Remember how I was so excited over the these sticker tapes in black? Yes! They have arrived and I've worn them out to try! A mixture of both good and bad actually... Read my previous post here!
I bought these few to try out and would get more if they prove to be value for money. My suggestion is to get the narrow type. The shaped ones are super out of the question because it's just so freaking long to use for the width of the eyes, well, unless you're telling me you have super wide eyes like this...
Which I then suggest you to well, better to stay home....

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I know it doesn't make much difference but to someone who has single eyelids, it does! It helps to 'open up' our eyes, looking more alert and well, IMO, more pleasing to the eyes. 

Not sure about you, but even with this sticker tapes, I face the same problems when using those usual transparent ones. The stickiness is extremely poor, like if you accidentally stick onto your eyelids wrongly and want to remove and stick it on correctly again, the stickiness becomes compromised. And you'll face problems trying to hold them up again. 

Now, if you are facing the same problems as me, here's a little tip for you. It works for me. 

Using the glue for falsies, dab it a little onto the sticky side of the sticker tape and stick it onto your eyelids. Brain cells' activation proved to be functioning well and came to a conclusion that since the glue for falsies is able to stick them on so well on your eyelids, it should do the same for sticker tapes too right? Brain, you have done me proud! And true enough, they do stick better! :)

For me, I'd prefer parallel eyelids over tapered ones! They look so much better, so even when I'm on falsies, I'd always try to achieve the 'parallel eyelids' look! :)
Sadly, I believe to the 'Mono Eyelids' Group :(

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Here's another tip when using double eyelid sticker tapes.

If you wish to achieve a wider and deeper double eyelids, paste the tapes a little higher than what you usually paste. Perhaps try 1 to 1.5cm from your eyelids. It creates a deep-set eyelids which allures ;) Especially useful if you want to achieve parallel eyelids! :D

Yes, you would have to apply eyeliner to cover up those parts that aren't black. You don't want to go around looking weird and the double eyelid sticker tapes are meant to be concealed. The trick is not to allow anyone to notice them. 

I'm using the K-Palette eyeliner BUT I'm advising you to get my Holy Grail - Bourjois Ultra Black eyeliner. Both are liquid eyeliners of course. I bought the former because I was in need of an eyeliner previously and couldn't get hold of the Bourjois one, which I have been using for a long time. 

After applying the eyeliner, look downwards so that you don't get the eyeliner smudging all over your eyelids. Let it dry out first and test if they are done drying using your fingers. Gently dab to test.

After that, you're all done! :D

Hope you like this entry post as much as I do!

For all the single eyelids babes, don't fret! With just extra patience and more practice, you'll create lovely double eyelids in no time, even with falsies! I'm still on my learning journey as well!

JIA YOU! :D <3

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