Bought the whitening package few months ago at around $80 to $90 (sorry for the poor memory).

Have tried the masks and essence and they are a must-try!

I love how the essence is not that oily and sticky. It has a very light feel when applied but only thing is that, it does leave residue on your face if you'd accidentally rubbed against your skin. Other than that, it is perfectly fine :) 

The whitening masks also offer immediate whitening and brightening effect. 

I've not tried the clear mask and the sunguard and must have chucked it to somewhere... Thank god I'd remembered if not my money would be gone to waste! =P

This whitening kit is one of the limited edition that Fancl occasionally have in their monthly promotions.

For August's promotions, you may wanna check it out here :

And thank goodness I've not completed this set because there is a whitening and repair kit....... going for a whooping $256!!!   This Set includes:

a. White Clear Mask 15 pieces)
b. White Essence (2 bottles)
c. SunGuard 30 (15 sachets)


Have been consuming Fancl's whitening drink as well known as the White Advance Drink Ex. 
Just FYI, Fancl came up with this drink way before Hakubi did. :)

I try not to drink it daily and spread out the frequency of consumption because it's too expensive... 1 bottle costs around $7? 

Well, previously when I'd consumed this, I couldn't tell the effects because I believe I've already reached my max? Well, there is a level of fairness one can whiten their skin to if you hadn't already know. Some people are born with naturally fair skin, like my sister. Those who know us personally can vouch for that. But then, life is just so unfair, isn't it? My sister can't get tanned but gets sun burnts. Whereas for me, I do get tanned and was quite tanned back in my younger (ahem) days in secondary school and JC days. I believe I was at my "tannest" after I came back from Outward Bound School (OBS) camp in JC days. Super super black chao tah charcoal with flaking of my scalp as well as peeling of skin... Okay let's not get to there ;)

So yes, I believe I am in a better position to judge on the effects of this whitening drink now that I have some slight tan lines on my back due to my recent cycling session. It's been weeks and the tan lines are still there! Although I believe the tan lines caused by my shorts have gradually lightened on my thighs, as well as my slipper strap markings. 

All in all, I believe this drink has helped to at least lighten a little? 

I take it before I go to bed but the taste is kinda icky. For those who aren't fans of sour stuffs, you should think twice before getting this because as per Fancl's website, it states that it is made of grapefruit and grape flavour. :)
As it is acidic, it might cause some discomfort in your tummy, at least for me, it did, for a few mins.

Overall rating : 3.5/5. Average only. 
Will recommend this product if you are curious and want to try, but will not recommend it in the long term, although I was told that this is much more effective than the whitening pills, it wouldn't be as cost effective compared to the pills, which cost around $40++. If you've not taken the drink before, do try out the drink first before getting the pills. I guess the pills act as some sort of supplement to the drink. At least this what was told to me by the Fancl staff previously :)

Have also tried the pills before, but compared to the Hakubi C (blue bottle) pills, the latter is slightly cheaper than the Fancl white advance pills and I have compared the ingredients and composition of both brands.

Fancl White Advance Pills :
Vitamin C 300mg
L-Cystine 240mg  
Hakubi White C Pills : 
L-Cystine 240mg
Vitamin C 600mg  
Comparing both compositions, Hakubi wins hands down with its higher content of Vitamin C.
This vitamin is important in ensuring fair skin and skin whitening because it deactivates UV-induced free radicals and decreases erythema, in addition to acting as a tyrosinase inhibitor.  

Just don't consume excessive vitamin c (e.g. taking extra vitamin c pills for immunity booster) because too much of anything is definitely detrimental ( except for $ and love! )

Read more on excessive consumption of vitamin c and its side effects : 

Hope this helps! :D 

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