As per my previous post, here's a sneak peek on my manicure I did yesterday! More pictures and info will be coming right up do stay tuned! :) <3
Also, don't miss out what's in the October edition of Vanity Trove! :D
Will be attending my manicure session later at a home based nail salon! 

First experience with a home based nail salon... :D

Getting myself all warmed up with heaps of designs! 

Googled some images off the net, which one would you choose?

I just can't decide! 

Stay tuned for tonnes of pictures of my newly revived nails and info on which nail salon I will be going to! <3 :)
Hoorays! It's TGIF again! 

A little update on NOTD using :

OPI Glitzerland 

VOV Crack Peach
Nail of the Day! 

- OPI Dutch Mini Collection - Kiss on my tulips (pink)
- China Glaze - Flying Dragon (Neon) (purple) - if you google on its swatches, many reviews would pop up to say that it's not really a neon colour and it dries up real fast! Although the colour in the bottle is really pretty in neon purple with blue glitter effect, it somehow doesn't produce the same effect when swatched. :(

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