Dined at Watami Jap restaurant at the ION Orchard outlet. There was a short queue when bf and I arrived and thank god, our friends were already seated inside. The restaurant was full but I didn't like their food and service. 
My Tempura Udon. Told you I would only eat Tempura or Nabeyaki Udon... #boringfart
A plus point for them as they separated out the crispy fried tempuras from the soup but I wished they could offer something more edible and welcomed like sweet potato or tapioca rather than the notorious capsicum and brinjal. It came with a mushroom as well which I guess it might be a shitake mushroom, or maybe not. Couldn't tell since it's fried and covered with flour.

The tempuras were acceptable but I didn't like the udon and soup. It felt quite tasteless and I had to add some light sauce to it. It was a pain eating that, really. 

Also, my tempura came without the usual tempura sauce. I'm not sure if this is now the common practice because my nabeyaki udon which I had at Rakuichi Sushi came without it too. :( 
It didn't matter much to me because I still had to dip it to the usual light sauce instead as it's much tastier than the tempura sauce as the latter was a little tasteless. 

Service wise, we asked for the tempura sauce for like 2 to 3 times. I guess it's their peak period but that shouldn't be a justifiable excuse. There are quite a number of manpower too anyway. So I guess that isn't the root of the problem. The 1st waiter we asked took a long time that we thought he had forgotten, so we approached another waitress who looked extremely stunned and confused. She gave me light sauce which I confirmed and rejected, since I already had the light sauce with me. 

Bf : "Excuse me, can I have the sauce for the tempura?"
Waiter : "Ok" *walks away*
5 mins later.. No tempura sauce...

Me : "Hi, excuse me, can I have the tempura sauce?" *gesturing a saucer shape with my hand*
Waitress : *confused look for 5 secs*...
After 3mins...
Me : *my turn to look confused* "Is this light sauce?" (it was in a little tea pot bottle, all covered up and I assumed they are the same since they look the same but needed clarifications)
Waitress : "Ya" *with full confidence & without a doubt*
Me : -_- "Oh, eh then it's ok because I already have the light sauce" *pointing at the light sauce in front of me*
Bf : "she wants the tempura sauce for that" *pointing at my tempura*
Waitress : *stunned for another 5 secs...* "Oh, for the Ebi isit? Ok"
Me : (Tempura not Ebi meh? Okay fine, correct name is Ebi Tempura lor)
After 5 mins..
Waitress : *places EBI Tempura sauce on the table* without saying anything...
Me : *verified that it's the correct sauce*

10 mins later..

Waiter : *swiftly placed his own version of 'tempura sauce' on our table* without realising that I already have so many saucers of sauces there and *walked away to serve other customers* I didn't even had the chance to decline.
Me : *went on to verify the sauce* and guess what! It's the sauce for CHA SOBA... !@#$% Nevermind that *continue to dip into my light sauce from then on...*

If I do patronise them again, I wouldn't opt for their udons anymore. Perhaps try their rice for a change.
Before (Above)

After (Below)
Bf's sizzling hot beef rice, kinda reminds me of Pepper lunch! Not my cuppa tea because I'm afraid of the splattering of oil and sizzling sound... :(
I'd thought bf's rice were much tastier than mine but it gets quite messy having to stir it yourself, trying to prevent burnt rice and all. BOO.
Expensive salmon sashimi
Although it's a must-have dish for me when dining at Jap restaurants, the prices are also a huge factor to consider. This plate of 6 to 7 pieces cost about $9.90! For me, it's not the amount of pieces they deliver since it varies according to their thickness, but even though I'm a salmon sashimi fan, most salmon taste the same to me, so am not really particular what grade/country they originate from. I'm generally not a fussy eater, unless the food has disgusting stuffs like ginger, parsley etc. Other than that, I'm quite easy going on food choices. I would get a plate of salmon sashimi anytime anywhere is it costs perhaps less than $7? But bf ordered this before I asked him the price..

