Purchased my first Bellabox! It's going for $19.90 per box/mth now.

For those who have no idea on this, Bellabox mails out beauty products in a box every month to your doorstep, with a monthly subscription of $19.90. You may wish to opt for 3-month subscriptions and so on.

It's really a box full of surprises - which, well, can go both ways (good or bad)...

Below are what was given. I was told that they cater to your personal preferences and needs as their website do keep a record of your skin problems as well as interests. 

However, I'm quite doubtful because so far, I've seen only 1 box that has 1 different item compared to mine as well as many other bloggers. Google and you will know.

But anyways, here they are.
Pretty outer packing
Sturdy box the loots came in. Simple and classic.
Sorry for the blurred picture. Love the bright fuchsia tracing paper and BB's own sticker! 
The BEST loots of them all thus far :) Feel that only these are worth the $19.90.
Doubt I will be using this BB Cream. I don't use BB cream anyway.
And doubt this little thing is gonna help in removing white heads and black heads. You are still required to squeeze them out after that which is bad because it enlarges your pores even further. What a vicious cycle.
There is actually some twistband for hair tie which I'd thought it was rather useless? As well as BB's own lipstick shape pen... -.-

I've read and googled on the other monthly Bellaboxes and am so upset that my first subscription is a huge disappointment. And I do mean HUGE!!! So many useless stuffs with those brochures etc. UGH.

There were other loots in other months such as Essential conditioner and hair shampoo, Biotherm lotions, Sally Hansen nail care products, OPI products, Elizabeth Arden, Ralph Lauren perfume (!!!), Lancome, Kiehls... Well you get the drift.

It simply just means that the July one sucked and of course, I'm not the only one saying this. There were many other reviews that reflected subscribers' disappointment. 

It's really not value for money. Maybe I'm just pure unlucky. I might just try for August's edition again, if well, my piggy bank permits although $19.90 isn't a huge sum of money, but I've been overspending... as usual =P

I'm still waiting for my VanityTrove August edition.... Actually, I've read lots of complaints on slow response and late deliveries. And true enough, Aug's edition will only be mailed out 27th July onwards and I paid on 2nd July (had them clarified that 2nd July's payment is for Aug Trove. July's Trove is closed on the 14th of June. 15th June onwards payment is for the following month's trove.) 

Apparently, delivery of the Aug trove will have a slight delay as one of the products have just arrived... 

Bad 1st impression.

Seriously, am I just pure unlucky or what?! 

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