Bf and I, together with 2 of our friends, settled down at Tiong Shian Porridge Centre. I remember visiting this place when I was much younger for porridge, which I'm not really a fan of, but my parents are. 

This place sells frog porridge too which I'm not quite a fan too because I've visited factories where I've personally witnessed the deskinning process of frogs. So everytime I hear 'frog leg porridge', that gruesome image flashes in my mind.

But, I've learnt to eat frog leg porridge recently because bf likes it. Well, more of accommodating I think, haha! 

He knows I dislike porridge so he ordered two claypots of fish head (?!) noodles and a pot of frog leg. They have two flavours - Ginger and Spicy - which I loathe both! Settled for spicy eventually. =/

The fish head noodles were really tasty BUT NOT the fish head itself. There were lots of bones (when asked, bf says there's only fish head stated in the menu?!) and there were several disgusting googy jelly like body parts of the fish as well. Totally spoilt our appetites. Feel nauseous whenever I recall. :(

Frog legs had lots of bones as well. Not much meat. 

Total damage for the food alone (2 claypots of fish head noodles and 1 claypot of spicy frog leg) cost us $27+! 
Quite expensive IMO, considering the fact, there were so many bones and little meat and the icky gooooggyyyy stuffs! Solid mucus I shall call it! UGH! 

Apologies for the bad lighting and pictures because it was already at night and the place was kinda dim. 

On a side note, I need to invest in a better camera - DSLR/SLR. :D

Overall rating :

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