Look of the day a month ago, heading out to Sentosa for beach volleyball! :)
A short update on the customised cupcakes I ordered for bf's birthday.

I was searching for a shop that's able to provide both customisation of cupcakes as well as birthday cake and it was a little tough though because most cupcake shops usually specialise in cupcakes solely only. I was elated when I found this shop via online!

Managed to try them out last night bf and I were utterly disappointed! I ordered 3 chocolate and 3 vanilla flavours because I was told that these were the only flavours available for customisation. 

The cupcake was rather dry and the vanilla one I'd tasted, didn't taste like vanilla but only tasted salty and that was all. The cupcake was rough in texture and had huge holes which I reckon was caused by too many air bubbles. The cream was also too much for us to take and we felt like puking despite only being half way through 1 cup cake each! 

Really really disappointed! Can't disclose the price here as it's a gift meant for my bf and he might just read this! So PM me if you wish to know, although I highly doubt anyone would after this review! :S

Despite the disappointing taste, bf and I were quite surprised that Cake Funtasie did manage to design the Naruto characters rather well by relying on this picture which I had sent them for reference.
Well, although it does not look 100% exactly like the ones shown in the above picture and that they have changed some of the characters on their own accord, I still think there were at least some efforts put in. 

The characters are made of icing sugar but it was too sweet for us to take as well. Might have tooth decay or contract diabetes if taken too much! :S

So great effort there and they did reply my emails promptly as well as to delivery the cupcakes to The Prime Society as well :)

However, overall, wouldn't recommend to get your cupcakes customised from them at all. I can't comment on the cake yet because I will only be collecting it later and neither am I in any position to comment on their house cupcakes (those which are not customised) as I have not bought and tasted them myself before as well.

But I'm thinking that perhaps cupcakes aren't their forte since their name speaks of 'Cake' and not 'Cupcakes' like other shops such as 'Twelve cupcakes' and 'Cupcakes with Love' etc... Might give them another chance for their cake and then can I provide an overall review on their customisations of cupcakes and cakes.

Hopefully, if you are looking to customise your cupcakes, this review would have provided you some great insights :)

Overall rating (for customised cupcakes) :
Planned bf a surprise dinner at The Prime Society yesterday! It was an advanced birthday dinner since his actual falls on a weekday. 

Decided to bring him to TPS instead of Morton's Steakhouse and Wolfgang Puck because firstly, we have tried the latter and secondly, I was advised by my colleague that Morton is more expensive than TPS. I've read reviews before deciding on the restaurant and seems like TPS changed their chef and there were some bad reviews. 

Here's my take and the pictures!!! :D
Dear's very bloody Rangers Valley Grain Fed Rump Cap
This was cooked till medium-rare as the waitress advised us that the other alternative, which is medium cooked, would be tougher. And true enough, although it tasted really bloody, it's much tender and softer than mine. Easier to chew and swallow. But one thing bad is that, tasting too much bloodiness does make you sick of it, as I was
My fatty Grass Fed Cape Grim Sirloin Steak. I chose Sirloin steak as recommended by the waitress, assuring us that it was tastier than rib eye and tenderloin. But there were lots of fats and I had a difficult time removing them. It was also tougher and drier than bf's steak.
Red wine and truffle sauce for the steaks! Silly me was dipping the potatoes into the truffle sauce thinking that it was the mustard sauce because we ordered 'Potato and Mustard', only to recall and informed by bf that it was for the steaks. OMG. 
Our Potato and Mustard which didnt suit bf's liking :( And we were so stuffed with the steaks that we couldn't finish the potatoes.
Me concentrating...
Ordered customised cupcakes and cake (coming soon on actual day) and got the cupcakes sent over to TPS. Although they were a little smashed, guess they still look alright. We didn't have the chance to try them out yet because we were so stuffed with the steaks! But am gonna try them out tonight! Hope they are yummy! :D Bought 3 vanilla and 2 chocolate. Got the cake from the same shop as well so that it's easier to arrange. Collecting the cake tomorrow and good thing is that it's near my office! :D
Uzumaki Naruto
Haruno Sakura
Kakashi Hatake
Sabaku No Gaara
Hyuuga Neji
Rock Lee
Service at TPS was alright but there are few things which wasn't satisfactory.

1. Reading other customers' reviews stating that the waitress would bring slabs of raw beef for us to choose, but that didn't happen. 
2. We waited quite some time for our food. Maybe half an hour or so although there were very few customers.
3. The steak, well as with others, just came as a steak with no sides. Was told that it's meant this way. No idea because we usually don't go for such high-end dining for steaks. Plus, we paid so much for the steak only.
4. Waitress serving us didn't know what to recommend and had to get her colleague to assist her. Meaning not all the staff were well-equipped with the knowledge of beef there. 
5. We were supposed to receive a complimentary drink and birthday cake but I had forgotten and the staff didn't inform me either. Meaning that the person whom I had liased with via email, didn't communicate this to his staff but highly unlikely because they were informed of the cupcakes delivery. So I'm guessing they either forgotten as well or just kept mum?

Have emailed the staff regarding the complimentary items and will keep you guys updated to see if they are willing to go that extra mile to put a smile on their customers' faces. 

Total damage : $142 for 2 steaks and potatoes, incld GST n service charge.

Overall rating :
They say "eyes are the windows to our soul" and more often than not, eye make up can change your whole appearance. Next to other than body parts that are accentuated with curves, men do pay attention to women's eyes as well They can speak volume, especially with the help of make up. 

