk Smoothing Mask flavour. It was also because the 'Clear Complexion Skin' that caught my eye. 
I was elated when I read that this masks also helps to brighten and whiten the skin! It's like killing 1 bird with 2 stones! :D
Maybe I was a little too bought over by the 'Clear complexion skin' description on the front because my targetted problem was not solved :(


  1. Mask was not dripping wet
  2. Slight immediate results as it slightly brightened and whitened my face
  3. Transparent outlook
  4. Skin feels soft and supple


  1. Mask had 2 different 'sheet coverings' which require you to peel them off before using. 1 of them was of those 'kitchen towel' material and the wet mask got stuck onto it even more compared to the plastic sheet with holes. Hence, you have to be extra careful when peeling them off.
  2. Mask sheet too thin and tears easily (as shown above on my face)
  3. Too flimsy
  4. Holes for the eye areas too big, doesn't fit well
  5. My red bump is still there
Overall rating :
Unleash your beauty with Secretive.sg today! Your one stop beauty shop where you can pamper your skin with goodness! :)

Besides Lovemore masks, Secretive.sg sells other top popular Taiwan beauty brands as well!

And don't forget to check out their Facebook fan page for more updates as well as beauty reviews by other users! :)

Secretive FB 
Sexylook FB 
Lovemore FB
Was invited to take up this offered sponsorship by Ambroxial.com and to choose an item from their online shop. Being a make up fanatic, I chose cosmetics over apparels naturally.
(It's actually also because I have an overwhelming lot of clothes! =x)

They are very generous to throw in some cute little stickers as freebies as well. Greatly appreciated! :)
Read more on my reviews on BlogshopBuzz here! :) 
The advertisement for this beauty product caught my eye recently on Gmarket and I'm quite sure it was pretty attractive to most ladies as well.

It's main function is for whitening purposes as shown in the pictures below.

Items were bubble wrapped and a small whitening soap bar was given for free as well.
Instructions were also provided
As shown, the whitening effects look great but in reality, it's really not that fantastic at all. I'm not sure why the picture captured such stark contrast too anyway. The whitening effects seen viaour naked eyes shows only a slight contrast. But overall, am quite satisfied with this buy :)

But I believe with consistent application, it would whiten the skin overall. Now, I've to decide when to use the Nivea whitening body lotions for day and night as well as this Milky Dress. 

Those interested, you may get it from here :)

Overall rating :
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Light make up - With only powder, slight blusher, eyeliner and black double eyelid tapes! Sometimes, heavy make up destroys your face and beauty, really. 

Staying simple can be beautiful too :)
Jean :)
Attended my 2nd session with Bare Aesthetics yesterday evening after work and this time, I managed to snap some pictures for you guys to see!

It was basically the same procedure as before during my 1st session except for the initial consultation period and signing of some documents. 

I was told to change into some 'Sarong' lookalike clothe and then the consultant proceeded on with the treatment. My eyes were covered with tissue and protection goggles throughout the treatment but I could still see the flashes of light when the laser beams go off. 

Despite being my 2nd session, I was still as tensed as ever. But thankfully, the consultant did inform me of the steps she's gonna take next to keep me well-informed and assured. This is quite important because when your eyes are covered, you insecurity starts to creep in and you're afraid of the heat and pain, and any imminent danger, which is only natural from the psychological aspect.  
A simple machine, nothing fanciful nor sophisticated from one look at it. 
The drawer beside with the keys are meant for customers to safe keep their belongings.
The bed which you lie on to receive your treatments and the cloth is the 'Sarong' lookalike.
Yes, I went in specs, only because 1 of my contact lens tore and couldn't be worn anymore. But nevermind, managed to get 4 pairs at Raffles City at Spectacle Hut after the treatment! :D
Not sure why I was looking dazed, perhaps because of the nervousness? 
Without specs and contacts. 
After the treatment.
This was when cooling pads were placed at the armpits and we are supposed to hold it there with our arms pressing against them. This is to soothe the tension and heat, and to calm the skin and pores down. Was left alone for approx 5 mins before the consultant came to apply some cream.
Looks like a pretty dress from afar... haha!
The whole session was very quick as per the 1st session, and took about approx 30mins? I would have to head back for my 3rd session in Nov as the interval session is 2 months apart between a session and the next. 

This 2nd session encountered more pain than the 1st session's during the treatment and I was cringing and holding and locking my fingers together above my head, which my hands were almost soaked in perspiration. The pain is bearable, something like ants bite as mentioned previously but it feels like bigger ants are biting you. I certainly did not expect this especially since the hairs are supposed to be finer and lesser now. Perhaps my roots are too stubborn?

My left underarm itched a little when I woke up this morning, but after bathing, it feels alright again. After treatments, you are only allowed to shave off the hairs and not any other removal methods. 

