There are too many terminologies to remember for foundation and powders and many ladies, like myself, often get ourselves confused. 

Let me clear the air once and for all.

Foundations are meant for coverage purposes and this includes BB Cream and Liquid foundations. 

Compact/pressed powders are meant for light coverage or touch up purposes. 

Another term which we might have come across would be a 2-way cake foundation. This can be used on damp face or applying with a damped sponge. 

For me, I have been using compact powders ever since I'd started on make up, but there was once which I had tried using liquid foundation and thus, would like to share my experience with you.
If I recall correctly, my first and LAST liquid foundation was from Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation. It's not that this product is lousy or anything, but I would like to indulge on the fact that I would prefer compact powders over liquid foundation any time, anywhere. 

I had used Maybelline's compact powder and have since switched over to Chanel's compact powder after I was given a generous amount of sample kits by a friend who works at Chanel :) 
For the comparison between these 2 brands, you may wish to read it here :)
Reasons why I prefer compact powders over liquid foundation :

1. As mentioned, although liquid foundation provides a better and greater coverage, as I do not require such heavy make up, light coverage powders work well for me. I do not have any serious blemishes or scars to cover up so compact powders are fine. But let's say if I do have an annoying pimple that pops up over the night, I would use a concealer to gently pat over them and try to conceal them as much as possible, after which, I would gentle pat my compact powder over so that it does not seem all too obvious. I'm using the Loreal True Match Concealer :)

2. The main reason for choosing compact powders is because lesser hassles are involved. Although I'd prefer using my fingers over sponges so that I can have a better control of application, it is actually too messy. Your fingers get dirty and if you have long nails like mine, the liquid foundation gets stuck inside your nails and you would have a hard time digging and washing them off. Using a sponge is so much easier. But for concealers, I do dab on the targetted spot using the tip of the fingernails. I guess that would be difficult when applying liquid foundations. 

3. I cringe at ladies who apply heavy make up. Remember, make ups are meant to enhance your features and as for foundations, they are not meant to look as if you had just whitewashed your face (wrong shade) or painted your face. One trick to find out if the shade if right for you, is to snap a picture with flash of your whole body. Compare the shades of your body and face. If you happen to see a paler shade on your face, then you've got it all wrong. I've seen many ladies with this problem and it's just not flattering at all. Too much of anything is just wrong. Guys, as I know, do not like girls who apply such heavy make up and some of them (including ladies) have jokingly said that if girls with thick make up on gets slapped, their foundation would crack into pieces and just fall off to the ground. I know, it sounds kinda uncouth and insulting, but they do have a point there. Furthermore, do you wish to kiss a cheek filled with lots of foundation and make up? I don't think so. 

4. Setting the right base on your face before applying liquid foundation can be troublesome as well. Personally, I don't use a primer but I do moisturise my face before applying the compact powder. I would leave the moisturiser on for about 5 mins before I apply the powder to preventing it from caking and layering, which is a very ugly sight I tell you. As primers/moisturisers are liquid base, applying another liquid over it can be tricky. You might have to wait longer for the primers/moisturisers to set before you can start applying the liquid foundation. Not a good idea if you are in a rush, especially when you are rushing for work in the morning.  And once it cakes, it would be very difficult to set it right again and you would most probably have to remove it and apply everything all over again.

5. You need not touch up with another cosmetics if you are using compact powder. You can just touch it up on the go and that's one thing less to carry in your make up pouch. If you are using liquid foundation, you would need to set it after it dries for a matte finishing. Extra step, extra costs, extra chemicals on your face, extra difficult to remove it thoroughly.

6. As you may have noticed, the Chanel powder comes with a brush, which I have not used before. I've not experiment using brush for foundation application though and still prefers using sponge. But for liquid foundation, you can't use a brush although you may want to consider using a sponge but most ladies, use their fingers to apply. 

7. Since liquid foundation is more difficult to remove, you may have to remove them twice in total. If it's not removed thoroughly and properly, expect to see those unfriendly zits popping out the next few days. I do not believe when foundations/powders are claimed that they do not clog the pores, especially when you have open pores, it's easier to enter and clog them. The only method is to ensure you do remove your make up and remove them thoroughly and then cleanse your face after that as well. 

