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I have been using this for approx 1 year plus and counting. I was using their previous version and switched to this new and improved version which has added ingredients for extra whitening :)

It reminds of the the Fancl's facial foam which I have not tried it out before, but it's highly raved :) 
One thing that is commendable about this Laneige facial foam is that it comes out as a foam when sprayed and unlike Fancl's you need not mix the powder and liquid together. Totally saves the hassle.

And I prefer sprays over caps which you need to unscrew because the former allows you better control when pressing the spray to accommodate to your own desired quantity. Similar like toothpaste, squeezing out of tubes may cause excessive amount to be squeezed out which is not your intention and it's more messy.  

Moreover, this facial cleanser leaves a 'squeaky clean' feel on your face which I totally adore! :D

For facial foams like this, you will need to shake the bottle well before using. 

After massage the foam using 2 fingers on your face, you'll just have to wash them off. It's that hassle-free! It doesn't drip all over the place at all! :)

Personally 1 of my Holy Grail! :D

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