A short update on the customised cupcakes I ordered for bf's birthday.

I was searching for a shop that's able to provide both customisation of cupcakes as well as birthday cake and it was a little tough though because most cupcake shops usually specialise in cupcakes solely only. I was elated when I found this shop via online!

Managed to try them out last night bf and I were utterly disappointed! I ordered 3 chocolate and 3 vanilla flavours because I was told that these were the only flavours available for customisation. 

The cupcake was rather dry and the vanilla one I'd tasted, didn't taste like vanilla but only tasted salty and that was all. The cupcake was rough in texture and had huge holes which I reckon was caused by too many air bubbles. The cream was also too much for us to take and we felt like puking despite only being half way through 1 cup cake each! 

Really really disappointed! Can't disclose the price here as it's a gift meant for my bf and he might just read this! So PM me if you wish to know, although I highly doubt anyone would after this review! :S

Despite the disappointing taste, bf and I were quite surprised that Cake Funtasie did manage to design the Naruto characters rather well by relying on this picture which I had sent them for reference.
Well, although it does not look 100% exactly like the ones shown in the above picture and that they have changed some of the characters on their own accord, I still think there were at least some efforts put in. 

The characters are made of icing sugar but it was too sweet for us to take as well. Might have tooth decay or contract diabetes if taken too much! :S

So great effort there and they did reply my emails promptly as well as to delivery the cupcakes to The Prime Society as well :)

However, overall, wouldn't recommend to get your cupcakes customised from them at all. I can't comment on the cake yet because I will only be collecting it later and neither am I in any position to comment on their house cupcakes (those which are not customised) as I have not bought and tasted them myself before as well.

But I'm thinking that perhaps cupcakes aren't their forte since their name speaks of 'Cake' and not 'Cupcakes' like other shops such as 'Twelve cupcakes' and 'Cupcakes with Love' etc... Might give them another chance for their cake and then can I provide an overall review on their customisations of cupcakes and cakes.

Hopefully, if you are looking to customise your cupcakes, this review would have provided you some great insights :)

Overall rating (for customised cupcakes) :

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