Heh, remember my beauty hauls bought online recently? Yes, I've also ordered the Kose Supreme Sekkisei skin care products which I have been wanting to try them for a goood long time but haven't done so because they are so expensive! And I mean those over the counters, full sized bottles.. If you have to get the whole skin care products and I'm talking about those basic ones (Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser), it's definitely gonna cost a bomb! 

So my advice to you ladies is, if you are itching to try out new products, try and get trial sets first. Two advantages to this is that, one, trying out means you ain't sure if the products are suitable for you and your skin. This goes out especially to those who have sensitive or acne prone skin. Don't torture your skin by trying out new products which are not prescribed by dermatologists. Your skin requires extra care and special ingredients that some of the products sold off shelves might not contain. Learn to understand your skin first before purchasing any products. Second thing is that, if you decide that these products are not for you, for whatever reasons, unsuitable skin type, non-effective, too oily/sticky/drying whatsoever, at least you don't feel like you've wasted bag full of money! :)

The trial set I've received costs approx $26 which includes the cleansing cream (make up remover). lotion, moisturiser and revitalising cream. 

I've not tried the make up remover yet but it's really quite misleading that it actually meant to serve as a make up remover. I noted that the full-sized bottles do state that it is a make up remover at the back of the tube but for the trial version, it does not. -.- 

So anyway, moving on to the next product - Lotion.

Before I'd start, if you are new to Kose products, you will need to understand that they have branded themselves as catering to different types of skin care specifically but not clearly on their products. You will have to either seek assistance from the salesperson or google to find out more (like what I did). There are 2 types to their skin care products - I and II. 

Products stating I at the end of the product name caters to skin types belonging to the 'normal - oily' category whilst II caters to those with dry skin. As I fall under the 'combination' skin type, I'd chosen I. 

After understanding them, you will then need to understand the interchangeable terms such as lotion/toner, lotion/cream/moisturiser etc. The former is actually more extensive than the latter, as you can see that for Kose products, there are both moisturiser and cream together.

When I was first introduced to skin care products, these terms really confused me, especially lotion and toner because lotion has been a loose term to mean moisturiser (e.g. body lotion). So we tend to misinterpret these terms. 

But not to worry, when in doubt, ASK. When in doubt, CHECK and DOUBLE CHECK. This way, you won't go wrong :)

I'd prefer this lotion over the SK II one because firstly, it's not as stinky and secondly, it doesn't cause my cotton pad to fray, leaving lots of cotton frays on my face here and there. I know, I should also get new cotton pads soon, the ones from Watson house brand really suck and if there is a stark contrast between these 2 lotions from 2 different brands, it is actually quite obvious which is 'better', right? ;)

The Sekkisei Supreme Refining Lotion is actually very light in texture and contains a cooling effect when patted over your face. 
On the issue of method of applying lotions/toners, for me, the trick is to always adhere to the instructions given. If it clearly states to pat over your face, then do it. Or another method is that it requires you to swipe it across your face using cotton pads, then do it as well. But do remember to always swipe it upwards and outwards to prevent sagging of the skin. For this Sekkisei Supreme Refining Lotion, it requires the user to pat it over the face using a cotton pad. You may also use your fingers to apply lotions/toners if the instructions say so, for example, the SK II lotion requires you to swipe it across your face using your fingers. 

I think the overall absorption is quite fast as well. My face feels cool and fresh after padding the lotion into my skin. :)

Will recommend this product if you are looking for a fast absorption lotion with whitening effects. :)

Here comes the next step - moisturising after toning. 

This is a must, especially you have dry skin. An essential step to take since we are constantly in an erratic climate/air-con places. 

I like this moisturiser because it feel light and fresh as well when applied. It's not oily/sticky too and is more diluted compared to the cream. I'll use my 2 fingers to swipe it across my face upwards and outwards :) No cotton pads needed. 

The only thing which I loathe is the small opening of the 2 bottles (lotion and moisturiser). It's quite difficult to get the liquid out of the tiny hole shown below. I would prefer a spray-type over bottle caps anytime.

As the name suggests, this product would be 'richer' in ingredients and much more heavier in texture and weight compared to the moisturiser. 

It may seem like an additional step to take compared to the usual 3-step basic skincare regime, but I'm quite sure that proper and adequate moisturising is essential. More so if you do not consume adequate fluids. 
This too gives a sense of tingling cool feel when applied onto the skin. Dab 3 to 4 spots on your face on the left and right cheeks, forehead and chin if you'd like. Then slowly massage it into your skin upwards and outwards. 
Overall rating for Kose Sekkisei Supreme products : 4/5
As for the whitening effects, no changes take place within such short period of time so patience is a virtue. I will update this space again on the effects :)

Thank you for reading! <3

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