It is the dream of most ladies to possess fair porcelain skin and to win the title of 'Snow White'. Even if that is not your desire, taking good care of your skin is very important, especially to prevent pigmentation, dull looking uneven skin and skin diseases. 

I'm sure by now everyone would understand the detriments that the sun rays have on our skin, especially on this tiny sunny island. 

Hence, applying sunblock is always a MUST no matter when and where you are and regardless of whether it is day or night. 

I must admit that I belong to the nonchalant bo chup group who don't bother applying sunblock but I will make this a habit of mine now. 

Heliocare sunblock pills work exactly the same as your sunblock lotions, just that they are in the oral form. 

And I think the best method to test the effectiveness is to head out to the sun! 

Went cycling a month back under the hot blazing sun. Came back a shade darker but not that obvious. The obvious ones were the tan lines I had on my shoulders because I guess that's where the surface area for the sunrays to effect is the greatest?

I took the Heliocare pills before heading out to play and if I'd recalled correctly, I took 2 pills. 


There is no need to apply sunblock lotion again if you'd consumed the pills, otherwise it would defeat the purpose, right? These oral pills are meant to block out the sun effects, just like how sun block lotions do and they present to be more convenient and avoids the hassle of applying lotions which leave you feeling sticky all over. 

Yes, convenient. But NO, NOT EFFECTIVE.

I came back with horrid tan lines and I popped another Heliocare pills (4hrs after sun exposure for the 3rd pill) hoping and praying hard that the tan lines would subside. 

Of course, they aren't miracle pills. 

Few days later, the tan lines were still there... :(:(:(

I had previously consumed these pills before but I wasn't in the best position to judge on its effects because there were no sun exposure, but this time, the results were obvious. And it's rather pricey too - approx S$75 sold at some convenience stores (I remembere

My conclusion, stick to the usual sun block lotions and good if you can get one that is really effective and non-sticky. Comment if you have any to intro! :)

Will thank you lots for that :D

Overall rating :

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