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^5 Lynn Tan, I do express the same perspectives as you. 

All these while, I have always been habouring the thoughts where a common misconception that 'nerds/geeks' must look goofy and thought to myself, but who says so?

To have a high IQ and still look gorgeous is a bonus, but to inject high EQ into the equation is a blessing. These 3 variables usually have an inverse relationship and the reason is unknown. 

If you'd like, click on this direct link and you'll see that her statement is not very well-liked. The mood meter falls in between 'bochup' and 'ewww'. The usual senseless comments in stomp.

With only approx 2 decades of experience in breathing, I try to understand the society and culture better, especially in Singapore. 

Most ladies as we know, are vain. It is a characteristic that is innate. We want to look good in front of others, especially in the presence of men. And that is simply normal, although FYI, in the animal kingdom (excluding humans), it is the males who tend to possess a more feminine touch. Lioness are the ones who take care of the kids and hunt for food. Lions, well, merely just 'nua' the whole day long, waiting for food to be brought back. Male peacocks are the ones with the psychedelic feathers whilst the females have dull-looking feathers. 

But polluted by ancient history, dolling up = vain = cheap = low dignity. Can I say that? 
So, being vain = buay tak cek (incapable of good academic grades). Is it because spending too much time on beauty products will cause one to fail their exams? Or trying to look good would distract oneself as well as the others (men?) and perhaps attract unwanted attention?

Honestly, I am of the opinion that if you are the 'study material' (lent from the slang of 'boyfriend/girlfriend material'), you would excel in your academic, no matter what your other interests are. You can excel in sports and yet still do well in school. You can be a make up guru and yet still top your class/school. And lastly, you can fall deeply in love, get attached and still please your parents with your grades. I got to know my bf before Uni started and still managed to snag an honours for my Bachelor of Laws degree? I'm pursuing my postgrad studies in Masters of Laws and still managed to score extremely well for my 1st 4 mods (struggling with the other 12 now HAHA), whilst juggling with work and r/s and other interests. Not boasting here, but all I wish to say is that nothing can and will stop you if you have decided that you want to score well academically. The ultimate question is how well can you manage your time? How do you allocate time and priority to each and every interests you have? You need to know that while Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg all left school, but being born/living in Singapore, we have involuntarily signed up for the paper chase and rat race and thus leaving school can never an option. And part-time studies is never easy. 

Because nobody said Life itself was gonna be easy. 

Got this from Facebook.
So, in conclusion, I've got to agree with Lynn Tan on her proposition, but to refine it further and tweak a little, that not all beauty queens are dumb = not all academically-inclined people are only good at academics, they can excel in other areas as well, in this case, being beautiful (of course, with the help of make up).  

What say you?

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