Also, I think I'm experiencing some sort of muscle aches on my arms at the biceps areas. Not sure if this is related though, but I didn't strain my arms recently anyway.

I expect the aftermath effects to be much better than the 1st session's which I had updated here

I also inquired with them on Brazilian hair removal as well as facials. 

Here are the packages available.
For more info, you may want to contact them :
Shop Location: 
328 North Bridge Road #02-24 Raffles Hotel Arcade Singapore 188719

Tel: 6883 2295 

Website : http://www.bareaesthetics.sg

Disclaimer : This is NOT a paid advertorial/sponsorship, but simply just to share my honest reviews on Bare Aesthetics. Good things are meant to share right? ;)
Decided to try out this Facial Fresh mask which I received as 1 of the goodies in 1 of the Bellabox's edition! Was glad to receive the Collagen type as I have too many whitening and hydrating masks lying around! 

I've decided to place my 'Raves' and 'Rants' in 2 columns side by side so that it's easier for comparison purposes, and also include 'Immediate effects' and 'The next morning effects' Should have done this a long time ago, right? I know I'm slow :(
Facial Fresh actually does put in effort into their packaging and appearance, unlike those normal masks which comes without the hard cover or if bought in bulk, it comes in a box. I'm not too sure if FF provides the masks in boxes as well because only 1 sheet mask was given in the Bellabox's edition.
But the packaging inside isn't quite appealing. I know it doesn't make much sense to over-beautify the appearance inside out but silver packaging? Not very appealing for the ladies.
The mask weighed much heavier than others I have tried but I didn't expect the sheet mask to be soaked in the essence! Although value for money, but it's really a very messy job and definitely, judging by the amount of essence, I won't be able to finish using and massaging it onto my face and throw the package away. I didn't intend to massage it onto my body skin either because I had my Nivea whitening lotion on. 
I must say that the sheet is made of very good quality, better than Leaders InSolution masks! :)
Me looking weird. As you can see, although the mask is soaking wet with the collagen essence, it is not sticky and wet enough to stick onto the cheek and nose areas, even after I've tried pressing them down a few times. :(
What I usually look out for in sheet masks is the descriptions and instructions of using them. But as you can see, the instructions missed out on the step on the application of toner, as some facial masks are to be worn after or before toner. I usually pay close attention to the effects and functions of the masks' purposes and for this Collagen mask, it is supposed to act as an anti-ageing agent, promote skin elasticity and hydrates the skin. This is important because users would gauge the effectiveness based on what the masks promised to deliver.
I had to save up the remaining essence of collagen somewhere and thankfully, I've found an empty bottle of my Vichy emulsion which I had completed recently but had a difficult time to wash it thoroughly, especially the straw part. 


  1. Skin feels soft and supple
  2. A little more elasticity and firmness felt on skin
  3. Essence not too heavy and oily 
  4. Able to keep the remaining essence for future usage
  5. Sheet mask made of good quality and thick, does not tear easily
  6. It's the most expensive out of the other masks by Facial Fresh. Collagen mask costs S$16.95.


  1. Mask dripping wet
  2. Have to have readily available empty bottles to store the remaining essence
  3. T-zone was much oilier the next morning when I woke up
  4. Application of compact powder was not as smooth compared to other brands of masks used
  5. It's not sold anywhere else in Singapore. I've only managed to find it on Bellabox's website! Do check out the prices!
Overall rating :
I have been contributing to Post.Liveitgorgeous.com for a while now and am waiting for the rest of my articles to be published.

The very first article Are You Contented With Your Looks? is currently up and running! 

And boy am I glad it made it to 'Most Popular' section as well as 'Editor's Picks' section!
I do contribute articles to BlogShopBuzz as well as My Fat Pocket too! If you're interested to read more, do keep yourself updated with them via the 'My Other Works' which I will update when the articles are published :)

Thank you all for your support thus far! :)

Those interested in engaging my services for advertorials/sponsorship, do contact me at raves-and-rants@hotmail.com and more details will be furnished :)

Are you tired of mundane colours for eyeshadows and looking to venture and explore with louder, bolder and more vibrant colours?

Well you're in luck!

Do stay tuned for the upcoming make up tutorials and shares on where to get high quality ones yet maintaining its affordability!!! 

Also, I will be sharing on tips when choosing eyeshadows! :)

Here's some sneak peaks for you! :D


September Giveaways contest have started!!!


I'm giving away facial and eye masks this time round of the following brands :

Leaders InSolution
My Beauty Diary
Silk Whita
The Face Shop
Etude House
Attractive prizes isn't it?

So what are you waiting for?

Read under the section of 'Free Giveaways' here to find out how you can get your hands on these fabulous beauty treats for your face at no costs!!! :D

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