Had lunch at Paradise Inn because my colleague had a voucher for it. Min $60 spending with $20 off :)

These were what we'd ordered. 
Seafood fried rice 
Coffee pork ribs 
Fried kailan 
Beef fried hor fun 
Fried prawn rolls with salted egg! YUMMY! :D 
Rosemary, Chrysanthemum and Lavender flavoured tea, but not my cup of tea LOL 
Since I'm not a foodie, I do not source for high-end expensive food. I just included this food category under my blog to share reviews with you guys. I do not especially hunt for good food. :)

But in any case, Paradise Inn's too expensive for me. I would settle down for a simple meal that keeps me full anytime. A simple plate of chicken rice would win me over. I'd like to have a 1-meal-settle-it-all kind of food, unless I'm sharing with others, ala carte is not my preference. 

Of all the food above, I really like the fried prawn rolls with salted egg! Well, that's because I love salted eggs, though I won't like selling them, LOL?

Another highlight is the fish roe that's mixed in the fried rice. See those little orange dots? Yes, that's the one. Not sure about you, but this is my first encounter :)

Oh yes, the coffee pork ribs were quite good too! It has a mixture of sweet coffee taste. :)

Overall rating : 

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