It was my bestie's (whom I've known for the past 11 years) birthday and we had initially decided to dine at Marche Bistro and Bar at Raffles City but the birthday girl complained that it was too hot and stuffy. So we settled down at The Handburger (TH) instead at Raffles City basement level, where all the other delicious eateries are located at too! :)

This is prolly my 2nd time trying out TH. The 1st time happened at Somerset outlet. My memory has failed me and I cannot recall what I had that time but I vaguely remembered that the food weren't that great.

The recent experience at the Raffles City outlet was horrendous as well.

I had the Battered Dory (Fan of fish over other meat) which came with a side - either Mushroom soup, House salad or fries. All 4 of us (Bday girl + her bf + me + my bf) chose to have the mushroom soup over the rest. 
My battered dory as seen from the picture, comes with fried lotus beetroot (yes the one you use for soup). All in all, the fish had not much taste, although the crisps were acceptable. The soup we all had, were tasteless as well. I had to add salt into mine =/ I didn't finish the bread buns of the burger either. But the tomato was huge - as huge as the burger bread size.  
Bf had some spicy chicken burger with a huge mushroom on the top! Tried a small piece of chicken and it was quite spicy! :(
The bday girl had some ducky burger :)
Super sorry for the extremely blurred picture. Had some angle problems whilst snapping this. Boss Ang (bday girl's bf) had some, I believe them to be bacon and egg burger? 
They ordered this cheesy fries as well which looked really good but I didn't try it out myself =P
I would not recommend any of you to patronise this eatery because they have failed me twice on both visits. Their food ain't tasty, and some are tasteless. Prices for the burger sets are approx less than $20 each. Mine was $15.90. Totally NOT value for money. Could have gotten myself some other tastier treats around the vicinity. Thought I would want to give them a second chance but still, utter disappointment. :(

Overall rating : 1.5/5 stars


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