Forgot to snap a picture of the hot 'green tea' we ordered. Plus point is that it's refillable, best for water barrels like me, but their green tea, we 4 reckoned should be brown rice tea or something. It didn't taste like how normal green teas are like and well, it's brown in colour.

I understand that brown rice tea is one of those healthy teas too beside green tea but this particular brand which they served, didn't taste as nice as the ones they now serve at Sakae Sushi (Yes, I'm really a fan of jap food :P). I was a little upset Sakae switched to brown rice tea instead of the usual green tea but grown to love it after trying. So I was full of hope when I realised Watami was serving brown rice tea too! But it tasted so much different and it most probably be due to its dilution. Trying to cut cost here I guess? :(

Wasn't satisfied with their food and service.

Overall rating : 
1 heart for bf's rice and 1 heart for the ambience, nothing more.
I've been eating loads of Japanese food recently and although it's one of my favourite cuisine, I do get sick after consuming excessively over a short period of time!

Ate at Rakuichi Sushi Restaurant for lunch last Friday on the 3rd of Aug at the Greenwich V outlet.
My Nabeyaki Udon which I would always try at almost every Jap restaurant. Price approx $13.90. I know I'm a boring fart. 
I do want to highlight that some restaurants do not separate the fried tempuras from the udon soup which really spoils the crispy fun! The same goes for the tempura udon as well. I'm sure consumers would desire the crunchy crispy feel in their mouth when they sink their teeth into them. 
Sorry for the slight discolouration on the side. Forgot to remove my hp casing before snapping this pic. My colleague's beancurd skin udon! I eat this too on days when I feel poor and can't afford my favourite nabeyaki :( Price about $9.90.
Another colleague's sushi! Love the vibrant colours :D
Skewers! You get to choose your choice of food - kinda reminds of JB's Lok Lok! :p
Potato Salad. Honestly, I prefer having mine this mashed up way than potato chunks. I know right, I'm such a lazy eater.
The food's not bad generally.

http://www.rakuichi.com.sg/ (Check out their website for other outlets)
1 Seletar Road
#02-12 Greenwich V
Singapore 807011 

Overall rating :
Had lunch at Paradise Inn because my colleague had a voucher for it. Min $60 spending with $20 off :)

These were what we'd ordered.
Seafood fried rice
Coffee pork ribs
Fried kailan
Beef fried hor fun
Fried prawn rolls with salted egg! YUMMY! :D
Rosemary, Chrysanthemum and Lavender flavoured tea, but not my cup of tea LOL 
Since I'm not a foodie, I do not source for high-end expensive food. I just included this food category under my blog to share reviews with you guys. I do not especially hunt for good food. :)

But in any case, Paradise Inn's too expensive for me. I would settle down for a simple meal that keeps me full anytime. A simple plate of chicken rice would win me over. I'd like to have a 1-meal-settle-it-all kind of food, unless I'm sharing with others, ala carte is not my preference. 

Of all the food above, I really like the fried prawn rolls with salted egg! Well, that's because I love salted eggs, though I won't like selling them, LOL?

Another highlight is the fish roe that's mixed in the fried rice. See those little orange dots? Yes, that's the one. Not sure about you, but this is my first encounter :)

Oh yes, the coffee pork ribs were quite good too! It has a mixture of sweet coffee taste. :)

Overall rating : 4/5 but value for money : 2/5 =/
Had dinner at Madam Saigon Millenia Walk yesterday. 

Bf and I were disappointed, really. 

We didn't order much because we were still feeling full from our late lunch (Toastbox @ MBS). Plus, the small bites were about the same or more expensive than the main course which we thought, wasn't really value for money. 
This order was a HUGE MISTAKE! We'd though the spring rolls would be fried but goodness...! We loathed this spring roll because it's filled with loads of bean sprouts, disgusting peppermint leaves (I think?) and the skin somewhat similar to soon kueh, is quite hard, dry, stiff and difficult to chew.
Sauce for the spring rolls. Tasted like the sweet sauce for chee chong fun. 
Bf's sliced beef and meat ball noodles :)
I'm not a really a fan of beef  and definitely not for meat balls.
My chicken noodles. Wanted something light on the stomach :)
Interesting cover caps for the condiments :)
Both noodles are not value for money. They tasted just like any other normal noodles which you can get it at a cheaper price at food courts/hawkers/coffeeshops. 

