An Italian cafe at a heartland area?

Without a doubt, the prices are 'heartland friendly' too. You can expect neighbourhood prices :)

Although we were the only customers (another guy then dined there while we were in the midst of eating), colleagues and I thought that the food was not too bad :) 

Pictures pictures! 
If you are going to dine there, you can consider getting the set which consists of the main, drink and dessert. The strawberry pudding belongs to a set. 

Please don't try the iced lemon tea there. It is self-brewed and very very sour. Couldn't imagine if we had chosen the lime juice instead. One of the worst iced lemon tea I've ever tried! :(

The ambience was so-so considering the fact that it's located in a heartland area. I thought the cafe was a little dim but good thing was that they had tv plugged on :) When you run out of things to say and you are immersed in silence, :D

Here's the address and website : 
Blk 555 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, 

Overall rating :  
To be more accurate, it deserves a 3.5 rather than 3 :) 

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