Guess what arrived yesterday? :)

My online beauty hauls! Totally delighted and excited to see them! Brightened up my long day at work! :D
I've tried some products and first I will be reviewing on the Aqua Rine Sakura Japanese Aroma Bath Sea Salt! 
Sakura flavour which promotes whitening! :)
I was a quite disappointed that the description of the fineness of the salt is not up to expectations. I was expecting a much coarser texture of the salt grains or perhaps I am too used to the St Ives body scrub which I will post an review on as well. 

But I do like the smell, which smells just like the usual body wash. 

It is not soapy, which I don't think because I feel that I've not cleansed thoroughly. I like it to be squeaky clean, just like my preference for facial foams and hand wash as well. 

I would only recommend this product to those who prefers exfoliating with a milder version of a scrub. Aqua Rine comes in 2 different fineness of sea salt grains - Fine and Coarse. They come in 6 flavours too. :)
Overall rating :

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