This idea of blogging on reviews popped into my head recently, only because I was frantically searching for reviews on a certain service for Intense Pulsed Light Treatment for hair removal, and more specifically for underarm hair removal. 

However, I could not find any review except for 1 pathetic 1 from some girl's blog but she blogged on behalf of her bf who did an upperlip hair removal with this beauty salon. Not very useful for someone who wants more info on this newly opened beauty salon on the specific service they provide. 

Without further ado, I went ahead to purchase my Groupon voucher for this treatment (I know, groupon, online deals etc somehow spark off skepticism, especially for someone like me who is generally skeptical and cynical). 

And tadah! I've undergone for my first treatment session with them and will be blogging on it on my next entry post, so do keep a lookout! :)

Thanks for reading guys! Do lookout for more upcoming reviews too! :) 

*Comments (ONLY POLITE ONES PLS) are welcomed ! :D 

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