Turned into a nail art/nail polish fanatic recently and went on a crazy shopping spree! In the midst of my exploration and discovery for awesome nail products, I chanced upon VOV Nail polish crack series while shopping my life away on GMarket (Now known as Qoo10 though I very much prefer the former).

It was really cheap compared to brands such as China Glaze and OPI which costs around $10 or more. $10 is the cheapest I've seen so far that are currently selling on GMarket and it excludes shipping fees of course. Sometimes I think that the shipping fees are really horrendous and some sellers might try to squeeze more profits out by increasing the shipping charges (which we won't know the exact amt since it's overseas and it depends on the size/weight and how it is packed etc). So anyway, quite turn off by some hefty shipping price which makes it seem all so not value for money...!

Anyway, here's to share my reviews on the VOV nail polishes.
I bought the basic colours, black and white one first. (bought another 3 more colours after trying them out =x)
Bought this recently. OPI's Number One Nemesis and now I understand its name, because I dislike the colour! At first, I'd thought it's shimmery glittery black but boy was I wrong! I did google for some swatches for this colour as well but it looks completely different on my nails?! It's more of dirty green than black. SIGHS.

So because I disliked the colour, I painted the VOV Crack nail polish over it and erm, honestly the crack nail polishes are great, but it doesn't go well with this OPI colour! Disaster! UGH!

No offence, I do like OPI nail polishes but just that this colour is so not me! I'm usually in shades of red, pink and purple and hence thinking of getting a black coloured one...
What I really like about the VOV crack nail polishes is that it dries out very fast! Well, this could be both a good and bad thing. If you paint like a pro with minimal mistakes, then great. But if you have shaky hands, like me, you can't paint accurately and by that I mean to paint from the cuticle to the end with perfect strokes, then it might turn out as a disaster for you because since it dries out so quickly, there's not much time to salvage it. If you try to repaint it over, it becomes lumpy and shows signs of overlapping, if you know what I mean. Compared to normal nail polishes where it's still wet and googey, you can somehow try to stroke it over again and spread them out evenly etc. 

But nonetheless, this VOV crack nail polishes have proved their worth! It's sold for only $3.50 now at GMarket! I can't wait for the other 3 colours (peach, navy and wine) to arrive esp the peach!!! :D I shall use it with gold colour the next time round as shown here!
Heh! So stay tuned! :D

Overall rating :

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