Apart from wearing contact lenses that provide big-eye effects and eye shadows, one of the fundamental eye make up would be the eyeliner. Some girls just can't leave home without eyeliner and here's why. 
Notice how the effects of eyeliner help to enhance the appearance of the eyes? Eyeliners help to create a more deep-set looking pair of eyes.

If you are just starting out with eyeliners, try using pencil/crayon-like type of eyeliners. You would need to first master the curves on your eyelids as well as your eye shape and probably need to get used to applying make up on your eyes before you can advance on. 

Once you can the hang of it, you may wish to try out a more challenging task - that is to create the cat's eye effects!

Forget about eyeshadows, these cat eye effects would perfect the look!
Famous for her sexy pouty lips, Angelina Jolie does make effort on her eye make up as well to punch in more oomph into her sexiness. She has applied a line layer of eyeliner on her eyelids and winged it out towards the end. This is the basic looking cat eye effects that help to attract the limelight without stealing the focus on her lips. This belongs to the milder version of the cat eye effects. 
Of course, depending on the choice of look and event, you may also wish to go bold with a dramatic look with cat eye effects by using ultra black eyeliners and thickening the lines drawn, especially on the side of the eyes, just like the signature look of the late Amy Winehouse. 

If you are facing some difficulties perfecting that flick, here are some useful tips which you may consider trying out :

1. Using a cotton swab with a bit of lotion in an upward and outward motion from underneath the line will get you the sharp, cat-eye finish
2. Another useful trick is to use a piece of paper or if it's too flimsy, use a name card instead. Similarly, you may also use this trick for the application of mascara on your lower lashes, preventing any stains. When placing the card on your face, position it at a 45 degree slant.
3. If holding the paper/name card on one hand and applying eyeliner on the other is too much of a hassle, try considering sticking tapes at the side of your eyes. This would provide you with ample assistance with the use of both hands when drawing the eyeliner. Also, remember the 45 degree rule.
4. Bearing in mind that point 2 and 3 would create a straight V-look like Amy Winehouse's cat eye effects, some ladies would prefer a more natural look by curving out the flick instead. These curves can mesmerise men as well, providing a more sulty and flirty look.
5. You need to balance out the level of the flicks on both eyes and this can be tricky. Besides pasting sticky tapes onto your face, you may also stick the tape horizontally on your mirror of sufficient length for the width of your face, reaching one end of the eye to another. You then position the reflection of your face above the sticker tape so that the start of the extensions with either the straight V-look or the curve effects are on the same level as each other.
6. After you've got the start of the extensions settled, the other challenge would be to balance the ends of the eyeliner. Now, this can be rather tricky as well but having a mark which indicates the level you should try until would help as well. Don't immediately remove the sticker tape on your mirror once you are done. Position yourself at the lower bottom of the sticker tape so that the tape is now positioned above your eye. Balance it out by adjusting your height according to the side that is completed with the eyeliner. 
7. If you are using pencil/crayon-like eyeliners, be sure to sharpen them before drawing. This is especially important because the ends of the cat eye effects should gradually decrease in thickness ending with sharp edges. Drawing with blunt eyeliners will not create the cat eye effects as the ends would be rounded instead of sharp. 
8. Do not use both pencil and liquid eyeliners or pencil and gel-like eyeliners together as the stark difference will be obvious, although it would be easier to draw the extensions at the ends with a liquid eyeliner. So stick only to one. 
9. If you have not mastered the sharp edges yet, don't fret. Instead, your dark grey eye shadows can now come in handy, creating the smoking eye effect. Since you will need to blend at the ends of the eyes, it would not be obvious if your ends are not perfectly sharp.10. To create the full cat eye effect, you would need to apply multiple coats of black mascara, especially paying attention to the longest lashes at the outer corners of your eyes for a super sultry look that is truly the cat’s meow.

And don't just stick to the boring usual black eyeliners, go different, dramatic and adventurous with glitters and colours!
Have fun exploring and perfecting that flick! And remember, perfection is all about practice!
Nail of the Day! 

- OPI Dutch Mini Collection - Kiss on my tulips (pink)
- China Glaze - Flying Dragon (Neon) (purple) - if you google on its swatches, many reviews would pop up to say that it's not really a neon colour and it dries up real fast! Although the colour in the bottle is really pretty in neon purple with blue glitter effect, it somehow doesn't produce the same effect when swatched. :(
I will be joining these 2 websites as one of their panel of bloggers/writers and more info coming your way soon! Can't wait!!! :D
Coming up - Food Tasting this Thursday 6th Sept! :)
Look out for my articles in the Beauty section 'Good Looks category! :)
Received a parcel from Secretive.sg which includes 1 pc of Sexylook cotton mask and a box containing 5 pcs of Lovemore Soymilk Enzyme Moisturising & Soothing Mask! 

Sexylook's new cotton masks comes in 3 different types and functions - Moisturising, Repairing and Whitening. 

Today I will be sharing my reviews on the Repairing type :)
Jeanja warrior! :D
Results : My skin feels much softer and supple and my pores on my cheek seem to be shrunk a little. Don't expect miracles to happen with sheet masks. Only constant usage would produce results :) You may read my past review on Sexylook Cotton mask as well and I'm having some difficulty covering my nose area, which is similar to the above picture as well. It does hydrate my skin well as if I had applied moisturiser on. 

Thanks alot for the sponsorship Secretive! :)

Do like their Facebook fan page for regular updates of lovely new beauty items! :D
Check out their other fan page as well! <3
Facebook fanpage for LoveMore masks
Facebook fanpage for SexyLook masks

Pamper your skin with glowing complexion with Secretive.sg today!!!

Overall rating :

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