The reason behind the title is due to a recent event that occurred to my dear friend lately. 

She has been hospitalised for 2 weeks and counting now, and recently had to undergo a life-threatening emergency operation, which the success rate was extremely low. It was all too sudden as she was actually recovering the day before she had to undergo the emergency operation. 

It was just all too sudden and it breaks our hearts to see her in this state. 

We are all rooting and praying for her to get well....

All I want to say is that life is indeed really short. We might have experiences with death of loved ones, critical health conditions of others or ourselves, accidents etc or we chanced upon some touching moment/stories that pushes us to reflect on our lives. But the thing is, after awhile, we revert back to our old selves. Taking things for granted, chasing time and trying all means and ways to achieve our own goals... And then we slowly tend to forget whatever touched our hearts. It is only a handful of us who will allow such drastic events to change our lives. Until another extremity, we continue to lead life the way it was. 

Anything and everything is easier said than done. Yes and nobody is perfect. 

But why not try taking a step back from your current position that offers only a myopic view and look at the bigger painting of life instead?
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