8. The only hassle which both liquid foundations and compact powders face together is the touching up, especially if you have combination skin like mine with oily T-zone. You can try getting those suitable for combination skin, but I'm sure more or less, there bound to be secretion of oil at the T-zone and constant touching up is a must. This is especially so when you are out of an air-conditioned room, or even when you are in it!

So ladies, I hope you find these information useful when deciding between liquid foundations and compact powders. If you do not require heavy coverage, I would encourage you to go for compact powder instead. Please do not use loose powder for coverage as they are meant to touch up and set the liquid foundations to a matter finishing. 

Thanks for reading babes! :)

"There are no ugly women, only lazy women".

I'm sure you have came across this quote and whether we believe it to be true or not, it's another separate issues altogether. 

Nevertheless, it's definitely apt to use in this current topic.

Beautifying oneself has topped the priority list of many women and hence, the use of make up. But did you know, this could actually backfire, causing you more problems with your skin and beauty if you don't remove your make up properly? 

You should ALWAYS remove your make up at the end of the day no matter how tired you are. Lazy is a reason that should not even exist. Even more so, after a looonnngggggg day. Imagine the amount of dirt/perspiration/icky stuffs that your skin has encountered with, mixed with the make up you have. UGH.

Let me share what kind of make up removers I use :)
Loreal Make Up Remover Cleansing Milk

Yes, as per the description, this cleansing milk is really gentle on the skin. 

Pour your desired amount and your 2 fingers and then massage it into your skin, just like how you moisturise your skin and wash your face. But for this, I massage it in a circular motion so that all the dirt are removed from the pores. After that, take a piece or two cotton pad and wipe the milk off. If you would like to be really clean, repeat the whole process twice, till you see no remnants of your make up on the cotton pad. 

I do use this for my eye make up remover as well when the cyber colours eye make up remover is out of reach. But I don't use this to remove mascara, if I do wear it, because it tends to get a little messy. 

So yes, since it's suitable for all skin types, you need not hunt for those specially made for a particular skin type :)
Plus, it's easily within reach as it's sold in all convenient stores. :)

You don't need counter-brand products to get top results. That's what I really believe. Don't be fooled by the marketing gimmicks :)

Cyber Colours Eye Make Up Remover

I was first introduced to this product by my mom because she raved about it. And subsequently, hers became mine. LOL. 

I then got a bigger bottle for myself. I'm not sure if it's sold in convenient stores but you will be able to get hold of it if you patronise SASA. :)

It's oil-based and I understand that some ladies are not really keen on oil-based make up remover because of the hassle and messiness. 

You are also required to shake vigorously for the oil and liquid below the mix before using!

But I've gotta rave on this. 

It really helps to remove whatever eye make up you have on your eyes - yes even mascara. 

The trick is to avoid getting the oil into your eyes. For me, because I'll only use it for the removal of eyeliner and mascara on m lower lash, it's quite easy for me. I don't use mascara for my upper lash because I always use falsies and there is no need for mascara because I don't bother curling my own non-existent lashes. So I don't even have to waste time applying mascara on them. It's not very obvious when I wear the falsies if I don't curl my own eyelashes. The 2 different level of eyelashes is only obvious if you look into my eye up close. But, why would you even do that? Unless well, you are infatuated with me? *blush*

Jokes aside and well, stop puking you. Keep that cringe of yours. 

To use this product, take a cotton bud and damp it with the liquid. 1 side for each eye. And then just proceed to remove the make up on your eyes. You can apply in a rolling manner but try to be as gentle as you can (although I must admit that I'm not) since the skins on your eyelids are the thinnest. You wouldn't want to cause much distress to these delicate areas :)

After that, proceed to wash your face. 

I'll personally stand by these 2 make up removers, especially the L'Oreal one because it has been serving me well for the past few years! Plus it's quite affordable as well, approx $14? ;)

Hope this entry helped you in one way or another! Thanks for reading! :D <3

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