Bought this recently from for $8.90 which is one of the online deal vouchers website, similar to Groupon and, only not as popular. The seller is from, so you may want to think twice before ordering from them? I mean, just as a preemptive measure. 

I know, I have been kinda crazy over such deals recently. Maybe I'm becoming more and more auntie-like? :/

So anyway, I hope you guys can resist the temptation of convenience in removing unwanted hair because I couldn't and thought of just giving it a try. 

But surrendering my moolah for this crap was really not worth it at all! 

It comes with 1 big and 1 small 'holder' for body areas and smaller areas such as upper lips and facial hair. I'd only tried it on my left arm and boy, I sure did regret! Tried it on Tuesday and till now (Friday), I'm feeling all itchy and scaly. Little hairs are growing back and the area which I tried on, has become soooo dry! It now feels so rough. 

I was thinking what I could try to salvage the situation and still make my money's worth - that I could still try to use the exfoliating patches (somewhat feels and looks like sand paper) to exfoliate my skin, removing dead skin cells. But seems like it's taken a toll on my skin and so maybe I'll have to drop that idea altogether :( 

The vibrator didn't product strong vibrations either, perhaps there was the reason for its ineffectiveness? If you require the vibrator to remove the hairs, then how come the smaller one doesn't need? I'm assuming that it doesn't because the instructions didn't state and moreover, there is no sufficient space to place the vibrator on? 

In any case, please don't get this useless crap if you happen chance upon it.

Overall rating :

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