But I shall not complain about the price since the restaurant was located at Millenia Walk and well, it's a restaurant. 

Nevertheless, I won't recommend anyone to patronise Madam Saigon and I doubt I will eat there ever again :(
It was my bestie's (whom I've known for the past 11 years) birthday and we had initially decided to dine at Marche Bistro and Bar at Raffles City but the birthday girl complained that it was too hot and stuffy. So we settled down at The Handburger (TH) instead at Raffles City basement level, where all the other delicious eateries are located at too! :)

This is prolly my 2nd time trying out TH. The 1st time happened at Somerset outlet. My memory has failed me and I cannot recall what I had that time but I vaguely remembered that the food weren't that great.

The recent experience at the Raffles City outlet was horrendous as well.

I had the Battered Dory (Fan of fish over other meat) which came with a side - either Mushroom soup, House salad or fries. All 4 of us (Bday girl + her bf + me + my bf) chose to have the mushroom soup over the rest. 
My battered dory as seen from the picture, comes with fried lotus beetroot (yes the one you use for soup). All in all, the fish had not much taste, although the crisps were acceptable. The soup we all had, were tasteless as well. I had to add salt into mine =/ I didn't finish the bread buns of the burger either. But the tomato was huge - as huge as the burger bread size.  
Bf had some spicy chicken burger with a huge mushroom on the top! Tried a small piece of chicken and it was quite spicy! :(
The bday girl had some ducky burger :)
Super sorry for the extremely blurred picture. Had some angle problems whilst snapping this. Boss Ang (bday girl's bf) had some, I believe them to be bacon and egg burger? 
They ordered this cheesy fries as well which looked really good but I didn't try it out myself =P
I would not recommend any of you to patronise this eatery because they have failed me twice on both visits. Their food ain't tasty, and some are tasteless. Prices for the burger sets are approx less than $20 each. Mine was $15.90. Totally NOT value for money. Could have gotten myself some other tastier treats around the vicinity. Thought I would want to give them a second chance but still, utter disappointment. :(

Overall rating : 1.5/5 stars
My colleagues and I had the 1-for-1 lunch promotion at Bobby's a few days ago. 

The ambience was acceptable and seems cozy for soccer watches. 

I'd went to the other outlet at Cuppage few months back to catch a soccer match with my bf. But that outlet seems kinda stuffy at the indoor dining area. It is usually filled during weekends and there would be massive crowds situated at the outdoor areas catching soccer matches. 

My colleagues and I went to the other outlet at CHIJMES and we ordered Carbonara, Aglio Olio, Cheeseburger with Fries as well as Sour drumlets. 
This is seriously ONE OF THE BEST CARBONARA I'VE TRIED THUS FAR! Extremely tasty and the noodles were well-cooked! Not too hard nor soft :)

Except for the fact that I had the runs 1 to 2 hours after my lunch, I am having mixed emotions. Not sure if it's caused by my lunch or just my usual stomach problems. But will definitely want to try again the next time I patronise Bobby's! :D
2 of my colleagues had Aglio Olio and 1 complained that it was too dry. I've tried the prawn and it was quite fresh but a tad too spicy or me! :(
Another colleague chose the cheeseburger with fries! I must comment that the beef patty isn't the usual frozen beef patties you get at the fastfood outlets. When eaten, you would know straight away that they are not those frozen stiff kind and the minced beef meat gets dispersed into your mouth when bitten. It has a more 'meaty and beefy' taste as well, and of course, much juicier! :)

Another commendable food would be the fries that come along with the burger. I'm not too sure if they are those frozen ones, but I guess not? They too have a different taste from the usual fries... 
Didn't eat the drumlets as I am not a fan and was already stuffed. Colleagues did mention that they were quite sour and a tad spicy. So if you ain't a fan of sourness, try avoiding this delicacy :)


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