Kindly pardon my freckles, moles and disgusting dark circles :(
Tried the nose pack last night before I turned in. Bought these some time back. 

Honestly, I do prefer the Biore Pore Pack which I have been a fan of for many years. Itching to try on new products, hence I bought these bean nose packs.

Comparing them to the usual Biore pore packs, this skin food ones are not as 'sticky'. They do not have a sticky back on the black smooth surface shown, unlike the Biore ones which stick onto your fingers before you can even stick them onto your nose! 

But comparing the effectiveness, I do think the Biore pore pack does a better job. If you would like to achieve the sense of elation and satisfaction, you may also get the Black coloured Biore pore pack. From the contrasting colours of black pore pack and white heads, you can then see how many parasitic whiteheads have been residing in your pores and on your nose. Designed to remove both white heads and black heads, using the white coloured ones do allow you to view the black heads too! :D

And yes, there's a bean smell when using this bean nose pack. HAHA :D

To share the steps of using nose packs :

  1. Please exfoliate before sticking them on. This is to open up your pores for greater effectiveness. 
  2. You are then required to wet your nose a little before you can stick them out, especially for this Skinfood nose pack, since there is no sticky element, you need to wet your nose even more so that they can stick better on your nose.
  3. Leave it on for 15 to 20 mins and then remove.
  4. Apply toner to close up your pores. 
  5. Moisturise :)

For me, I do get itchy on my nose after using pore pack on certain attempts, regardless of the brand used. And for this time, using the Skinfood black bean nose pack did itched my nose :(

Overall rating :

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