Bought some skincare products online at a real steal! 

Mentioned about the highly raved Shiseido White Lucent Anti-dark Circles Eye Cream and yes I went to get 1 for myself. My dark circles are quite bad IMO due to those late nights of mugging, partying and lack of rest now that I've entered the workforce. Sleep and rest is never enough, especially when you are working. I'm quite sure everyone would agree with me :(

Of course, don't expect any skincare product to contain any magical effect which would produce immediate effect. Changes that place gradually and so do these products :) Unless you are telling me that you can vouch for such products?! Then well, please do share! HAHA :D

I've received my parcel on Wednesday and used the eye cream at night. It has some nice scent and the cream looks pearly white - a very appealing colour to women. Also, I find the packaging of the white lucent range extremely captivating - pearly white and pink. <3 :)
Yes, I'm a little disappointed over the packaging of the parcel. Not professional at all despite being an online shop and not some blogshops. :(
Yes I've gotten Kose skincare products as well and I'm not sure how come the free leather pouch is from Lancome instead of Kose? LOL.
I find the cream definitely richer than those gel and of course, heavier weight than them. So far, no milia seeds whatsoever. I've not had them before anyway, so I guess it's quite safe for me to experience new products. Plus, I don't have sensitive skin :) And I'm thankful for that :D

I got it at around $62 whilst it retails at around $80 for just a small bottle of 15ml. 

Remember to use your ring finger when applying any creams/gels or any cosmetics (e.g. concealer) because it has limited strength compared to all the other fingers. This is because the skin around your eyes, especially the lids, are the thinnest amongst the other body areas, hence you should take extra pre-caution when applying anything around the eye areas. Try to be as gentle as possible. 

I've got to confess that sometimes I tend to forget as well because we are too reliant on our other master fingers such as the pointer and middle finger, but well, for the sake of your beauty, try using the ring finger, alright? :) 

Shall update this space again on its effects :)

I pray hard that this shall be my holy grail for my dark circles... :(
8/30/2012 08:10:05 pm

This is true no one will believe in the product before getting its feedback from other users or get a trial for himself. After reading this post I am quite impressed with the product and its feedback. I will definitely use it my beauty treatment.


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